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Wellington Scoop and Town Belt Encroachments

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    • New threats to the town belt: the expressway, and the city council
      • 5 Jul 2011
      • Wellington Scoop
      • The loss of more of the Town Belt’s open space is threatened by new draft principles for the Town Belt which have been unanimously accepted by the Wellington City Council’s Strategy and Policy Committee (consisting of the mayor and all councillors). The principles are precursors to a council move to override the trust status of the Town Belt. And there’s another threat: the New Zealand Transport Agency wants to take away town belt land in Ruahine Street to use for its expressway to the airport. The illustration above (from the Transport Agency) shows how Ruahine Street would look after two extra lanes of traffic were been created by cutting into town belt land.
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      • Hataitai, Wellington, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

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