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The Wellingtonista and Emergency Services

Just The Wellingtonista
    • Help is Coming
      • 15 Apr 2010
      • The Wellingtonista
      •   Got kids?   Well chances are they love seeing people in uniforms, big fire trucks with their hoses a-spraying, police dogs a-barking, big tug boats a-tooting, animal rescues, helicopters, cars being cut up with giant scissors, and general organised mayhem.
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    • Holy Smoke!
      • 14 Apr 2008
      • The Wellingtonista
      • The historic St Peters church, on the corner of Willis & Ghuznee St, is currently on fire. There are seven fire appliances and one ambulance attending the fire, and just now they seem to have stopped the smoke belching out of the doors and windows. More updates & photos as they come to hand... read more
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