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    • Circolo Italiano di Wellington Inc
      • The Circolo Italiano was founded in Wellington in 1946 and is affiliated to the Societa' Dante Alighieri in Rome. It is one of two 'Italian Clubs' in Wellington, the other being Club Garibaldi. Circolo Italiano promotes the Italian language and culture
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    • Polish Community in Wellington
      • The Polish Community in Wellington, New Zealand, is a vibrant, social and culturally active community, that aims to share its rich Polish culture with the wider community and to pass on our culture to future generations.
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    • Wellington Indian Association
      • Welcome to the newly constructed website of the The Wellington Indian Association The Wellington Indian Association is a charitable organization that was established in 1925 to foster Indian culture for Indians in Wellington We promote and advance the welfare and status of Indians resident in Wellington , and promote a better understanding of the Hindu religion and Indian culture.
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    • Wellington Russian Club
      • Our aim is to share knowledge about Russian culture with New Zealanders and keeping Russian language through the generations. Founded in 2000, the Wellington Russian Club helps new settlers from Russia who have arrived in Wellington to live and work with information, support and knowledge of New Zealand culture. We invite them to be part of our wonderful programmes and events.
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    • Wellington Tenths Trust
      • The Wellington Tenths Trust is an Ahu Whenua trust constituted by the Māori Land Court Order of 16 December 2003, pursuant to Sec 244 of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 which varied the original Trust Deed of 1977 and the subsequent variation of Deed made on 17 July 1996. The Trust was established to administer Māori Reserve lands, largely in urban Wellington, although it also administers a rural block in Kaitoke, Upper Hutt. The Trust owns a total of 81 hectares of land.
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