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    • Serious Monkey(ish) business at Wellington Zoo
      • 29 Sep 2014
      • The Wellingtonista
      • Okay, let’s get the puns out of the way. While it is never inappropriate to spank your monkey in public, and only Peter Gabriel can shock the monkey, at Wellington Zoo you can, however, touch some monkeys. Sort of. Well, the touching part is correct, but technically the Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs aren’t actually primates, they’re a kind of pre-primate. Okay, I should have written notes, but I WAS TOUCHING A LEMUR at the very kind invitation of Wellington Zoo to try out their new Lemur Encounter.
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    • Eva Dixon's to get the boot from the Zoo
      • 17 Feb 2008
      • The Wellingtonista
      • The DomPost reports that Eva Dixon's Cafe is being given the old heave-ho from Wellington Zoo. The contract for the running of the Zoo's cafe came up last October, and, as co-owner John Heald said... We were under the impression it wouldn't have been a problem and were waiting for the paperwork to come through ... But no!
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