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The Wellingtonista and Comedy

Just The Wellingtonista
    • mwhahahahaha
      • 3 May 2007
      • The Wellingtonista
      • The comedy Festival hits town on Sunday Yes just as we get those first blasts of winter and that lack of sun depression hits, people visit town with one purpose and one purpose along. To make you Laugh
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    • Flight of the Conchords: Business Time
      • 27 Mar 2007
      • The Wellingtonista
      • Wellington's fourth most popular digi-folk paradists are currently shooting their 12-part HBO comedy series in New York, with fellow Wellingtonians Taika Waititi directing a couple of shows, and Duncan Sarkies providing the script for one of the episodes. All this, of course, is just an excuse to post some classic Flight of the Conchords for your listening enjoyment. Oooohhh yeahhhh, it's business time...
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