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    • Core
      • Gutsy, warm, and bittersweet, 'CORE' is a funny little love story we can all see bits of ourselves in.

    • Daughters of Willow
      • An evening of intrigue and angst as three well known figures in society come together to navigate an underground world.

    • Search Party
      • Search Party is a new triple-bill dance show by Measured Frenzy co. Come along for beautiful costumes, groovy dance moves and puzzles.

    • A Fat Girl's Cry
      • Broadway, Bellies, and Bums! Join us to celebrate Plus Size bodies On Stage with some of Broadway’s greatest hits! Premiering A Fat Girl’s Cry, representing all the Plus Size & Curvalicious Performers! A Musical Journey for Every Body!

    • The Big Hoo Haa Pōneke
      • The Hearts vs The Bones in an epic improv face-off. Only one team can win, but do the points even matter when you’re having a great time?

    • Whole New Woman
      • Freya will be joined by drummer Samuel Austin (Vera Ellen) and guitarist Ingrid Saker (Ingrid and the Ministers) to perform poems from Head Girl along with a suite of new work in a jaw-dropping hybrid of poetry, music and theatre.

    • Ungartered Territory
      • After a beautiful ceremony surrounded by loved ones, they retreat to a hotel room for their first night as a married couple and they're entering ungartered territory. What could possibly go wrong? performances from Austin Harrison and Megan Connolly!

    • Tales from the Strypt
      • A devilishly truthful play about sex work, guilt, freedom and the transactional nature of life. Set in an otherworldly realm, and featuring real-life stories from real-life workings, this is a sexy, spooky, vulnerable show that will open your eyes a

    • Watch Out Gay Panda
      • Dennis Eir Lim (Performer and co-deviser of award-winning shows 'ELEVATOR!' and 'Table') is trying to save the endangered panda species - the only problem is he's found a gay one!

    • Flow
      • Delivering slightly absurd musings on life, death and grief, from a bath.

    • ratKing
      • When three rats journey into the cosmic sewer to bring back to life their dead friend, they must face the horrifying truth of what it truly means to be a Rat.

    • Night of the Silver Moon
      • The world’s first live-supernatural-teen-soap-radio-drama; Night of the Silver Moon brings you all the hormones, all the howling, once a month.

    • Six Degrees Festival 2023
      • In January and February 2023, 7 Masters students will present 4 shows in celebration of their achievements and a years’ worth of learning in the MFA programme.

    • 3 Steps Back
      • "I am always moving forward. I will persist. I will always take another step. If that is of no avail, I will take another, and yet another." - Og Mandino. Explore the pathways of my life, and why Chronic Fatigue INSISTS on burning my map!

    • Taioro ki te Ao
      • A spoken word and chamber music experience. A balance of darkness and light, highlighting the importance of indigenous narratives and challenging hegemonic systems that attempt to legitimise one narrative over another.

    • Flamencodanza
      • Award-winning performance “Flamencodanza”- an inspired, powerful and elegant show of Flamenco dance and guitar by Aylin Bayaz and Raul Mannola.

    • El Camp Machismo
      • El Camp Machismo is a satirical comedy-drama solo show about a male Latin-American 'life coach' named, Don Alexandro Da Costa, who is teaching boys how to be 'men'. It is a critique on toxic masculinity in Latin culture (my culture).

    • The Big Hoo Haa Pōneke
      • The Hearts vs The Bones in an epic improv face-off. Only one team can win, but do the points even matter when you’re having a great time?

    • Quantum Tangerine
      • Delve into the tale of a cat, a box, and a radioactive orange in this electrifying projection art and dance show. A surrealist exploration of exhilaration, darkness and delight.

    • Timelines
      • Be the first to use Wellington's very own time machine! …and break it. Travel back in time in an immersive exploration of BATS Theatre. You, Audience Member, will interact with figures from fragments of BATS’ history to get yourselves back to 2023!

    • Raru e Maruakaītā
      • Welcome to 1980s Mauke. After their parents’ death , Maruakaītā grows resentful of his new role as Raru’s guardian. As the two become intertwined in dangerous plans, we learn what secrets lie underneath the surface.

    • The Veil
      • The Veil explores the world of Pasifika behavior through the lens of Pasifika adolescents navigating their way into adulthood; A specific behavior being the keeping of secrets.

    • Monkey
      • Monkey is a story inspired by the Chinese tale called Journey to the West about youngsters who experience bullying and ethnic challenges at school and ultimately unite to discover who they truly are.

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