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    • Visual Artist in Residence 2024 – Call for Applications
      • Toi Pōneke is calling for proposals from Wellington-based artists for our 2024 Visual Arts Residency. The aim of this residency is to support a Wellington-based visual artist or small group of Wellington-based visual artists to develop their individual or collective practice and provide them with resources to dedicate themselves full time to their practice for a period of 12 weeks.

    • Sonic Artist in Residence 2024 – Call for Applications
      • The Creative New Zealand/NZSM/Toi Pōneke Sonic Artist-in-Residence is a 3-month full time position for established New Zealand sonic artists to develop a body of work that may include performances, installations, workshops and so forth. The position is funded by Creative New Zealand and Toi Pōneke, with the NZSM and Toi Pōneke as host organisations. A studio space is provided by Toi Pōneke for the duration of the residency, and the Residency will culminate in a 4 week exhibition in June 2025 at Toi Pōneke Gallery.

    • Stitching Workshop
      • Join artist Alison Leauanae as she teaches you her own technique of hand-stitching designs onto paper. In this workshop participants will draw simple motif or use a template that they can stitch onto a selection of papers.

    • Saili - seek
      • ‘Saili’ – seek – explores the journey of navigating one’s path in seemingly uncertain times. Leauanae’s contemporary stitched works on paper are inspired by connections to the past, that propel us forward into a hopeful future, using motif and a visual language informed by her diverse cultural heritage.

    • Demonstration of Iko and spectral spatialisation
      • Join sound artist Ben Leonard (BJ Leo) and NZSM associate professor Dugal McKinnon as they demonstrate the Iko icosahedral speaker and discuss working with spatialisation and 3d audio, along with Ben's work on spectral fission.

    • Breathwork
      • Hā-kina, hā-puta. Breathe in, breathe out. Dive into the world of Breathwork, a new immersive audio exhibition by BJ Leo.

    • Announcing - Write Room Wellington Screenwriter 2024
      • Wellington writing team Amelia Addis and Ebed Pohl have been announced as the 2024 Wellington Write Room Screenwriter Residents with their project In Alex. Producer Kate Goodwin will join the programme’s mentor team as this year’s Producer Intern. Amelia and Ebed will be in residence at Toi Pōneke from 25 March - 16 June 2024.

    • always love xxx
      • always love xxx is an exhibition through Yumoi zheng and Isadora Lao’s stories. A core focus within this body of work is connection: location, family, queer identity, love and how these overlap.

    • always love xxx (Live on TEAMS)
      • Please join us for an online talk with artists Yumoi Zheng (China), Isadora Lao (Aotearoa) and Angel C Fitzgerald (Aotearoa). In the stream, they will share about their favourite food and talk about their current projects and creative practice

    • Mess Painting
      • Join the artist Selene Simcox to experience ‘Mess’ painting. As it sounds, this is a workshop all about painting messily. Selene’s workshop is designed to inspire your creativity, invoke your inner child to have fun and be in a safe space to let your creativity fly.

    • A Guided Tour with Amanda Smith
      • Join us for a tea or coffee and meet the artist Amanda Smith as she leads you through her exhibition This is the Life That Was to reveal the personal stories that have inspired each work..

    • A Moment of Your Life, Please
      • In this workshop you will work with writer Holly Walker to create some short personal narratives telling stories of your life. In the second part of the workshop, you’ll work with visual artist Amanda Smith to reduce this story down to its basic parts, a “title”, from which to make abstract or simplified images.

    • This is the life that was
      • This is the life that was, attempts to make sense of life and the world of Amanda Smith; recognising private trauma and public chaos co-exist. Memory and time play a significant part in exploration, the unrealistic longing for times now gone and for times ahead.

    • Emerging Production Designer Residency 2024 - Call for applications
      • This is an opportunity for an emerging Wellington based production designer, working in areas of Set Design for Dance Theatre. They will receive access to a studio at Toi Pōneke and a research and development stipend for 25 hrs a week for 5 weeks, to develop a new project with our resident choreographer over April/June 2024.

    • Dance Development Residency 2024 – Call for Applications
      • This opportunity is open to one Wellington based choreographer who will receive 25hrs a week for 5 weeks in the Toi Pōneke Dance Studio (April - June 2023) to develop a new dance work alongside our resident emerging production designer and a cast/ crew of up to two.

    • Drawing Essence of Place
      • Over this 2 hour workshop, using family photos as source material, the artist Connah Podmore will help you to draw out a feeling and strip-back content to create a simple but evocative charcoal drawing.

    • Caregiving’s Influence on Art
      • Join artists Connah Podmore and Johanna Mechen, and writer Flora Feltham, as they discuss some of the inspiration behind Podmore's exhibition Ordinary Devotion, and the influence that domestic environments has had over their respective practices.

    • Ordinary Devotion
      • Ordinary Devotion, is an installation of large-scale drawings and simple architectural interventions reflecting on domestic space and motherhood. This artwork stems from an established line of work exploring interior surfaces, shadow and the many individual histories layered within our homes.

    • Toi 500 2023
      • Toi 500 annual residents’ exhibition is a chance for audiences to grab an art bargain with works $500.00 or under. Works presented by Anthea Hayley, David Brown, Franzeska Pound, Jane Hyder, Kedron Parker, Laura Woodward, Maria Colls, Odette Anscombe-Smith, Selene Simcox, Yon Yi Sohn, Terence Turner, Workspace Studios and more.

    • Mess Painting
      • Join the artist Selene Simcox to experience ‘Mess’ painting. As it sounds, this is a workshop all about painting messily. Selene’s workshop is designed to inspire your creativity, invoke your inner child to have fun and be in a safe space to let your creativity fly.

    • Memory House
      • Join the artist Elisabeth Vullings to create a layered compositional drawing using tracing paper and architectural templates.

    • Binnenkijken - Look Inside - Guided Tour with the artist
      • Come ‘binnekijken’ and join the artist Elisabeth Vullings for a ‘look inside’ her exhibition – Gehaakte Gordijntjes - Crocheted Curtains. In this guided tour, the artist will lead you through the exhibition to explain the personal stories associated with each artwork.

    • Gehaakte Gordijntjes - Crocheted Curtains
      • Gehaakte Gordijntjes - Crocheted Curtains examines how the 21 houses Elisabeth grew up in shaped her understanding of 'home' and her identity as a Dutch New Zealander. Using architectural constructs based on fragments of memory, experience, and migration; the gallery transforms into an abstract house, inviting contemplation of the sense of home we all carry within.

    • ~
      • Toi Pōneke Arts Centre is pleased to announce the 2024 residency program for d/Deaf and/or disabled artists, with a call for submissions. Applications close 5pm Wednesday 15 November 2023

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