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The Wellingtonista and Trolley Buses

Just The Wellingtonista Just Trolley Buses
    • Life in the City
      • I know we all love trolley buses (and can't wait for the flash new three-axle jobbies to start ripping it up along Kent Terrace) but this must have been horrendous to be involved in at 5.15 yesterday afternoon. And deeply amusing for those of NOT involved, of course.
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    • When the lines go down
      • I'm sure you know that the Wellingtonista is a big fan of the trolley buses, and thinks that everyone who bitches about the wires overhead being an eyesore is an idiot. You probably think that it's because we're dirty leftie greenies that we're fond of the wires, but the truth is, we like them because it's hilarious when they go down. Like this morning, watching a trolley-bus having to get shunted by another bus out of a major Hataitai intersection.
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