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    • Flight Loves JOCO
      • Today’s blog post is about our partnership with JOCO where we became the New Zealand distributor of these incredibly good lookin’ and environmentally friendly reusable cups.

    • The Road to Seattle and Gothenburg
      • Well team, just on two weeks ago now, the whole crew at Flight Coffee got involved in the Caffeination trade show, which played host to four coffee competitions over the short space of a single weekend; it was definitely a full on couple of days.

    • The Flight Coffee Fifth Year That Was
      • Another year has passed for us at Flight Coffee and once again it has been off-the-chain! It definitely could not have been as incredible a year without the support of friends, family, the cafes we supply to and of course you guys! Anyway, before we get too emotional, it's time we embark on the journey of the Flight Coffee Fifth Year That Was (cue flashback sound effects and blurry scene change).

    • We're getting older!
      • Hey guys! It’s that time of year again we all experience pretty regularly; that’s right, our birthday! On the sixteenth of September Flight Coffee turned five, while the little brother to Flight, The Flight Coffee Hangar turned two on the tenth! Five years is a bit of a milestone for us: we’re older, wiser, a bit cooler and we’re still the same fun loving gang you guys have come to know, but now we’ve got a bit more experience under our belts. Alongside our growth as a roastery, The Hangar has grown and developed with us. Being our flagship café, The Hangar represents our values and us as a company and it has been super exciting to see what it has become. They’ve had some seriously cool people come and go – they lost Shea to the States and in return got the very talented Lisa from New York to pimp up the menu, keeping the emphasis on sourcing high quality ingredients to make outstanding food. And as always, as well as providing amazing food, our goal has always been to provide outstanding coffee and over the past year we feel like we’ve just got even better at making the good stuff!  Our chef, Lisa, all the way from 'Murica.  The menu has been killing it and complimenting our coffee menu, which has been super exciting. With great responses from food critics, culture reviewers and customers, we’ve been taking on as much of the awesome feedback as possible. With one hell of a review from local legend, David Burton at the beginning of the year it just kept getting better with a mention by CNN and most recently appearing in Vogue Australia’s guide to a perfect day in Wellington; I guess we’re not just world famous in New Zealand now. With our spring menu currently going through the development stages (involving a lot of “tasting” of good food), we’re just about set to blow even more minds with the new spread. Continuing on our mission to blow as many minds as possible, we also rolled out some more options in which to try our coffee. With our Flight of Flat Whites, Flight of Espressos and Coffee Three Way, you can have three flat whites made with three different coffees, the same for espresso or you can have a single coffee done three different ways. It’s a lot of coffee, but is also a great way to get an overview of Flight Coffee all in one go, as well as getting a healthy caffeine buzz going. With the introduction of the Fecto batch brewing system we’ve also got another filter option for those of you who are in a hurry or even just want to try filter coffee but don’t know where to start. Flight of Flat Whites and Coffee Three Way.  Teaming up with the talented crew at the Wellington Chocolate Factory, whose approach to chocolate definitely aligns with our treatment of coffee, we’ve also started offering a single origin hot chocolate, using their cocoa from the Dominican Republic. With a 70% cocoa base, the cocoa itself is what the show is all about. Single origin hot chocolate. On top of all these awesome developments Nick Clark came second in the New Zealand Barista Championship and Nic Rapp won the New Zealand Brewer’s Cup, landing him in Italy to compete in the World Brewer’s Cup and World Aeropress Championship, with the help of his coach, Sarah, kicking his ass in to gear. To finish the year off with a bang we also had some physical developments in the form of a new brew bar – beer taps included, to serve other brews besides just coffee – and all new table tops, making the space we’re in look even slicker than before. New beer taps. All in all it’s been one hell of a year so far and it’s not even October yet, so we’re definitely pumped to see what the new year will bring! We’ve always got something new in the works, so you’ll have to keep tabs on us, or you might just miss it, so come on down, get a coffee, some food and swag out with us.  

    • The Quindio Honey Project
      • There’s a great number of exciting things happening with coffee in Colombia at the moment; the emergence of the speciality coffee market and its potential to do well for producers and farmers has seen some exciting developments made in the areas of coffee processing.

    • World Brewer's Cup!
      • Hey guys!  For any of you who have been wondering where this irascible young scamp has been, the answer is simply.

    • Colombia - May 2014
      • During the intensive, but very fun seven-day trip through six of Colombia’s coffee producing departments, we cupped 107 coffees, visited 13 farms and travelled over 2500km.

    • Brew by Brew: Brew Demonstration at Red Rabbit
      • It was epic, it was heated, there was a lot of trash talk involved, but there was only one winner of this mighty contest of the best of the best, baddest of the baddest and toughest of the toughest brewers from around Wellington.

    • Introducing Jade
      • Right, ladies and gentlemen, I think it's about time to introduce you all to Jade, who you probably all recognise from all the photos at Helena, but might not necessarily be able to put the face to the name.

    • Well Sensered Flight
      • We've got something super exciting for you guys this week, something to change things up with a bit of well crafted experimentation and collaboration.

    • Processes!
      • Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think it's time we all learnt a thing or two about coffee processing methods.

    • mmmm... Delicious
      • The new year is almost on us guys and it's the time of year that people start talking about New Years Resolutions; changing ourselves and changing our lives.

    • Flight Coffee: A Year in Review
      • Hey guys! Only two more days till Christmas! Two more days till we all get to hang around with family and friends, get fat and have a bloody good time! This time of the year always makes me feel a bit sentimental and reminiscent, so I think it would be a great opportunity to reflect on what a huge year Flight and The Hangar have had.

    • Nina's departure
      • What up team! It's that time of the week again and time to update ya'll on some more exciting changes, which are constantly in motion at the moment and seem to be snowballing into a giant mass of excitement and awesomesauce.

    • The Low Down - The New Flight Coffee Roastery
      • Hey guys! Just another post from your new resident blogger on all things Flight, Hangar and coffee related!  With the new upgrades at the Hangar getting fully underway, which those of you visiting the beacon of coffee in a world of angry neighbours and sub-par T.

    • Ch-Ch-Changes!
      • Hey guys and girls, this is just a bit of an update on the whole sitch (situation) with the renovations many of you would have seen happening to The Hangar.

    • Upgrades upgrades upgrades!
      • Hi guys, progress update time! Earlier this year we bought a rare, famous, very sought-after Probat UG22 (named Betty) to handle our increase in production.

    • Nick's final word on coming 5th in the world
      • Whoop! 5th place in the World Barista Championship Finals! To sum it up I'm pretty damn happy! Isn't it just insane?!! I'm so happy and proud to have represented New Zealand and Flight Coffee on the world stage! How we doing guys? I've finally got a minute and some energy after the WBC so I thought I'd write a quick summary for anyone who's interested.

    • Nick is in the WBC final round!
      • Good morning family, The sun has risen on the final day of the World Barista Championship 2013, and Nick has made it all the way to the top 6! Here are a few words from Nick as he found out he had made the final round last night: Dudes! I can't believe that we're in the top six of the world!!! Can't thank everyone enough for all the help and support, it's been insane and am so chuffed to have everyone cheering us on! Straight up guys, the coffee is tasting banging, I think we've got a pretty good shot at this (intended pun - you're welcome) and can't wait to hit it tomorrow! Special thanks to Richard, Matt, Steve, Trev, Tash and the entire Flight family - you guys are the reasons why we're here!!! Anyway, I need a beer so I'm off to "debrief" and get sorted for tomorrow. Many churs and much love from Nick You can watch Nick's performance and the award ceremony as it streams live from Melbourne today by clicking here. The final round schedule is here; Nick is on at 12:10 PM Melbourne time (that is 2:10 PM in NZ), and the awards announcement begins at 3:30 PM (that is 5:30 PM in NZ) CHUR!

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