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    • Phoenix: Warm-up Match Moved Again
      • The first Wellington Phoenix home pre-season game has been moved for the second time. Originally announced for the Basin Reserve, at some point it was switched to Newtown Park and now, according to the official site it has been moved to Westpac Stadium due to “concerns that Newtown Park would not have the capacity to cope with the big crowd expected.” Sunday at 2.00pm is kick-off time and the tickets are only $10 (and free for under 16s).
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    • Wellington Phoenix FC
      • Gah. If the stories we're hearing tonight are true, then we are ... underwhelmed. Seriously, Black Star Wellington was the bomb. And even Wellington City or Wellington FC were better options. But ... "Phoenix"? Ah well.
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    • What's in a name #1
      • So, perhaps the most drawn out sports decision ever to be made by an Australasian sporting body has finally been confirmed, and a Wellington bid has won the right field a team in Australia's A-League soccer competition. Now all they need is a name (oh, and some players, and a home ground, but let's not mention that).
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