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    • Cats Protection Wellington
      • When Cats Protection Wellington was begun in 1982, it was one of the first voluntary charities in NZ that was dedicated solely to the welfare of cats. The first president, Catherine la Roche, modelled it on the Cats Protection League in the UK. In 1983 Carol Kisby, the second president, donated a space behind the Penthouse Theatre in Brooklyn for CPL, and by 1986 this had become our first shelter.
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    • Dog Agility Wellington Group
      • Dog Agility Wellington Group (DAWG) provides agility and flygility training at New Zealand Kennel Club Exhibition Centre, Prosser St, Porirua. Agility events are run under the New Zealand Kennel Club. The monthly National Agility Link Association course is also run. Flygility activities are organised as the Wellington Hurricanines under the rules of the New Zealand Flygility Dog Association.
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    • Wellington Canine Obedience Club
      • The primary aim of the Club is to help dog owners train their dogs to a satisfactory and acceptable level of obedience with the help and guidance of our experienced team of instructors in a friendly and supportive environment. The courses we offer range from puppy training and basic domestic obedience through to obedience competition level and fun exercises for dogs of all ages.
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    • Wellington SPCA
      • The Wellington SPCA strives to achieve our Mission Statement which is to promote the humane treatment of animals and to prevent cruelty to them.
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    • Wellington Zoo
      • Wellington Zoo is committed to a future in conservation and education. It is actively involved in international captive breeding programmes for both native and exotic endangered species.
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      • Wellington Zoological Gardens, Melrose Crescent, Melrose, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, 6023, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

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