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    • August 2020 Residents Association meeting minutes
      • 6 Sep 2020
      • Pukerua Bay Residents Association
      • Tuesday, August 11, 2020Pukerua Bay RSA, 5-7 Wairaka Road Present: Paul FitzGerald (Chair), Nikky Winchester (Secretary), Iain McLean, Kate Dreaver, June Penhey, Margaret Blair, Mel Galletly, Bill Jackson, Nathan Waddle (PCC)Community: Pat Hanley, Moira LawlerApologies: Pauline Morum, Jonathan Harker, Jenny Brash (GWRC)Approval of previous minutes: moved Iain McLean, seconded Bill Jackson, none opposed, carried. Porirua City Council update Nathan explained that the District Plan has been approved, and PCC is now taking feedback and submissions on it; it will go into action in early 2021. PCC is about to start running workshops on the Long Term Plan. A workshop is being held tomorrow with NZTA regarding the plans for revocation of SH1 and SH58 post-Transmission Gully. Matters arising Iain, Kate and Nikky met to discuss the Village Planning survey. Kate has since talked to PCC about whether they will pay for design, advertising and printing. The hope is to get the survey circulated soon, and to organise a drop-in session one Saturday at St Mark’s. The intention is to present the results at this year’s AGM. Financial $0.14 interest has been received this month. Correspondence No correspondence has been received. Progress on action items Action: Bill/Jon to discuss options for cloud storage. The Committee confirmed a strong preference to use a free public service, rather than a paid service. Action: Jon to add the information about the 25 memorials around the village to the RA website once Margaret has collected the information.Action:Jon and Pauline will meet as the new Fundraising committee, and present proposals to the Committee.Action:Pauline/Iain/Kate to continue investigating options for organising a silent art auction in November/December.Action:Margaret to remove Brian Sullivan and Pauline Morse as signatories from the PKBRA bank account as they are no longer committee members.Action: Margaret/Nikky to discuss the process for adding Nikky to the list of signatories.Action: Paul to write a proposal about amendments to the RA Constitution.Action: Iain/Paul to ask PCC to send their monthly updates to secretary@ and chair@ and remove all other names from their mailing list.Action: Jon to ask Dave Pepperell about posting information on the website about the Surfers Seat event.Action: Jon to create a page for He Ara Pukerua on the RA website.Action: Margaret to organise the seat plaque for Ernie Amey and Kath Fowler. Projects update Muri Platform building The signed lease papers have not yet been received back from Kiwirail confirming the lease. This should be in hand before the official launch event on 5 September. Action: Iain/Paul to follow up with Kiwirail. Food forest/community garden and He Ara Pukerua The Muri Station platform building and panels will be formally opened by the Mayor on Saturday 5 September at a launch commencing at 10.30am, followed up with tours around the food forest, where entertainment and refreshments will be available. Paul has asked PCC if the trees around the platform can be trimmed in advance of the event. Action: Jon to create a page on the RA website. Penguin survey Pauline Morum forwarded an email from Glenda Robb at the Kapiti Coast Biodiversity Project. A survey will be carried out in late September with a penguin dog, to track the local little blue penguins. Glenda has offered to do a brief talk at the September Committee meeting. Action: Paul to respond to Glenda and invite her to talk at the Committee meeting on 8 September.Action: Jon/Nikky to promote meeting/talk online.Action: Iain to look for name of DOC contact person re the installation of new signage about keeping dogs on a lead at the beach. Waste Free PKB Waste Free PKB’s collections have been extended to include metal beer bottle caps and wine bottle tops, metal jar lids, metal and plastic drink bottle tops, milk bottle caps, bread tags, can tabs, eyeglasses, facial skincare product packaging (plastic and glass containers plus lids, droppers and other complex closures), and writing instruments (including pens, felt tip pens, highlighters, markers, mechanical pencils and correction fluid – but not wooden pencils and chalk). This is in addition to the collections that have been in place since January 2019, which includes oral health products (toothbrushes, clean and empty toothpaste tubes and dental floss containers), AA and AAA batteries, and a number of different brands of coffee capsules. Action: Bill to investigate possibility of recycling computer equipment. AGM The AGM needs to be held in October, probably after the October committee meeting (scheduled for 13 October). It was suggested that Glenda Robb be asked to present the results of the penguin survey. Action: Paul to investigate a suitable date for using the School and Community Hall. Other business NZTA are keen to further extend Ara Harakeke; the next stage is from Pukerua Beach Road along SH1. A surveyor will be considering a possible route so as to avoid the slope and zigzag. Meeting ended: 8.25pmNext meeting: 8 September 2020
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    • White-faced storm petrel translocation project 2019-2021
      • 12 Jul 2020
      • Friends of Mana Island
      • WFSP2020_Summary_ReportIn 2019 FOMI began translocating white-faced storm petrels / rōrō, takahikare-moana from Rekohu / Chathams to Mana Island over a three-year period. Fifty chicks in 2019, and 100 each in 2020 and 2021. This work is made possible through funding from our major sponsor OMV New Zealand Ltd.  Overall aim To establish a self-sustaining population […]
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      • Mana Island, Moki Street, Titahi Bay, Porirua, Porirua City, Wellington, 5022, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

    • Using groundwater to track earthquake movements
      • 9 Jul 2020
      • Victoria University of Wellington
      • Understanding how earthquakes affect the ground they travel through could be the key to understanding how buildings and structures aboveground will be impacted by a given earthquake, says Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington Professor of Geophysics Martha Savage.
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      • Victoria University of Wellington, Waiteata Road, Aro Valley, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand/Aotearoa

    • Online course explores bicultural treatment of ‘primal resource’
      • 8 Jul 2020
      • Victoria University of Wellington
      • Who owns water? What is its legal status? How do waterways express cultural identities? The University's latest massive open online course (MOOC) explores questions around cultural relationships to wai (water), in the final installment of Aotearoa New Zealand’s first-ever bicultural MOOC series.
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      • Victoria University of Wellington, Waiteata Road, Aro Valley, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand/Aotearoa

    • Two vessels broke off a mooring drifted onto rail bridge
      • 28 Jun 2020
      • Coastguard Mana
      • Operation Details Date/Time:  Sun, 28/06/2020 - 08:30 - 10:30 Operation Type:  CG Operation (good samaritan) People Assisted:  0 Total Volunteer Hours:  14 Two vessels were "rafted up" on a mooring in the channel. The mooring appears to have broken below the waterline and the vessels were swept onto the rail bridge with the incoming tide.  Coastguard Mana were alerted to a Facebook post a member of the public had posted and went to invetigate. After assessing the situation it was decided to get them off quickly to minimise damage and risk to trains. A callout was activated and a number of people responded to tow them off the bridge and into the marina. Vessel Details Length:  10.00m Resources Attendees:  Devine Mobiinz CMFF sarge Mark Presling Neil Cornwell zanebublitz CRV's Used:  Mana Rescue 1
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      • -41.103939, 174.868398

    • Weekly Wrap Up (Week 11, Term 2)
      • 26 Jun 2020
      • Wellington High School
      • Important Dates Monday 29 June: Open Evening 6pm Wednesday 1 July: Music Evening 7pm Friday 3 July: End of Term 2 Monday 20 July: Start of Term 3 Wednesday 22 July: Parents’ Evening (Senior Students) Monday 27 July: Parents’ Evening (Junior Students) Important Information Board of Trustees by-election results As a result of the recent Board of Trustees by-election, Dr Wyatt Page has been elected to the Board. Wyatt will join the Board with effect from the next meeting on Monday 27 July. Reports and parent-teacher meetings Learning Profile reports for Term 2 are now available for download from the Parent Portal (see Results > Reports). Parent Teacher meetings will take place on Wednesday 22 July (Senior students) and Monday 27 July (Junior students). To make appointments go to: Go to: Enter the code: vdm7q (Juniors) or 5yjhn (Seniors) Choose the SUBJECT then the TEACHER. Please leave a five minute gap between bookings. Note that we are only able to run one conversation with each teacher per student. If you are hearing impaired the Riley Centre can be a challenging environment: please email and we will aim to accommodate your bookings separately.   Revised guidance on testing for COVID-19 The Ministry of Education has circulated the following information to all schools: At a time where there are increasing numbers of colds and other winter illnesses, the Ministry of Health has revised its guidance on who might need testing for COVID-19. It is important to note that there is currently no known community transmission of COVID-19 in New Zealand. The vast majority of adults, children and young people with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will not have COVID-19. Symptoms of COVID-19 can include new onset or worsening of one or more of the following: Cough Fever Sore throat Runny nose Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing Temporary loss of smell Health’s information on who should get tested notes that people with any of the COVID-19 symptoms who are close contacts of confirmed cases, have recently travelled overseas, or been in contact with recent travellers, should get assessed. If anyone has symptoms but is unsure if they have been exposed to COVID-19, they should ring Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or their GP for advice. Over winter there are many other viruses about that can cause people to feel unwell and have symptoms similar to those of COVID-19. Some people with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 may be tested as part of Health’s ongoing surveillance to ensure that there is no community transmission in New Zealand. If they are not close contacts of confirmed cases, have not recently travelled overseas, or have not been in contact with recent travellers, then there is no need for them to self-isolate while awaiting the test result, and they can return to school once they are feeling well. If not recommended for testing, they will be able to return to school or their early learning service when they are feeling well and no longer displaying symptoms. Wallace Street roadworks update The current phase of the Wallace Street roadworks is due for completion by the end of the month. As long as the rain holds off, Wallace Street should be re-opened to through traffic on 1 July. Following this, however, works will need to get underway along Wallace Street, near Massey University’s entrance, to upgrade wastewater pipes. This will take place in off peak hours (9.00am-4.00pm) on weekdays and traffic will often be reduced to a single lane with Stop / Go control. This is likely to take two months to complete. What’s happening? Economists breakfast with Dr Allan Bollard On Thursday, Year 13 Economics students Sarah Bennett and Rachel Woolcott, attended a Cullen Breakfast at the Wellington Club. Speaking at this week’s breakfast was Dr Alan Bollard, who has held numerous senior positions in Government and interGovernmental agencies. Dr Bollard discussed the economic impact of the covid epidemic and then participated in a question and answer session.  Sarah said  “the range of angles in the topic discussed was thought provoking”. Rachel commented “it was a very interesting discussion and I enjoyed listening to his jokes and insight.”         Year 13 performance of ‘Girls like that’   Evan Placey’s Girls Like That is an ensemble play that explores the pressures young people face today in the face of advancing technologies. Year 13 Drama students produced and performed this play this week. The students are to be congratulated for their sophisticated performance which was an enduring piece of theatre, an achievement all the more impressive when considering that much of this production was conceived and developed during lockdown. Congratulations to all, and to Drama teacher Roger Mantel.       He Kākano  The He Kākano students have been engaged in a range of creative activities, cognitive thinking skills and maths throughout the week.      Winter in the garden The weather over the past few weeks has seen our horticulture students spend time on maintenance, cleaning and repairing tools including secateurs. They will be well prepared for winter pruning and work outside once the weather improves.    Instrumental & vocal lessons update If your Junior student is interested in taking instrumental / vocal lessons but has not yet enrolled, please download the form from the Student Hub and hand in or email the completed form to Fritz Wollner Lessons will be reorganised for Terms 3 and 4. If students have not been attending regularly, they need to see Mr Wollner as soon as possible to ensure they do not lose their spot. Achievements National Bridge Speech competition place secured Year 13 Amelia Smith qualified for a place in the National Bridge Speech competition following her success in the regional Chinese speech competition last week. Amelia will represent the North Island outside Auckland region in the competition, to be held at Victoria University on Sunday 2 August. At that event, each qualified candidate will need to present a speech, perform to demonstrate a skill and answer questions in Chinese. Finalists will represent New Zealand and compete with candidates from all over the world in October. We wish Amelia luck as she progresses through the competition. Sports Junior girls football For the first time in many years WHS has a junior girls football team out in competition. Their most recent game resulted in a very close 2-1 loss but the girls had fun and were very impressive despite some players not having very much experience. This team could not have gone ahead without the support of parents who helped with both transport and officiating.  Special thanks to Bea Gladding and Jennifer Argyle who are the coach/manager dream team who make this team possible. Below are some photos of the action and sideline support. Basketball Basketball is underway with all teams at WHS having played at least one game so far. Big thanks to Jason Reddish who is taking on the entire boys programme at school which includes four teams and doing a great job. Another big thanks to Nick Andrews who along with a parent is coaching the Senior girls team. Junior Boys play on a Tuesday and another junior team plays on a Thursday. All Senior teams play on Fridays, with the top boys and girls team playing at the ASB Centre. Below are some photos from the first junior basketball game. Boys 1st XI football The 1st XI played their first game of the season, bringing home a 5-1 victory against St Patrick’s Silverstream. Their next fixture is against Newlands College this coming weekend.
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      • Wellington High School, Taranaki Street, Mount Cook, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

    • Current Volunteer Opportunities
      • 22 Jun 2020
      • Zealandia
      • Our volunteer programme is now open to new volunteers, and we are recruiting to fill a variety of exciting volunteer roles. They are particularly suited to volunteers who may be looking to provide a ...
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      • Zealandia, 53, Round the Lake Track, Karori, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, 6012, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

    • Match Report Rd 1 Swindale – OBU take the points in the slush
      • 22 Jun 2020
      • Old Boys - University Rugby Club
      • By Pete McFarlane OBU 25 v Poneke 5 <div class="slider slider-nav-circle slider-nav-large slider-nav-light slider-style-normal" data-flickity-options='{ "cellAlign": "center", "imagesLoaded": true, "lazyLoad": 1, "freeScroll": false, "wrapAround": true, "autoPlay": 6000, "pauseAutoPlayOnHover" : true, "prevNextButtons": true, "contain" : true, "adaptiveHeight" : true, "dragThreshold" : 10, "percentPosition": true, "pageDots": true, "rightToLeft": false, "draggable": true, "selectedAttraction": 0.1, "parallax" : 0, "friction": 0.6 }' > #image_1642823709 { width: 100%; } #image_1621065229 { width: 100%; } #image_1747413340 { width: 100%; }   It was a cold & wet affair on Saturday as OBU took on the red and blacks from the other side of the tunnel. To be fair I have seen it colder and wetter at Nairnville, but that’s still not much consolation when the water is smashing you in the face! Paddy Carter ran on ahead of the team to bring up his 50th match in what seems an incredibly short time. Congratulations to Paddy for forcing the hand of the honours board painter to buy a new tin for the season! From the kickoff, there was plenty of endeavour from both teams. OBU had the wind at our backs although it seemed to shift around quite a bit making the 2 early penalties by Dale Sabbagh a little tougher than they would normally be. This got us out to a 6 point lead around the 15-minute mark. Wirangi Parata freshly back from a stint playing in Portugal managed to dot down off the back of a maul of sheer beauty which started from a lineout drive 7 metres out from the line. Next up Matt Sleith got through a mass of bodies to score just before half time also from a lineout maul. Poneke hit back with a try at about the 60th minute with the wind at their backs. It was the result of some fairly straightforward pick and go’s on the OBU line. OBU scored the last try to Shamus Langton after the powerful scrum earned a tighthead and he took the opportunity to dart around the side before the Poneke defence realised the ball was out. There was only a couple of minutes left on the clock by this stage and the chances of scoring another try for the bonus point were a bit slim and did not come to pass in the end. Poneke didn’t seem to have an answer to the OBU maul which is unusual as they are one club that usually loves slogging it out in the mud! They also gave OBU a few extra chances from unforced errors, particularly a couple of dropped balls from deep kicks without any real pressure. Perhaps the player’s minds were already three steps ahead of the actual play! On the other side of the equation, OBU was on the wrong side of a very lopsided penalty count. Mostly for ruck offences and for being in front of the hindmost feet. Repeat penalties sending us from hot on the attack to defending our line in the matter of a few minutes. Luckily for us, the referee didn’t want to take it any further. This really was a day for the forwards. The OBU backs worked hard to try to stay involved but the conditions just weren’t conducive to the open running rugby style OBU is known for. Standout backs were Sam Reid who played the best game I’ve seen from him in the green and white. He ran back kicks well, gained good ground with his kicking and killed a few Poneke attacking moves with accurate spot tackles. New halfback for OBU Kyle Preston had an impressive debut in OBU colours. Not his first time at premier level though as he has played for Tawa previously. With Matt Fowler coming off the bench in the last few minutes we’re well represented at the base of the scrum this season. The forwards are a bit harder to single out as it was really a pack effort throughout the game but Shamus Langton seems to have grown in physical and game stature this season proving to be a real menace at the breakdown in particular. Paddy Carter made more of a pest of himself on the Poneke throws the longer the game went. Taine Plumtree and Sam Godwin both upset a few more lineouts when they came on also. Taine made one particularly memorable run with the ball in hand, just not quite having a support player close enough to make it really sting. As ever the front row was powerful in the scrums and dynamic around the field, no surprises Fui was amongst the thick of it for most of the match and Wirangi got good reward for plenty of hard work with his try.   The post Match Report Rd 1 Swindale – OBU take the points in the slush appeared first on OBU Rugby.
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