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Have Your Say has been set up so that you, your family, friends and work mates can help shape the future direction of our region, and assist and guide us in making important decisions that affect our region.

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    • Whaitua Kāpiti project
      • Have your say on restoring and protecting Kāpiti's freshwaterTukuna mai he korero mō te whakaora me te whakamaru ō te wai māori ō KāpitiYou can help shape how we care for freshwater in Kāpiti for generations:Complete the 5-minute survey nowEmail us to register your interest in a face-to-face workshop What is a Whaitua?In the Wellington Region we have five ‘whaitua’ - which is a Te Reo Māori word for space, or catchment. In a whaitua, freshwater is connected from the mountains to the sea. Healthy water is central to our lives. Freshwater needs to be protected and restored as healthy waterbodies, and for the communities’ connected with it. Every whaitua is different, so we look at them individually. And now, we turn our attention to Kāpiti. The Whaitua Kāpiti is all the waterbodies from just north of Ōtaki through to Paekākāriki and right up into their headwaters in the Tararua Range.Whaitua Kāpiti CommitteeA team of community members, mana whenua, Kāpiti Coast District Council, and Greater Wellington representatives known as the Whaitua Kāpiti Committee will make recommendations how to restore freshwater in Kāpiti. They will draw on the views and aspirations of the many people who call Kāpiti home.The Committee will describe ways to protect and restore freshwater now and for future generations - such as managing contaminants, water allocation and flows, and setting freshwater aspirations as for the waterbodies throughout Kāpiti.We are interested in freshwater. This means the water in our rivers, streams, lakes, wetlands, springs and underground in aquifers and their flow on effects to estuaries and the coast. Your aspirationsWe're seeking your freshwater aspirations because everyone has a unique perspective on how we protect our fresh water. We can't do it without you.This is your opportunity to provide your views into what needs to be done to restore healthy freshwater in Kāpiti.You can have a say on Kāpiti's fresh water in two main ways.E rua ngā kōwhiringa kia tukuna mai ō whakaaro mō te wai māori ō KapitiFill in our 5-minute survey. Don't leave it too late - the survey will close on 22 November 2022.Come along to a face-to-face workshop.Our workshopJoin us in us in Kāpiti in early November for a community workshop. You’ll meet with others to share ideas and provide deeper input into restoring and protecting wai ora, freshwater. We want to ensure that workshops include the values, experiences, and views of our diverse Kāpiti communities. Anyone who would like to contribute to the kōrero is welcome to come along. We particularly welcome Māori, Pasifika, ethnic communities, rangatahi, disabled, rainbow and people living in rural communities.Our workshop will be accessible and inclusive. Please let us know how we can support you in attending.If you’d like to attend, send us an email and we’ll get back to you.What will happen with the information you share? Ka ahatia ngā korero kua tohaina e koe?Your feedback will be put together in an independent report for the Whaitua Kāpiti Committee. This report will help the Whaitua Committee develop the Whaitua Implementation Programme to suit Kāpiti's needs.Keeping you informed about the findingsKia whakamohio ai koe ki ngā otinga ō tēnei mahiWhen the findings are ready to be released, we will send you a link to the report and provide it on the Greater Wellington website. You can also join our mailing list so we can keep you up to date on restoring and protecting Kāpiti's freshwater and opportunities to have a further say.Want to know more about the Whaitua process? Kei te hiahia koe te mohio mō te tikanga Whaitua?Our website has more detail about the Whaitua process. You will also find completed Implementation Programmes for Te Whanganui-a-Tara Whaitua, Ruamāhanga Whaitua, and Te Awarua-o-Porirua Whaitua.Any questions?He pātai?Email us at to ask questions, want to speak to someone, or to sign up to our mailing list.
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      • Porirua, Wellington Region, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

    • Pinehaven Notified Consent Application
      • Decision and Recommendation of the Hearing PanelThe Hearing Panel issued their decision on the resource consent application and recommendation on the Notice of Requirement on the 4th of September 2020Decision and Recommendation of the Hearing Panel 4 September 2020 - Pinehaven Streamworks (pdf)Appeal PeriodsPlease note that the appeal periods for the decision on the resource consent application and the recommendation on the Notice of Requirement are different as outlined below.Resource Consent granted by GWRCIf the applicant or any submitters are dissatisfied with the decision to grant the resource consent, they may appeal to the Environment Court under sections 120 and 121 of the Resource Management Act 1991 within 15 working days of the decision date (ie. by 25 September 2020). If no appeals are received by 25 September 2020 on the resource consent decision, GWRC will issue the applicant the consent certificates.Recommendation on the Notice of Requirement to UHCC The Committee have made a recommendation that the Notice of Requirement be approved under section 171 of the Act. This recommendation is to the Upper Hutt City as requiring authority. The Upper Hutt City Council will make a decision within the next 30 working days under section 172 of the Act as to whether to accept or reject the recommendation. When that decision has been made, the Upper Hutt City Council must issue a notice of decision to submitters within 15 working days under section 173 of the Act. Submitters who are dissatisfied with this decision may appeal to the Environment Court under s174 of the Act within 15 working days of receiving that decision. Upper Hutt City Council will therefore inform submitters by email as to when this decision has been made, and the relevant appeal period.Summary of the proposalThe works are proposed over a length of approximately 1,200m in the lower catchment of the Pinehaven Stream. This extends from the Pinehaven Reserve to the inlet where the Pinehaven Stream is piped to the Hulls Creek.The purpose of the works is to reduce flood risk from the Pinehaven Stream to the surrounding area. The works will increase the capacity of the stream and its tributaries to a 1 in 25 year return period, reduce risk of injury or harm from flood flows, integrate overland flow paths into the stormwater network, and enable efficient and effective construction and ongoing maintenance of the structures.The proposal includes changes to the Pinehaven Stream channel and crossing structures in the lower reaches to provide for a 25-year channel capacity. The proposed stream improvement works include the:Creation of natural channel sections with riparian plantingConstruction of vertically sided lined stream sectionsSecuring overland flow pathsRemoving, replacing and constructing new bridgesRemoving three dwellings (4 Sunbrae Drive, 28 and 48 Blue Mountains Road)Upgrading stormwater system inlet pipes and fit with debris screensConstruction of a low wall along the boundary of Willow Park and 10a Blue Mountains Road to divert floodwatersConstruction of a private road access to 30, 32, 34 and 36 Blue Mountains RoadRelocation of utilities which cross the streamThe proposed works are intended to be completed in stages. It is anticipated that construction for stream improvement works will occur over 18 months but may take up to 2 years to complete.Resource consents sought from GWRCThe applicant has applied for the following resource consents from GWRC:Land use consent for excavations within the streambedLand use consent for bank stabilisation works, erosion repair, structures in and over the streambed and earthworksLand use consent for the relocation of utility pipelines over the streambedWater permit for the temporary take, use, damming and diversion of water during worksWater permit for the permanent diversion of water by structures erected as part of the worksReclamation of approximately 50m of streambed as a result of the relocation of the streambedWater permit for the diversion of flood water outside of the streambedDischarge permit for the discharge of sediment-laden water during worksNotice of Requirement sought from UHCCThe proposed designation would cover the area of the proposed construction works described above and would allow for these works to occur. The designation boundary would be adjusted once the structural works are complete. It will be reduced to an extent that is required for the on-going maintenance of the works.The applicant has proposed a number of conditions for the designation to address the effects associated with the proposal. The Requiring Authority for the designation is Upper Hutt City Council.Application documentsThe application and all supporting information, including the Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE), initial technical reviews, and formal correspondence has been provided. See the Document Library panel on the right side of this page.Index of superseded documentsSuperseded document:Replaced by:Appendices S to V received 19 Sept 2019 Note: Only Appendix U is superseded by Updated Flood Hazard Assessment 15 June 2020SUPERSEDED Appendix B - General Arrangement PlansAppendix B Updated General Arrangement Plans – received June 2020SUPERSEDED Appendix C - Designation Plans received 19 Sept 2019Appendix C - Designation Plan Set received 1 May 2020SUPERSEDED Flood Hazard Assessment Addendum 27-11-2019Updated Flood Hazard Assessment 15 June 2020SUPERSEDED Flood Hazard Assessment Addendum 14-11-2019Updated Flood Hazard Assessment 15 June 2020SUPERSEDED Mike Law, Flood Model and Flood Hazard Assessment 21-11-2019Mike Law Technical Review 4 - Flooding 30-06-2020SUPERSEDED Pinehaven Streamworks Prehearing Meeting Report 20-04-2020Pinehaven Streamworks Updated Prehearing Meeting Report 20-04-2020Pinehaven Notified Consent HearingThe hearing is set to take place August 3rd - 5th 2020 at the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club, 11 Logan Street, Upper Hutt. The hearing is open to the public and you are welcome to come and view the proceedings.The order of appearances and speaking times are outlined in the Hearing Schedule (pdf).SubmissionsThe submission period closed on 4.30 pm on Thursday 18 December 2019.All submissions received have been summarised in the Summary of Submissions (pdf) document.Processing officersThe officers in charge of processing this application are:Notice of Requirement: James Beban, UHCC, 022 659 1996 or, or planning@uhcc.govt.nzResource consent: Josie Burrows, Resource Advisor, Environmental Regulation, GWRC.Please address enquiries to the consent assistant, Claire McKevitt on 021 813 384 or .
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