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    • Its about being smarter
      • 12 Aug 2010
      • Mark Greening
      • Smart cities attract smart people. And information technology (IT) is the power engine of smarter cities. From an economic point of view, cities have to rely on a smarter, more skilled workforce for competitive differentiation. Wellington cannot afford to have all its eggs in the “home of government” basket.
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      • internet
      • election-candiates-2010

    • We need volunteers
      • 25 Mar 2010
      • Wellington ICT
      • Wellington ICT seeks to engage a group of IT volunteers to assist groups on WCN on how to migrate to another provider. A number of small community groups need hand holding support as they lack resources and technical skills to transfer their websites to their chosen provider. We are looking for IT volunteers who know about managing and developing websites. Contact us and together lets help them with ther web presence needs.
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      • wcnfunding
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