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    • August 2020 Residents Association meeting minutes
      • 6 Sep 2020
      • Pukerua Bay Residents Association
      • Tuesday, August 11, 2020Pukerua Bay RSA, 5-7 Wairaka Road Present: Paul FitzGerald (Chair), Nikky Winchester (Secretary), Iain McLean, Kate Dreaver, June Penhey, Margaret Blair, Mel Galletly, Bill Jackson, Nathan Waddle (PCC)Community: Pat Hanley, Moira LawlerApologies: Pauline Morum, Jonathan Harker, Jenny Brash (GWRC)Approval of previous minutes: moved Iain McLean, seconded Bill Jackson, none opposed, carried. Porirua City Council update Nathan explained that the District Plan has been approved, and PCC is now taking feedback and submissions on it; it will go into action in early 2021. PCC is about to start running workshops on the Long Term Plan. A workshop is being held tomorrow with NZTA regarding the plans for revocation of SH1 and SH58 post-Transmission Gully. Matters arising Iain, Kate and Nikky met to discuss the Village Planning survey. Kate has since talked to PCC about whether they will pay for design, advertising and printing. The hope is to get the survey circulated soon, and to organise a drop-in session one Saturday at St Mark’s. The intention is to present the results at this year’s AGM. Financial $0.14 interest has been received this month. Correspondence No correspondence has been received. Progress on action items Action: Bill/Jon to discuss options for cloud storage. The Committee confirmed a strong preference to use a free public service, rather than a paid service. Action: Jon to add the information about the 25 memorials around the village to the RA website once Margaret has collected the information.Action:Jon and Pauline will meet as the new Fundraising committee, and present proposals to the Committee.Action:Pauline/Iain/Kate to continue investigating options for organising a silent art auction in November/December.Action:Margaret to remove Brian Sullivan and Pauline Morse as signatories from the PKBRA bank account as they are no longer committee members.Action: Margaret/Nikky to discuss the process for adding Nikky to the list of signatories.Action: Paul to write a proposal about amendments to the RA Constitution.Action: Iain/Paul to ask PCC to send their monthly updates to secretary@ and chair@ and remove all other names from their mailing list.Action: Jon to ask Dave Pepperell about posting information on the website about the Surfers Seat event.Action: Jon to create a page for He Ara Pukerua on the RA website.Action: Margaret to organise the seat plaque for Ernie Amey and Kath Fowler. Projects update Muri Platform building The signed lease papers have not yet been received back from Kiwirail confirming the lease. This should be in hand before the official launch event on 5 September. Action: Iain/Paul to follow up with Kiwirail. Food forest/community garden and He Ara Pukerua The Muri Station platform building and panels will be formally opened by the Mayor on Saturday 5 September at a launch commencing at 10.30am, followed up with tours around the food forest, where entertainment and refreshments will be available. Paul has asked PCC if the trees around the platform can be trimmed in advance of the event. Action: Jon to create a page on the RA website. Penguin survey Pauline Morum forwarded an email from Glenda Robb at the Kapiti Coast Biodiversity Project. A survey will be carried out in late September with a penguin dog, to track the local little blue penguins. Glenda has offered to do a brief talk at the September Committee meeting. Action: Paul to respond to Glenda and invite her to talk at the Committee meeting on 8 September.Action: Jon/Nikky to promote meeting/talk online.Action: Iain to look for name of DOC contact person re the installation of new signage about keeping dogs on a lead at the beach. Waste Free PKB Waste Free PKB’s collections have been extended to include metal beer bottle caps and wine bottle tops, metal jar lids, metal and plastic drink bottle tops, milk bottle caps, bread tags, can tabs, eyeglasses, facial skincare product packaging (plastic and glass containers plus lids, droppers and other complex closures), and writing instruments (including pens, felt tip pens, highlighters, markers, mechanical pencils and correction fluid – but not wooden pencils and chalk). This is in addition to the collections that have been in place since January 2019, which includes oral health products (toothbrushes, clean and empty toothpaste tubes and dental floss containers), AA and AAA batteries, and a number of different brands of coffee capsules. Action: Bill to investigate possibility of recycling computer equipment. AGM The AGM needs to be held in October, probably after the October committee meeting (scheduled for 13 October). It was suggested that Glenda Robb be asked to present the results of the penguin survey. Action: Paul to investigate a suitable date for using the School and Community Hall. Other business NZTA are keen to further extend Ara Harakeke; the next stage is from Pukerua Beach Road along SH1. A surveyor will be considering a possible route so as to avoid the slope and zigzag. Meeting ended: 8.25pmNext meeting: 8 September 2020
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    • Wellington sewing initiative Re Sew remakes the suffrage petition
      • 24 Sep 2018
      • St Vincent de Paul Society Wellington
      • Photo by: ELEANOR WENMAN/STUFF Over the last couple of weeks, an old boardroom inside Wellington Museum has been transformed into a fabric workshop. Wellington sewing initiative Vinnies Re Sew embarked on a Suffrage in Stitches project to recreate the 1893 suffrage petition in kind. The organisation is asking individuals and groups to pick up needle and thread to stitch 546 different panels, representing all the pages of the suffrage petition. Each panel will be stitched together to create a 274 metre long textile piece, to be displayed inside the museum early next year. Vinnies Re Sew textile recycling coordinator Caroline O'Reilly with some of the completed panels for the Suffrage in Stitches project being run in Wellington Museum. The panels are inspired by women – whether that's women that signed the petition 125 years ago, or someone within the family that was a role model. Re Sew textile recycling coordinator Caroline O'Reilly has been organising the workshops, as well as making her own panel, inspired by her mother, Mary O'Reilly. O'Reilly created her own panel with green thread in honour of her mother, Mary O'Reilly. She also wanted to chart the journeys of the women on the path to gather signatures, so she added meandering green thread to her piece of fabric. "The petition went around the country, winding up roads, through valleys. So all these loose threads represent all the roads they travelled on." Throughout September people had been dropping by Wellington Museum to talk about women who inspired them and pick up a new stitching technique or two. "People who haven't even thought they were creative have come up with some great things," O'Reilly said. Re Sew volunteer Irihāpeti Te Aho had dropped by the workshop to start on her fifth panel: one honouring the wāhine of Ngāti Kahungunu. "Women have got a strong voice in Māoridom that people don't know about," Te Aho said. She joined Vinnies Re Sew a few months ago and said she'd found it a great way to help and give back to the community. Funded by Saint Vincent de Paul, Vinnies Re Sew works to upskill people with their sewing skills, while redirecting materials from the landfill. The call is still out for people to take part in Suffrage in Stitches – the fabric workshops will be back at Wellington Museum in October, December and January for a week each. So far, people from as far as Queenstown and the Coromandel, as well as some people in San Francisco have put their hands up to make a panel. The deadline to have a fabric panel in is February 27. * For details on Suffrage in Stitches, email - Stuff Reporter: Eleanor Wenman Permalink
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    • A Sustainable Society
      • 10 Sep 2018
      • St Vincent de Paul Society Wellington
      • While the use of recycling in sustainable living is sometimes seen as an extra (and often avoided) financial burden, over the last year Vinnies in Wellington has made efforts to prove the opposite, by opting for low-cost methods of waste disposal.
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    • Church Update – 04/05/18
      • 4 May 2018
      • Miramar Sal­va­tion Army
      • Things I learnt whilst collecting at New World Miramar this week … They have Free WiFi You can use free wet wipes to clean the trolley handle before you start shopping You can dispose of your plastic bags for recycling Peter Croft’s favourite fruit is oranges at the de Kids still get a free slice of luncheon at the deli There are 110 white tiles in each section of the floor 1kg of pre-packed lemons cost $4.99 To ensure you have clean hands there is a hand sanitiser in the vege section – on the left One guy from USA has lived here for 3 years and only just discovered we have 10 cent coins There is a guy in Miramar who views shopping as the least favourite thing to do If you forget your grocery bag, you might be able to borrow a boomerang bag. There is a typo in the sign Thanks, see you soon (Can you spot it? Ask Lucy and she will agree with me!) One thing I did notice was a family who tied their dog up outside while they did their shopping. I wonder if anyone asked the dog what he wanted his life to look like – to be in a loving family but not able to come and go freely, or to live in the wild and not be loved? This Sunday we will consider where we find ourselves – how do we measure up with what we want? – and how can we prepare ourselves for what is just ahead of us? See you Sunday. Pastor Dave
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