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    • NO NO NO
      • Our Earth, 2073. Outside, AI systems are roaming hungry. Inside, not-quite-exes Billy and Nono face the newfound horror of 'boundaries'...NO NO NO is a sci-fi dark comedy, which explores what we both create and destroy in the people that we love[d].

    • Sweeties
      • In a Squid Game meets Toddlers & Tiaras world, Brynley and Ella compete for a yummy prize, but little do they know, they have a common enemy…

    • An Almighty Yes
      • An Almighty Yes is a bittersweet solo comedy show about how Emma Lange’s bloody cruddy cancer leads to Deaconess Fanny Bribery exorcising beelzebub in her comfy brogues to a lycra dancing sausage and a vigorous final ascent to tiramisu heaven.

    • Everyone's Got An Errol
      • Errol is that mate with no ambitions, no opinions, no skills. So why, you may ask, is he all of a sudden standing up for himself? Who put that idea in his head.

    • The Wave of the Woman
      • The Wave of the Woman invites Indigenous women to explore their inner-selves and the world she exists in, in a safe space.

    • blackpill
      • Unmasking incel ideology, 'blackpill' breaks down the pipeline from online extremism to real-life terror.

    • Baby Gorgeous
      • A comedy revue featuring various characters, parodies and sketches from the familiar to the outright demented. Is he Baby Gorgeous or Fully Delulu?

    • Six Degrees Festival
      • In January and February 2024, 11 Master's students will present 7 shows in celebration of their achievements and learning during the Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington MFA programme.

    • Agape
      • Movement Artist and Curator, Patrick Godinet is returning to Fringe 2024 with his new work: Agape.

    • ON GOD
      • A new developing theatre show that explores spirituality, religion and faith though a modern Pasifika lens.

    • Limbo
      • Limbo is an original, modern Kiwi adaptation of 1300s epic poem, Dante's Inferno. As washed-up comedian David Noble peels back the layers of wrongs never righted, he is forced to confront the sins of his past to better his future.

    • The Lobster
      • The 2015 award-winning absurdist black comedy film ‘The Lobster’, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, comes to life in this first-of-its-kind stage adaptation, where monogamous romance is mandatory and violently enforced.

      • It is common knowledge among the ton that those invited to summer at the country estate of Hausdown, will encounter a season of honeyed hospitality, diverting company, and queer delights.

    • A Very PopRox Christmas
      • Three men, a virgin, and a baby. You know the story- they don’t! This Christmas, PopRox improvises their way through the nativity story. This ain’t Sunday service with Nan.

    • Fresh off the Page: Geoff, the Chicken
      • Contemporary plays hot off the press, performed in a series of FREE play-readings by Asian Pōneke-based artists. These play-reads are written, read and directed by Asian practitioners.

    • Late Night Knife Fight
      • The improv show where three teams face off in a battle for glory, honour, and the audience's favour. The winner returns in the headline spot next month, while the losers wail and gnash their teeth…

    • Our Māori Archivists
      • Futurists, archivists and the timelessness of love – nau mai, haere mai to this afternoon of free events created by the Māori programmers of Verb Readers and Writers Festival 2023.

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