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Zealandia, Lake Road, Highbury, Wellington, Wellington Region, 6011, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

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    • Karori Sanctuary Trust
      • Karori Sanctuary Trust has an extraordinary 500-year vision: to restore a corner of New Zealand as closely as possible to the way it was the day before humans arrived. Our groundbreaking 225ha (550 acre) sanctuary for native wildlife, established in 1995, was a major breakthrough in the recovery of native wildlife on mainland New Zealand, reversing a decline that has lasted for at least 700 years.
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    • Zealandia
      • Experience New Zealand's unique and endangered native animals living wild in our unique fenced safe haven, less than 10 minutes from central Wellington. One of your best chances of seeing kiwi, tuatara and many other iconic species outside of captivity!
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      • Zealandia, Lake Road, Highbury, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, 6012, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

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