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    • Vicars letter - 22nd September 2023
      • Kia Ora All Saints Whānau, We are coming into our last Sunday of mission month and I don’t know about you, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the conversations about how we engage those around us with the love of Jesus. Last week in our house church we explored the fact that the word mission elicits a vast array of emotion and response. For some, mission brings about a positive association of good that the church does in the world. For others, it may be associated with negativity [...]

    • Vicars letter - 15th September 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints. Guy here this week. It has been such a privilege walking with you through this month of Misson here at All Saints. For the last two weeks, we have looked at why mission is core to who we are and the God we believe in, as well as touching on Local mission and, again, what we mean when we talk about mission. This week, I will be bringing in our Mission Action Plan (MAP), a process we went through here at All Saints last year, listening to God and trying to articulate what [...]

    • Vicars letter - 8th September 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints whānau, Spring has sprung this week with some lovely sun! I (Emily) have been reflecting lately on what brings me joy, and whether my life reflects the joy I have in following Jesus, both for myself and for others looking at my life. I'm not saying my life always has to be sunshine and rainbows, but I do wonder if sometimes I dwell on the hard bits and forget to really enjoy the good bits, being present in those moments. My brain likes fresh starts, like new seasons, for [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 1 September 2023
      • Kia ora All Saint Whanau This week, All Saints is launching into September with Mission Month. A Month each year where we re up what role Mission plays amongst us, how Local and Global Mission play out amongst our community, and what exactly it is that All Saints mission is here in our community. It's all very exciting; I (Guy) am bringing the word for this week, which I'm looking forward to. Just a reminder that we have 9am and our House Churches this week, so some of us will be in [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 25 August 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints. Guy here. I have just returned from a week down south with the family, plus two other families! It was action-packed with four days of skiing, and the rest were filled with resting and some exploration of central Otago; we filled our tank with the wonder of creation and friendship with others. Summer and I both remarked on the way back home how excited we were to get back involved, connect with everyone, and crack back into what God calls us into here in our patch of the [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 18 August 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints whānau,I have heard great things about last weeks service run by the youth group. Rebekah preaching was a highlight for many. It is funny how these events have unintended results. For instance, young people asking about Baptism and young people wanting to come to church more often. So great to see this and a great chance to celebrate. Again God is moving and whats excellent is it has nothing to do with me!This week we continue our series looking at Romans and hopefully by [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 11 August 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints whānau,I write this sitting in a motel room in Whangarei. I am here officiating at a New Zealand vs Australia Hockey Test series. You can watch it on TVNZ+ if you would like to follow along. It is to qualify for the Olympics and there is high drama and a seriousness about the test series. A seriousness to do the thing they were set about from their coach to do.I have been reflecting recently and Bishop Justin spoke about it at Training Day. All over the world people are e [...]

    • Vicars letter - 04 August 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints Family. Guy here this week. There has been so much happenign in the church's life over the last week or so. Let me catch you up to speed; there is a group of 30+ people learning Te Reo Maori together each Wednesday; they are currently halfway through an 8-week beginner course. Last Sunday was Go Sunday up Mt Victoria tree planting, which was a magic day; the weather was excellent, the trees were ready to be planted, a massive amount of weed and trash was removed [...]

    • Go Sunday Reflection
      • To offer a reflection on Go Sunday is hard, as it's the culmination of a long journey for me. I feel it’s a red sea moment, and will always speak of God’s love for us, the strength of community and joy in doing hard stuff together. Waking up to a stunning day on Sunday for gathering and planting, I believe to be more than coincidence. The life giving rain on Monday to water the thirsty plants, I believe to be more than coincidence. For there to be a bbq for the morni [...]

    • Vicars letter - 28 July 2023
      • Kia Ora All Saints,Our big Go Sunday is finally here! I am so excited for us all to get out and get a bit dirty together. We have the opportunity through this to care for the creation God has given us, show how much we care about our community, and invite others to come alongside us in those efforts. That alone has the potential to open up God conversations with those around us. We are on a journey together of learning what it looks like to live the gospel and share that with those around u [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 20 July 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints Whānau Guy here this week. This Wednesday, we had our 2nd class of Te Reo Maori learning here at All Saints with our teacher, Joan, from up the road. One of the learnings we discussed is to do with words like This, That, Thing, and Things. We then got onto the waiata "E Toru Nga Mea" (There are three things), which is a waiata about 1 Corinthians 13:13, And now these three remain: faith, hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Love.I was struck as we were singing [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 14 July 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints whānau,Our life at present is a little bit hectic. When the twins arrived we needed a new bedroom. We were content with putting two kids together in a room but when the twins came it became a little more difficult, so we are renovating our home. The process is quite disturbing in terms of our life in our house:- ripping off walls and linings- wires exposed- walls put up and framed up for checking- gear being repositioned in our house constantly- then parts will be put bac [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 7 July 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints whānauThis season that we are in here at All Saints has felt so encouraging to me (Guy) as your Vicar; I am profoundly impacted by how we are as a community leaning into the gospel series we are chewing through together. The sense that God is renewing our hearts toward the gospel and how that impacts our lives, the people and environment around us, and the role we all play. I have been thinking about the 5 Marks of Mission for the Anglican church (i) To proclaim [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 30 June 2023
      • Dear All Saints, I hope and pray that you have all had a week full of opportunities for faith conversations with those around you. I continue to be so encouraged by the stories we are hearing of people who are expressing warmth and interested in understand who we are and more about the hope of the Gospel. I was at a conference last week up in Auckland with many other church and academic leaders. It was a time full of learning and challenge and a strong theme present in all of the conte [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 23 June 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints whānau I hope you have had the chance to listen to Andy's message from Sunday, where he works through the Gospel and Idolatry. You can click here if you want to have a listen/watch. What stood out to me was his comment about Jesus being out overmastering positive passion; this is a powerful thing to think about; willpower cannot remove every idol or item that controls our lives alone. We need to acknowledge and see Jesus as our overmastering positive passion, in [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 16 June 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints Whanau,I am still reeling from the message that Summer gave us on Sunday. It was a powerful and challenging message and if you have not heard it then I suggest you go have a listen here.This week we are going to be talking about love but in particular what we love and what we don't love. It is challenging and as I have been putting the sermon together I have been confronted by the message myself.I have been moved particularly about the commandments. Jesus' interpretation of th [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 9 June 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints Whanau.I (Guy) have been catching up with many people from throughout the parish over the last wee while, and there is a real sense that there is an increase in the seeking of spirituality amongst people in the community. The way that people find faith coming up in conversations over and over again, the way that people are surprised by the way faith is coming up amongst their friend group, and the ease at which it is coming up is surprising and exciting for people.1 Peter 3: 1 [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 2 June 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints, I’m so sad that I couldn’t be with you last Sunday. I have heard that it was a beautiful time of worship and celebration together. I was away on a weekend for the Diocese where I celebrated the gift of the Holy Spirit in a much quieter but still significant way. My job on this weekend was basically to use my gifts and to listen to the Holy Spirit. When I came back, I had a renewed freshness in the discipline of listening to God, both in times of intentional p [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 25 May 2023
      • Kai ora All Saints WhānauPentecost is upon us! The space in the year where we as a church celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the first disciples! For me (Guy) Pentecost is a funny moment in the church calendar. Let me tell you why it is such a decisive moment in history where we see the fulfillment of God's promise through Jesus to be with us always. We see the power of the Spirit at work throughout history, speaking, moving, healing, comforting, and bringing peace. But each year [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 19 May 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints whānau,Thy Kingdom Come has started!​It is a call to pray for people for people to come to know Jesus. If you have not heard about how Thy Kingdom Come started here is the story: We are taking this a step further at All Saints:Pick five people to pray for to come to know Jesus. You will need to put at least one person who is localPray for them right up until 30 July.Have a coffee, dinner with some of your local people and be listening for God's promptin [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 12th May 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints whānau This week we are all back in the room together for our Central Gatherings, the first time since before our Go Sunday a couple of week ago. There are so many wonderful stories that are bubbling to the surface following our time spent out and about, I look forward to hearing some more on Sunday.I (Guy) have shared here before about our discipleship huddles that are operating in the parish on a regular basis, where we come together to chat through what God is say [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 5th May 2023
      • Kia Ora All Saints’ Whānau, It’s the end of the week and I’m still buzzing from Go Sunday. I have heard so many great stories and even just the conversations I had myself with people about what we do on 5th Sundays and how we operate as a church, have been so faith building. People are curious, they’re surprised, and they want to know more. I had a conversation recently with somebody who was identifying that in their own community (another ministry unit in [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 28 April 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints whānau Welcome to the third week of Easter! Isnt this fun? Im ploughing through my chocolate over here. I am also aware of important it is for us not to lose sight of the Cross and Resurrection. Especially as we make our way our and about this week as part of our Go Sunday rhythm. That’s right this week is our first official Go Sunday of the year. A time in our rhythm of being family where we take a break from doing in the room together and looking each other i [...]

    • Vicars Letter - 21 April 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints,This week as I sat and listened to the twins cry - it struck me that they cry out to Emily or I to help them, to intervene and to give them some peace. It is pasionate and it is unrelenting. Is this a picture for God's people? Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord; Lord, hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.- Psalm 130:1 I found it interesting because often in prayer I want to pray once aand then figure that God heard me - so [...]

    • Vicar Letter - 14th April 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints whānau Easter has been and come for another year!!... or has it? Of course not! Easter goes for 50 days following Easter Sunday. What a treat. A good excuse to eat hot cross buns and easter eggs for a significant period of time, sounds good to me (Guy)! Oh and we celebrate the 40 days Jesus was on earth before he ascended to heaven and the 10 days between that up until Pentecost where we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit.It always feels like the start of the ye [...]

    • Vicar Letter - Easter 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints Whānau Last night (Tuesday evening) I had the privilege of gathering with our huddle of leaders from the parish, we meet every 2 weeks as part of an intentional discipleship journey, to pray, share how we are doing, dig through some content and discuss what we feel like God is highlighting to us. This is not the first time I have had this feeling but as I sat there on Tuesday night I had this overwhelming sense of love and friendship for them. These are my people, an [...]

    • Vicar Letter - 31st March 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints Whānau This coming week is Holy Week. For me each year I (Guy) feel the temperature rise as we walk closer to the cross! Take those steps with Jesus leading up to Jerusalem where ultimately we stand with Jesus in the most uncomfortable place where he offers himself for us!I don’t know about you but there is this sudden rush from Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday where we are speeding along then we slam right into discomfort, we get there and we wan [...]

    • Vicar Letter - 24th March 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints WhānauAs most of you know, during Lent we have been participating in the Diocesan Lenten Study and listening each week to Bishop Justin and various speakers from the Lambeth Conference which Bishops Ellie and Justin attended last year. Lambeth is a conference of the global Anglican Church where we have the opportunity to hear the voices of fellow Jesus followers from all over the world. This past week the theme of the video and study was hospitality. I hope that you [...]

    • Vicar Letter - 17th March 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints Whānau. This week as I (Guy) spent time reflecting on where we are in the year I was suddenly struck by how quickly things are moving. We are midway through Lent and before we know it Easter will be on our doorstep. Take a minute, take a deep breath, wherever you are, work, home, in the midst of all your children or drowning in study!​This week as we enter week 4 of our Lent study with Bishop Justin we take a look at Suffering and Hospitality and how present an [...]

    • Vicar Letter - 10th March 2023
      • Kia ora All Saints Whānau,I sit here writing to you, marvelling at the mystery of life. This week we have rolled as a community through the highs and the lows together. We have felt grief as we preparing to support our friends Gerald and Diana in the farewelling of their son Thom. And we have shared joy together with Andy and Emily in the safe arrival of Jasper and Arlo earlier this week. On Tuesday, Summer, the kids and I popped up to the hospital to visit with the Spences and were greeted [...]

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