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Hataitai, Wellington, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

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    • Hataitai Community Website
      • This is the place to learn everything you need to know about the great little village of Hataitai. This website has been provided by the Hataitai Resident's Association. The Resident's Association represents the interests of our community and strengthen its identity.
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      • hataitai

    • NZTA - Mt Victoria Tunnel to Cobham Drive
      • We investigated several options for building a second Mt Victoria Tunnel, including replacing the existing tunnel with a wider one and building a separate two-lane tunnel. We’ve decided to build a second tunnel immediately to the north of the existing one. This location was considered during the Corridor Plan’s development and in studies undertaken in the 1970s.
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      • hataitai

    • Pilates Flow
      • We are a boutique studio in the heart of Hataitai village, Wellington.At Pilates Flow we combine modern, evidence-based physiology with Joseph Pilates’ original repertoire and philosophy. Our classes offer Classical Pilates Flow Repertoire for health and fitness, and the evolved Pilates style for injury rehabilitation. We offer both Apparatus and Mat classes. Pilates equipment utilises a spring system that provides both assistance and resistance to a range of exercises. With a maximum of three clients per Apparatus class and six per Mat class we ensure that each person is under the constant guidance of the teacher as they work through a large and varied repertoire. We group clients at the same level so the speed and challenge of the class will meet their needs. Registered Physiotherapist
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