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    • Pataka
      • Pātaka Art + Museum was formed when the Porirua Museum and the Page 90 Art Gallery needed more space and Porirua City suggested they amalgamate onto the current site. Our building is named Te Marae O Te Umu Kai O Hau. The new museum and gallery was officially opened in September 1998 and later that year named, Pātaka Museum of Arts and Culture, now shortened to Pātaka Art + Museum. Pātaka in te reo means a storage place for precious things.
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      • Pātaka Art + Museum, Parumoana Street, Porirua City Centre, Porirua, Porirua City, Wellington, 5022, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

    • The Plush Room
      • Plush installation exhibition at Thistle hall by Antoinette Ratcliffe 16 November 2010 – 20 November 2010 Open 11 – 5.30pm Monday to Friday 11-4pm Saturday At last, someone was able to help the slashed up and dying bear, Morris. The bunnies Sugar and Sadie had been unsuccessful with their first aid kit in previous installations, but Duke the zombie Dachshound has transformed Morris into a zombie bear. They keep each other company, but Morris is still having trouble training Duke to be abit more civilized.
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