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      • His name was/is Thunderbolt
        • 2 Nov 2021
        • Black Coffee
        • <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > HIS NAME WAS/IS THE THUNDERBOLT For this solo exhibition Mumu Moore has created 28 purerehua and porotiti (Taonga Pūoro, Māori instruments) during the maraMATAKA Starting on whiro the new moon and running past Rakaunui the full moon and back down the shadows to whiro the new moon. Alongside this mumu created the painted art piece this exhibition was named after “His name was/is the thunderbolt. working with similar shapes and patterns found on the taonga around the room, mumu expresses the connection between thunderbolt and papa the earth mother, always working together to create a place the holds all beings found between the earthmother and skyfather. Mumu creates this taonga with love, adoration, mauri, and sits with the energy of each moon phase, each taonga is named aftetr the coresponding moon phase. Pūrerehua - is an instrument used for karakia (prayer, incantations), to connect from Papatūānuku (earth mother) to the Ngā Atua (many gods) that live/reside above the earth. They can be used to invoke rain, and for spiritual practices. They can be worn on the body as a pendant. Porotiti - is a smaller instrument that is used for Rongoā Māori (Māori healing), its is played with two hands, and spins on itself to create a humming noise. which vibrates through the cord to help with arthritis and also used to release the sinus’s and ease pain in the body. They can be worn on the body as pendant. Ko Mauo te Maunga, ko Tauranga te Moana, ko Ngai Tukairangi te Hapu, ko Te Rangihouhiri te Rangatira, ko Ngai te Rangi te Iwi, ko Mumu Moore ahau. Mumu Moore is a Wellington artist and film maker. He uses storytelling and cultural practice to create dynamic and emotional films, and artworks that help him to connect to his whakapapa, his way of living, and his higher connection to the atua (gods) that surround us all. Mumu works within the digital world, combining his love of film, photography and video editing to make poetic films. While also working with rakau (wood) to create Taonga Pūoro (maori musical instruments) mainly pūrerehua (bull roarers). His passion for storytelling comes from the connections he makes in the community where he lives, works, and plays. Mumu believes that the world needs more stories to help balance the material and spiritual worlds.
This balance will bring about positive social, environmental, physical, and spiritual change in the communities we live in.

      • Cellar Door
        • 1 Jun 2021
        • Black Coffee
        • <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > Taxidermy and photography both exist as a state of preservation of the subject, denying organic decay in a disjointed modernity, a concept that Ben Klocek and Antoinette Ratcliffe emulate in their show Cellar Door. Crepuscular and discarded, the specimens in their photographs take on new flesh in composition, and in their sentience. Antoinette’s practice explores the anthropomorphic through her use of a variety of media, including her own taxidermy, where the animals find themselves in relationships created out of circumstance. This photographic series examines the chronotope allegory between taxidermy and the captured image. Exploring the connection between the physical and the subconscious, Ben constructs situational realities between taxidermy, found spaces and objects. In his use of vibrant and sometimes conflicting colour palettes, Ben creates limbic resonance between the subject, the artist and the viewer. @AntoinetteRatcliffe thesickbay.com @klocek.ben @Ben Klocek Illustration

      • Frames of Mind and Other Stories
        • 31 May 2021
        • Black Coffee
        • <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > ‘Frames of Mind is one part of an ongoing investigation into the feelings surrounding experiences of sexual abuse.

      • Rock Paper Scissors
        • 1 May 2021
        • Black Coffee
        • <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > Mitzi Henderson creates epic, colourful collages by hand and in powerpoint.

      • Unrolling Line
        • 22 Sep 2020
        • Black Coffee
        • <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " > When I'm lost in train station mazes, I lose not only where I'm going and how to get there but a little of myself.

      • Neverman
        • 16 Sep 2019
        • Black Coffee
        • New space age painting exhibition by Adam Neverman. On a sizemic scale you can almost jump into these moons. Acrylics and mixed media.

      • Newtonian
        • 28 May 2018
        • Black Coffee
        • This exhibition is a black and white collection of experimental analogue street and portrait photography in Wellington.

      • "In Other Words"
        • 21 Feb 2018
        • Black Coffee
        • "In Other Words"; "A visually articulate and lyrical exploration of our local and pop colloquial; our slang, phrases, idioms, quotes, anograms and exclamations". By: Jessica Newtown

      • Bossy
        • 16 Jan 2018
        • Black Coffee
        • A bold & unapologetic collection of visual works from a group of fiercely modern women. Exhibition opening night is Thursday 1st Feb starts 6pm, and is a licensed event! Come get rowdy with the ladies.

      • Bud rot
        • 8 Jan 2018
        • Black Coffee
        • Artist: Guy Moskon Art work inspired by the band Bud Rot. Illustrations, screen prints, prints and original work. Exhibition running until the end of January 2018.

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