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Ngaio, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

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    • Maxey Plumbing
      • Maxey Plumbing & Gas is a locally owned and operated plumbing and gasfitting company operating in Ngaio, Wellington, but servicing the greater Wellington region. We're a small team, but have more than 10 years of industry experience as a certified plumber and gasfitter in Wellington. We specialise in all things plumbing - from residential plumbing and gasfitting to spouting and roof maintenance.
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    • Ngaio Progressive Association
      • Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association promotes the interests of the Ngaio and Crofton Downs communities and the natural environment. We aim to foster healthy public spirit; promote improvement, beautification and development; and advocate for the Ngaio and Crofton Downs communities. The Association was founded in the 1920s as the Ngaio Progressive Association and revived in the 1980s. In 2012 we voted to change our name to the Ngaio Crofton Downs Residents Association to better reflect our purpose.
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