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    • In House Competition – 10th of December 2022
      • We are pleased to announce that Hutt Valley Fencing Club will be running an In House Foil competition on the 10th of December. This will take place instead of our normal Saturday morning training.  There is no additional charge to compete in this competition. We will be running from St Bernard’s at the end of Anderson … Continue reading In House Competition – 10th of December 2022 →

    • Last Sessions for the year of Fencing
      • Please take note that our last week of Fencing for our Monday and Thursday class is this week. Our Saturday class will be running on the 3rd and the 10th of December with some changes. We have noted these changes below: Saturday the 3rd of December We will be running a grading session this weekend … Continue reading Last Sessions for the year of Fencing →

    • Fencing Awards Lunch – 4th of Dec 2022
      • Fencing Central and our club would like to invite all of you to attend the Fencing Central awards lunch in celebration of the 2022 Fencing Calendar.  This is going to be held at Days Bay Pavilion in Eastborune on the 4th of December, commencing at 1pm. Please register by the 1st of December via the link below. We look forward … Continue reading Fencing Awards Lunch – 4th of Dec 2022 →

    • Fencing Central Awards 2022 – Nominations
      • At the end of every year, as apart of Fencing Central, we come together to celebrate success both on and off the piste at the Fencing Central Annual Award Lunch. While some awards are determined by competition results, there are also several awards that you can nominate members of the Fencing Central community for to … Continue reading Fencing Central Awards 2022 – Nominations →

    • ** Baby Champagne Competition Cancelled 6.11 **
      • Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is with great regret that we must cancel the Baby Champagne Competition for 2022. This competition was supposed to occur Sunday the 6th of November. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or queries … Continue reading ** Baby Champagne Competition Cancelled 6.11 ** →

    • Saturday Training Cancelled 5/11/22
      • Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is with regret that we will be able to run our usual Saturday training session from 11.00am – 12.30pm as per normal. This Saturday the 5th of November training session is cancelled. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding this sudden change to our training schedule. … Continue reading Saturday Training Cancelled 5/11/22 →

    • Wellington Airport Regional Community People’s Choice Award
      • It is with great pride that we can announce that we made it through to the Wellington Airport Regional Community awards after winning the Hutt City one earlier this year. As well as being nominated in the Sport Leisure category, we are also in the running for winning the People’s choice awards. The Community Awards … Continue reading Wellington Airport Regional Community People’s Choice Award →

    • Baby Champagne Competition 2022
      • We would like to formally announce the Baby Champagne competition for 2022. We host this competition annually and we would like to invite our members to compete and assist with the day’s proceedings. This competition will be taking place on the 6th of November, at the YMCA Upper Hutt. Competition Details Time Table Sunday 6th … Continue reading Baby Champagne Competition 2022 →

    • Halloween Celebrations | Thursday 27th
      • Halloween is near, and Hutt Valley Fencing Club will be running some special activities during our Thursday session this week in anticipation. We will be running a couple of activities, listed below, with prizes up for grabs! This will run during our normal class time slot from 7pm – 8pm, Thursday 27th of October. If … Continue reading Halloween Celebrations | Thursday 27th →

    • No Fencing Labour Day | Monday
      • Please take note that our normal Monday class, 7pm – 9pm, will not be running this week. This has been decided due to it being Labour day and that the National and Oceanic Championships being run this weekend. Many of the normal attendees of this session are still in Auckland or are need of a … Continue reading No Fencing Labour Day | Monday →

    • School Holiday Fencing Times
      • Week 1 Please note the below training time for the first week of the school holidays. There is the only session that is running during the first week due to the competition and training camp taking place in the Hawks Bay on Thursday and Friday. For more information regarding this training camp, please click here. … Continue reading School Holiday Fencing Times →

    • The Weapons
      • Last but certainly not least, is the weapon of your choice. Within each discipline, there is much choice for a weapon, including size, weight, flexibility, and durability.

    • Strap Rules
      • Normal Tongue Masks For Masks with normal tongues, you will be required to use a strap that doubles over like in the photo. This is applicable in all competitions and is encouraged at a club level. An advantage that this system has is the adjustability coupled with addressing some safety concerns. Traditional elastic is subject … Continue reading Strap Rules →

    • Masks
      • Not a helmet. Made from a steel mesh and kevlar bib, a mask protects your face, head and neck from being hit by a fencing weapon. There are 3 different types of masks depending on what weapon you choose to fence. There are a couple of key difference to note about these. Foil The foil mask … Continue reading Masks →

    • Fencing Equipment
      • Fencing typically requires a lot of personal gear in order to keep you safe whilst you have fun. Most clubs, HVFC included, have a large selection of gear that you can borrow until you are ready to purchase your own. Protective gear comes with different ratings, 350N or 800N. 350N is sufficient for training and … Continue reading Fencing Equipment →

    • Fencing During the School Holidays
      • We will be running some sessions during the school holidays during the first week. The training times we have are. We are still waiting to get confirmation for time slots in the second week of the holidays. Please stay tuned for updates moving forward.

    • Sabre
      • Sabre is the fastest and most aggressive of the weapons, though still requires cunning and tactics. Unlike Epée and foil, points are scored through a cutting movement on the edge of the blade, against the opponent’s upper body. The sabre is the modern version of the slashing cavalry sword. Initially heavy and curved, the present-day … Continue reading Sabre →

    • Epee
      • While a special version of the foil was developed for practice, another type of sword was created for duelling. The blade had a triangular cross-section, with slightly concave sides to reduce weight without reducing strength.  The colichemarde evolved into the modern epee.  In epee the entire body is considered a valid target. Points can be … Continue reading Epee →

    • Foil
      • Short The foil used by fencers today is the modern version of the original practice weapon used by nobility to train for duels.  It all evolved as fencing for exercise – based on speed and skill – (as opposed to the ability to cut someone in combat), began to emerge. To score points with the … Continue reading Foil →

    • Simon Gibson
      • Simon joined Hutt Valley Fencing Club in 2018 as a way to get fit and lose weight following a break from fencing of 25 years. During the break he was a corporate trainer at many Fortune 500 companies in Japan. In 2020 he restarted coaching, attending UFC8 in Melbourne, learning a great deal from Italian … Continue reading Simon Gibson →

    • Nathan Newton (Senior Coach – Foil, Epee)
      • I have been a member of HVFC since 2012, regularly competing in foil and epee, and I am now a club committee member. I have been coaching since 2014, and in 2016, I completed the Level 1 Oceania Fencing Master Academy accreditation. I enjoy working with fencers of all ages and abilities, with a particular … Continue reading Nathan Newton (Senior Coach – Foil, Epee) →

    • Robert Gastaldo-Brac (Head Coach – Foil, Epee)
      • Robert grew up in the UK and started fencing at the age of 14; soon after he was the Hertfordshire U16 Champion. That was in the mid 70’s, and Robert has been involved in fencing in one form or another his entire life. He captained the London Team against Counties (“the rest”) in 1983, fenced … Continue reading Robert Gastaldo-Brac (Head Coach – Foil, Epee) →

    • Russell Johnson (Senior Coach – Sabre, Foil)
      • I have been fencing at HVFC for the past 16 years starting at the age of 7. I have been coaching in 2011 by helping our senior coach with group work. I have achieved my OFMA level 1 coaching qualifications. This an internationally recognised coaching standard which I have been able to utilize as part … Continue reading Russell Johnson (Senior Coach – Sabre, Foil) →

    • Training Monday 26th of September
      • We have had a few inquiries as to whether we will be training this Monday the 26th.  We will be running our usual Monday class from 7pm – 9pm tomorrow. This class is still targeted towards our senior fencers. Please stay tuned for any updates regarding training throughout the school holidays. We are expecting to … Continue reading Training Monday 26th of September →

    • Training Cancellation 29th of September
      • Due to conflicting bookings of the St Bernards Gym, there will be no fencing on Thursday the 29th of September. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may caused. We are looking at making up the session within the school holidays. ** NO Training Thursday 29.09.22 **

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