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      • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
        • 25 Sep 2020
        • Nga Uruora - Kapiti Project
        • Paul Callister September 2020 We are proud of the work Ngā Uruora has carried out on the Paekākāriki-Pukerua Bay escarpment and surrounding areas.
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      • Our Remote Sensing Trial
        • 3 Oct 2019
        • Nga Uruora - Kapiti Project
        • By Paul CallisterOctober 2019 Our remote trap sensing project started with a typical New Zealand style chance meeting.
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      • Geoff Park, Tony Whitaker and Fred Allen: A personal note
        • 21 Nov 2018
        • Nga Uruora - Kapiti Project
        • Paul Callister, November 2018 If walking the Paekākāriki-Pukerua Bay escarpment track, when you stop and rest on the seat on the southern edge of the ‘Eco-site’ forest you will see a memorial plaque to the noted New Zealand ecologist Geoff Park (1946-2009).
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      • Gene editing for pest control
        • 20 Nov 2017
        • Nga Uruora - Kapiti Project
        • Some thoughts from Jean Fleming What is gene editing? Gene editing uses bacterial enzymes (the CRISPR-Cas9 system) that are used in nature to chop up the DNA of invading viruses and thus protect the bacterium from infection.
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      • Lizards on the escarpment – May 2017
        • 15 May 2017
        • Nga Uruora - Kapiti Project
        • Lizards on the escarpment – May 2017 Written by Paul Callister ‘The more surveys I do, the more I realise we’re looking at the wreckage of populations’, Trent Bell, Ecogecko, 2017 Twenty years ago, when Ngā Uruora began, lizards were not high on our agenda.
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      • Biodiversity project needs volunteers!
        • 6 Mar 2016
        • Nga Uruora - Kapiti Project
        • Volunteers needed for replanting rare dune plants and planting to provide shade for the streams When:  9.30 – 11.30am Tuesdays from 8 March Where:  Queen Elizabeth Park Nursery More info here  Volunteers for plant group
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