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    • Apply today to be the Hataitai Community Hub Coordinator!
      • Connect with a community Check out the Seek Ad! We need a good all-round professional to manage the activities of the Hataitai Community House and Hataitai Centre, both based near the Hataitai village. This is a 10 hour per week position, with some flexibility on when those hours are worked. This position requires a self-managing person with initiative and excellent organisation and communication skills. You must be personable and able to connect with people from all around the Hataitai community and neighbouring suburbs. This position requires a person who is comfortable with computers, the use of social media, and is confident to learn new systems and to make improvements. Alongside the team, you would be managing the Hataitai website and social media pages, using the Google suite of software systems and other systems which can be learned on the job. In this multi-task position, you would be liaising with local families and businesses, Wellington City Council staff, committee members, and tenants. You would be managing a number of part-time staff, working with a diverse range of volunteers and promoting community development. This position would be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of both buildings, including the hiring of venue rooms. In addition, this position would edit the quarterly newsletter Hataitai Happenings, apply for funding and assist with the coordination of local events for the community. Previous experience in a similar role would be desirable but not essential. We will supply a job description on request. Please return your application by 27 June 2024, with a covering letter, CV and contact details. Applicants will be interviewed as received. For more information, contact Liang Wells on liang@hataitai.org.nz APPLY TODAY!

    • Have your say!
      • Help WCC shape our new Coastal Reserves Management Plan What floats your boat? The Council is developing a plan to direct how they manage, protect, and enhance Wellington’s coastal reserves, parks, and beaches. Tell them how you use, enjoy, and care for our beloved coast to help them shape the draft plan. They are keen to hear a wide range of community views and ideas about coastal and ocean recreation, coastal adaptation, environmental protection, coastal accessibility, and the unique cultural context and histories of our coastline. Dive in and share your thoughts at wcc.nz/coastalplan by 20 June, 5pm. You can also come along to a drop-in beachside chat at Oriental Bay on Saturday, 8 June 2024, 10am - 12pm*. *subject to weather conditions

    • Coastal Management Plan - Community Workshop
      • Wellington City Council is seeking interested community members who would like to contribute to the new Coastal Reserve Management Plan (CRMP). This workshop is an opportunity to contribute to a plan that will guide the management of our cherished coast. It is part of a series of targeted engagements aimed at gathering experience and perspectives from various user groups. The workshop will be independently facilitated by Anne Cunningham from Boffa Miskell. The aim is to get a mix of different people in the room together – so you can listen to each other and form your own perspective for what we need as a city. If you are keen to participate please contact coordinator@hataitai.org.nz by the 15th of May and we will connect you. About the project Your input will influence how WCC navigates the complexities of coastal reserve management. The plan will encompass everything from recreational use, biodiversity, environmental protection, climate adaptation of our reserves, community access, and the unique cultural needs and histories of the areas. The intention of the CRMP is to support the management, protection, and enhancement of Wellington’s urban coastal parks and beaches. The plan will: help the Council make good decisions about how our coastal areas are used, enjoyed, managed, and protected set out a vision, objectives, and rules for the long-term management and development of our urban coastal parks and beaches. The current South Coast Management Plan is over 20 years old. Within that time things have changed – so it is no longer fit for purpose. (The council has a statutory obligation under s41(4) of the Reserves Act 1977 to keep reserve management plans under continuous review.) The current plan covers the area from Sinclair head to Breaker Bay. We are now thinking of extending that to include most of Wellington’s central urban coastline from Oriental Bay to Sinclair Head. Consistent with the South Coastal Management Plan it will extend the reserve management principles beyond land classified as a ‘reserve’ to encompass broader ‘park-like’ coastal areas, allowing for consistency of decision-making; including beaches, rocky areas, and vegetated areas.

    • Update on EV Parking Consultation
      • Recently, the council proposed a change to two parking spaces on William Street. Changing two angled parks to EV charging station car parks. Following a period of consultation, the council has opted to postpone the implementation of TR27-24 William Street, Hataitai - P120, EV charging only, considering the input received. Council officers have been instructed to initiate additional community engagement efforts and persist in exploring the optimal solution for this location. Future proposals will be announced either through the WCC website on Let’s Talk, an advert in the Dominion Post, or a direct letter drop if you reside near any proposed change.

    • How to make a submission to the Ministry of Health about the new Vape Store!
      • Some members of our Community have expressed strong objection to the proposed Specialist Vape Store located at 6 Taurima Street, Hataitai. This guide has been created to assist those who wish to make a complaint about this store. Local legend Gordon Douglas, ex-Regulatory officer, has contacts in the Police and Manatū Ora (MOH), and has done some research for the Community. Here's the process to provide your feedback about the proposed SVR (Specialist Vape Retailer) at 6 Taurima Street. Visit: https://vaping.harp.health.nz/submissions/new · Pick a form: Select complaint - if you wish to make a complaint. · Complaint Details: Vaping · About You: can be anonymous · Your Complaint: o Business Name : (leave blank) o Business Address: 6 Taurima Street, Hataitai, Wellington o Business Website: (leave blank) o Complaints Details: (Cut and paste this copy, or type in as you wish) I understand an application is being made for a Specialist Vape Retailer (SVR) to open on Taurima Street, Hataitai. The premises are only 20 metres from Hataitai Kindergarten and on the main pedestrian access to the Mount Victoria tunnel, which is used by a great number of students from all schools in the Eastern Suburbs including Rongotai College, St Patrick’s College, Scots College, St Catherine’s College, Wellington East Girl’s College, Wellington College, Wellington High School, St Mark’s School, Hataitai School and Kilbirnie School. I understand the rule is a SVR can't be within 300m of a school, and technically Hataitai Kindergarten isn’t a school, BUT, we have advice that as it is a Ministry of Education licenced early years service, there is a case to be made. I assume the purpose of the 300m rule is so vapes are both less accessible to rangatahi, and to ensure they are not marketed to. Both of those arguments apply in this situation, as it would be along one of the only routes our rangatahi take to get to school as well as to Hataitai Park (where regular youth sporting activities take place). I am particularly interested in the well-being of my community and thoroughly disagree with making harmful substances easier to access and more visible to the general public. I strongly believe this vape shop should not be present (at all, but especially not in its proposed location). Vapes are already available (discreetly) from other shops in Hataitai Village, so a new outlet is not needed. o Date of Occurrence: (Todays date) · Submit!

    • Thank you to our Sponsors and Congrats to our Raffle winners!
      • THANK YOU It’s with heartfelt thanks that we wish to thank those individuals and businesses who supported our Christmas on the Green raffles by providing goods and services as prizes. Including Peter Ellis, Circa Theatre, Dame Fiona Kidman, Kate Mahony, Peter Coates, Colleen Flynn, Angela Brown, Hataitai Pharmacy, The Realm Bistro and Bar,Louise Brockway, Nakhon Thai, Burger Fuel, Crazy Rabbit, Four Square Hataitai, Green Chilli, Jane De Lisle, Pollinators Connected Hataitai, Pak’N Save, Hataitai Community Recreation Trust, Glenna Lee, Children’s Bookshop and Jane Quirke. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! Including Jane Scoular, Honey Grace, Kyra and Peter Roberts, and Derek de Lisle. Thank you to all who bought tickets and supported our fundraising efforts.

    • Community Concerned about Vape Store in the Village
      • At a recent Hataitai Residents Association Meeting, concerns were raised by the Community about the pending opening of a Vape Store on Taurima Street in the Hataitai Village. Concern centre around the proximity of this store to Hataitai Kindergarten and on a main throughfare for local primary and high schools in the area. Within 1.5 kilometres of this store are two high schools, two primary schools, two kindergartens, a playgroup and a playcentre. The concern centring on the impact of this store would have on the health of local children. The Resident’s Association and concerned locals are reaching out to local city councillors, businesses, churchs and sports clubs in the area. If you are concerned about this store, then please contact the Resdient’s Association to share your concerns: residents@hataitai.org.nz

    • WCCC Proposed EV Charging Park on Williams Street
      • Wellington City Council is proposing changing some of the parking on William Street. They would like to create two EV charging station car parks outside number 3 William Street. This would involve: Reorientate the 60o angled parking spaces to 90o parking spaces Apply the following parking restrictions: P120, EV Charging only Why? WCC is proposing the change as Wellingtonians have asked the Council for action on climate change, housing, and better transport options, so Wellington City Council is getting on with it. As part of Te Atakura – First to Zero, our climate change action plan, one of the goals is to reduce the city’s emissions to net zero by 2050. Around 50% of the city’s carbon emissions come from transport. To help reduce emissions, the Council is making important changes to our transport system to give people better ways of moving around the city so we can all enjoy more vibrant, liveable streets. They are changing some parking spaces for electric vehicle (EV) charging, in line with our Parking Policy 2020. Installing EV chargers on local streets and places like our pools, libraries, and recreation centres helps to encourage people to switch from their petrol or diesel vehicles to an EV. WWC is also making things safer and easier for pedestrians, people riding bikes or scooters, people taking the bus or using car share so more of us can be less reliant on our cars. Switching to an EV can be one of the biggest ways for individuals to reduce their emissions. Electric vehicles are a growing presence in our city. Between January and September 2023, 16% of new vehicle registrations in New Zealand were battery-electric vehicles. The Land Transport (Clean Vehicles) Amendment Act 2022 sets incremental emissions reduction targets over the next five years. These targets will increase the number of electric vehicles in the market and, thereby, the demand for charging facilities. In response to this increased demand, the Council is installing 60 fast (25kW DC) chargers at 30 locations. These chargers take between 40-70 minutes to charge a vehicle and are, therefore, best located in places where people can do other things while they wait. Hataitai currently has no publicly accessible electric vehicle chargers. The proposed installation near the shopping area would enable residents and visitors to recharge their vehicles as they visit nearby community facilities, shops, and cafes. The selection of this site was based on its proximity to the shopping area, the space required to install the chargers in line with good design practice, and the ability to connect them to the electricity grid within a reasonable budget. The change to P120, EV charging only, is consistent with WCC's parking enforcement abilities and other council-controlled parking settings for EV charging-equipped parking spaces. It ensures that the parking spaces are used for their intended purpose with a turnover rate that enables a range of users to utilise the chargers. The change from 60-degree to 90 degree parking angle is required for users to drive in or reverse into the parking spaces. This is required so that users can access the charging port, which can be on either side, front or back, of the vehicle. • For more information regarding our Privacy Statement, please check the Council’s webpage: Privacy Statement - Wellington City Council. Feedback • If you would like to provide feedback, which will be added to the Traffic Resolution following consultation and made public in full, you can do so by filling out an online submission form, downloading a printable submission form on https://www.letstalk.wellington.govt.nz/ or emailing us at trfeedback@wcc.govt.nz. Please note if you are giving feedback, the consultation period opens at 9am, Tuesday 13 February 2024 and closes at 5pm, Monday 26 February 2024.

    • Proposed Traffic Resolutions
      • Currently open for consultation is the proposed changes to Arawa Road near Hataitai School. To have you say check out Let's Talk | Wellington City Council. The proposal includes: • Install Mobility Parking, At All Times, opposite no.9 Arawa Road. • Install P5 Time Limited Parking Restriction, 8.30am to 9.00am and 2.45pm to 3.15pm, Mon-Fri During School Terms Only, opposite nos.7 and 9 Arawa Road Why? • Wellington City Council (WCC) have received safety and accessibility concerns from Hataitai School. During the school pick up and drop off times, parking demand is high, and vehicles have been parking in a way that obstructs visibility at the school crossing on Hohiria Road. • Hataitai School have also requested a mobility park to improve accessibility for members of the school whanau with a mobility permit card, as there is currently no mobility parking in the vicinity. • Therefore, WCC proposes to install additional P5 Time Limited Parking during school terms only for pick up and drop off periods to encourage vehicle turnover and to provide a safe place for parents and caregivers. • WCC also proposes to install a new mobility parking space and kerb ramp for mobility permit holders. Impact Improvements • Improves safety and accessibility for pedestrians, especially for young children • Improves safety and accessibility for mobility park users • Improves parking availability and turnover to assist the school drop off and pick up periods Net Parking Impact • Converting five unrestricted parking spaces to P5 Time Limited Parking Restriction, 8.30am to 9.00am and 2.45pm to 3.15pm, Mon-Fri During School Terms Only • Converting one unrestricted parking space to a Mobility Parking, At All Times. Pedestrian impact • Positive impact on the safety for children and caregivers walking to school by improving visibility for all road users at the Hohiria Road school crossing.

    • Predator Free Wellington - Coming to Hataitai Soon
      • Predator Free Wellington is coming to Hataitai! Having gathered all the necessary permissions from residents, businesses and landowners for this second phase of their city-wide eradication, they are now starting to install and service devices in Phase 2 in a suburb-by-suburb approach, and Hataitai is up next. Those who have given permission to include their property in the eradication network can expect the Predator Free Wellington team to be installing a device at their property over the coming weeks. This is free, fully serviced, safe for pets and children, and is the same method used in the Phase 1 eradication on Miramar Peninsula. If you’re one of the Hataitai or Roseneath residents who already have a device installed from before Predator Free Wellington switched their approach to gathering all the permissions first, thank you for your patience and ongoing support! If you have any questions, feel free to email hello@pfw.org.nz or read the FAQs at www.pfw.org.nz.

    • Matariki - Children's Dance Party
      • <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > Join us to celebrate Matariki with a Children’s Dance Party! Come dance under the fairy lights! When: Friday, 14 July 2023. Where: Hataitai Centre, 157 Hataitai Road, Hataitai (Former bowling club). Time: 6-7pm What to Bring: Your dance shoes and a smile! What’s provided: Free snacks, drinks and hot drinks for caregivers.

    • Zero Together Workshops
      • <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > Floods, cyclones, heatwaves, and droughts – news of climate-related disasters keeps coming and many of us are increasingly worried. One of the best ways to deal with our anxiety is to take action.   Zero Together is a series of five practical, interactive sessions for individuals and households, provided by Wellington City Council. Join other concerned Wellingtonians to explore simple, low or no-cost actions to reduce the carbon emissions of our everyday lives – because when we act together, it adds up! Led by Hataitai locals, Clare and Christy, you’ll be looking at transport, energy use, waste, food, shopping habits and more. Time: 6.30 - 8.30pm Dates: Wednesdays - 12 July, 19 July, 26 July, 2 August, 9 August Location: Hataitai Centre, 157 Hataitai Rd, Wellington Cost: $25 for all five workshops Register here: Zero Together - Hataitai Tickets, Wed 12/07/2023 at 6:30 pm | Eventbrite ** Timing doesn't work for you? Register your interest at https://wellington.govt.nz/zerotogether to hear about other upcoming courses **  

    • Hataitai June Market
      • <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > Join us for the monthly market at the Hataitai Centre! Saturday 17 June 10am-2pm There will be as aways lots of things to discover and tasty treats!

    • Community Picnic & Garden Harvest
      • Come along and bring a picnic, meet locals, take a wander through the community vegetable garden, and take home some free fresh produce for your whānau. Check out our new small goods recycling! The theme for this year’s celebrations is ‘Let’s Share’. The wonderful volunteers from the Hataitai Events Committee will provide yummy baking, snacks, and drinks for the kids. There will be kids’ games and a supervised craft table for them to make beautiful creations drawn from nature, and (weather permitting) we encourage people to take the time to sit outside and enjoy Hataitai’s beautiful bowling green and gardens in the sunshine. And it’s a lovely opportunity to meet people from your community. Even if you’ve lived here for a while, you may meet someone new. If you’re a new resident, please come along; we would love to see you! <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " >

    • Hataitai Village Market is back!
      • Now under new management, the Hataitai Village Market is back!  The first date for the year is 18 March and will reoccur on the third Saturday of the month, with the odd fourth Saturday in case of events at the Hataitai Centre.  The new market team is passionate and driven to put together a fantastic market. With a new layout, longer opening times, new food options and much more.   Show your support by coming along and exploring the stalls.  Invite a friend or two and have a great day out at this fantastic community event. <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " >

    • Litter Blitz - 12 March
      • It's time for the Autumn Hataitai Litter Blitz! A chance for you, friends and family, to join with neighbours and help keep our streets clean.Come to the downstairs part of the Hataitai Centre & Village Green (former Bowling Club) from 3pm to collect rubbish bags, instructions and get a street allocated for clearing rubbish (BYO gloves or we can supply).On your return, please stay for a thank-you sausage sizzle and refreshments, including ice blocks for the kids. Kindly sponsored by our friends at the 4Square, with spot prizes from Coolsville and the opportunity for a discount beer at the Waitoa after the event. <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " >

    • Meet the Councillors
      • Following on from Meet the Candidates, the Hataitai Residents Association is pleased to offer an informal meet and greet with re-elected Councillor Sarah Free and newly elected Councillor Tim Brown, both for our Motukairangi/Eastern Ward. After introductions and an update from each Councillor, there will be an opportunity to ask questions. <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " >

    • March is Neighbours Aotearoa Month
      • This March, a lot is happening in Hataitai. Neighbours Aotearoa is about building social cohesion in our community. Building solid relationships so that our communities thrive and, in challenging times, people know each other and where to seek help. The Hataitai Community House and the Hataitai Centre are spaces for our community to come together. We run regular events throughout the term, and our spaces can be hired for your next birthday or event. The events committee is putting on a couple of community events this month as well as the Hataitai Residents Association. There are many different ways for you to participate. What’s on: March 4 - Hataitai PlayCentre Garage Sale - 10 am - 1 pm, 72A Hamilton Road. Cakes - Coffee - Children’s Gear for sale. Plus, free play for your children. March 5 - Hataitai Centre Working Bee, come down on Sunday and get stuck into water blasting and painting. 10 am - 1 pm March 6-10 Hataitai Playcentre Open Week - Find your village at Playcentre: Fun and friendship for you and your tamariki, alongside learning experiences that last a lifetime. 9.30 am - 11.30 am, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. March 7 - Hataitai Residents Association is hosting their monthly meeting, and this month, Sarah Free and Tim Brown, our local Motukairangi City Councillors, will be in attendance. 7.30 pm at the Hataitai Centre, 157 Hataitai Road. March 9 - TranzUrban @ the Community House - come learn about what it takes to be a bus driver in Wellington and maybe score yourself a new job to boot. March 12 - Hataitai Community Litter Blitz. Join your neighbours in an afternoon of street cleaning. BYO gloves. Spot prizes from Coolsville and a Helper’s discount at the Waitoa Social Club after the event. 3 pm - 5 pm, meet at the Hataitai Centre. March 18 - The Hataitai Village Market returns! The market is under new management on the third Saturday of the month, and stalls are filling fast.   March 19 - Community Picnic & Community Garden Harvest. BYO picnic and mingle with your neighbours on the Village Green, 157 Hataitai Road. Some yummy baking will be given away, and while you are there, harvest some of the great vegetables from the Community Garden. 11 am - 1 pm. March 26 - Kids Treasure Hunt. Come to the Hataitai Community House for a fun event for the kids. Free lollipops are available for each participant. <a role="presentation" class=" image-slide-anchor content-fill " > <a role="presentation" class=" image-slide-anchor content-fill " > <a role="presentation" class=" image-slide-anchor content-fill " > <a role="presentation" class=" image-slide-anchor content-fill " > <a role="presentation" class=" image-slide-anchor content-fill " > <a role="presentation" class=" image-slide-anchor content-fill " > <a role="presentation" class=" image-slide-anchor content-fill " > There are Lots of ways for you to connect with your neighbours and other community members.

    • Market Update
      • The February Hataitai Village Market is not going ahead this month. We hope to bring you a market in March. Watch this space for further updates. <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > In the mean time, check out the Hataitai Hillside Market Saturday 11th February at All Saints Church Hall, Hamilton Road. <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " >

    • Good in the Hood - vote for the Community House!
      • The Hataitai Community House has been lucky enough to be selected as one of the four charities that the Kilbirnie Z Station is supporting. If you shop at the Kilbirnie Z Station between now and the 24 October, you will be given an orange token to vote, and the Hataitai Community House will get a share of a $4,000 grant, depending on the number of votes we get. A photo of the voting station is below. Please vote for the Hataitai Community House and spread the word to local friends; the money will be well-spent on building maintenance and community initiatives.

    • Seniors week - Soup & Slice event!
      • Our annual event, this year scheduled for October 3rd from 11 am - 1 pm. A delicious array of homemade soups and slices is on offer for a koha. All welcome! Come together to celebrate the older people in our community. <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " >

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