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Nikau Palms

Nikau Palm in the Civic Square

Right - One of the copper clad Nikau palm trees which dot the Civic Square and line the exterior of the Central Library building.

Valued at $25,000 NZ each, these additions to the Square were suggested by the architect Ian Athfield as a way of making the area more inviting. The Nikaus have become somewhat of an icon for Wellington City.

The Nikau, is a distinctive New Zealand native tree. Reassembling a feather duster, it grows to approximately 20ft.

The Nikau palm is found throughout New Zealand, growing as far south as Christchurch. While the trunk of this tree is of no use for building it's large leaves provided useful shelter for the early Maori, who also ate the young shots and buds. Wood Pigeons consume the berries in large quantities. The Nikau berry is extremely hard and was sometimes used as shotgun ammunition by early settlers.

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