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    • The rugby sculpture
      • A proposal was unveiled yesterday for a Weta Workshop-designed rugby-themed sculpture to grace the city, somewhere, In Time For The Rugby World Cup. The sculpture is highly symbolic, with the DomPost providing a list of all the symbolism, but what does the sculpture most resemble?
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    • RWC: Where to watch the 'breakfast games'?
      • This is a cry for help! Can someone out there leave ideas, suggestions and even actual locations for those people, of a rugby following tendency, that wish to watch the Monday morning pool games. Within the Wellington CBD we mean. The games tend to start around 6am and the Wellingtonista has discovered that most 'rugby-type' venues aren't opening until their normal time of 7am due to licensing restrictions.
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    • Mana College v. Wellington College
      • f you're stuck for something to do next Monday night, you could do worse than to head to Porirua Park for the final of Wellington's premier one grade schoolboy rugby competition. The match is to be played between Mana College and Wellington College. As detailed in a story in the Dom Post, Mana has made a dramatic rise through the grades after starting the year in premier two and being promoted mid-season, and to have made it to the final is nigh-on miraculous.
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    • Super 14 Semifinal
      • Look out Wellington! There's a Hurricane Warning! Any one else sick of that pun? Well at best (yes best) it will only be around another week. Tonight at the Caketin the Hurricanes will repeat what they did last week and beat the Waratahs.
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    • Wellington Sevens Fever!
      • If you happen to see a group of large, fit, young lads wandering about the Wellington streets this week, chances are you've either stumbled across the cast of Downstage's latest play 'The Boys in the Band' , or, and more likely, one of the Rugby Sevens teams that are in town for this weekend's tournament.
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