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      • Thank You Volunteers!
        • 17 Dec 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • Volunteers are at the heart of Age Concern Wellington Region’s work. Without these volunteers, hundreds of seniors across the Wellington Region wouldn’t receive a weekly visit, dozens of seniors wouldn’t go out for a weekly walk, and many more seniors would miss out on other great social connections. These volunteers give hours and hours of ... Read more

      • Understanding dementia
        • 15 Dec 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • Understanding Dementia Do you want to get a better understanding of the issues surrounding dementia – one of the major health issues of the 21st century? A typically Australian MOOC could help. The Wicking Dementia Centre based in the University of Tasmania is offering a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), about the latest in dementia ... Read more

      • Making Garden Connections
        • 14 Dec 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • Nathalie and Tim are both keen gardeners who met each other at the Innermost Gardens in Mount Victoria recently: she gardens to keep active while he volunteers at the community garden. Gardeners thrive on getting their hands dirty and communicating with nature. They also enjoy getting together to explore other gardens and communicating with each ... Read more

      • Thank you Wellington, you’re Making a Difference this Christmas
        • 13 Dec 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • Stuff Ltd’s recent support for Age Concern Wellington Region’s Christmas appeal has been invaluable: “Age Concern also experienced a burst of new interest and donations after we wrote about Rick Johnston and Denis White, who have been buddied up through Age Concern’s visiting service. Johnston takes 82-year-old White out to lunch or to Mitre 10, or ... Read more

      • Mana u3a
        • 28 Oct 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • Making new friends, Sharing interests, Fun and companionship   Mana U3A is one of several U3A groups in the Wellington region, with Tawa U3A to the south and Kapiti U3A to the north up the coast. Our focus is on giving our members opportunities to learn, the chance to get to know others in the same area, and ... Read more

      • It’s Te Wiki Kaumātua – Seniors’ Week
        • 1 Oct 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • Te Wiki Kaumātua – Seniors’ Week is held in spring every year and sees a series of community-led events for older people across the city. Age Concern Wellington Region is excited about Seniors’ Week, even if Covid-19 has already had an impact on some events. Level 2 has meant some of the events have had ... Read more

      • Happy Second Birthday Companion Walking Service!
        • 30 Sep 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • The Companion Walking Service (CWS) is now two years old. It has been a rollercoaster ride with the stop-and-starts due to Covid-19, but it continues on with the support of our fantastic, dedicated volunteers. Without the support of the wonderful volunteers, this service would not reach those that have benefitted from it. It has assisted ... Read more

      • Work for seniors
        • 11 Aug 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • WORK FOR SENIORS Many seniors, and even those over 50, would like to keep working but have difficulty in seeking out the opportunities that are available.

      • Memoir Writing
        • 14 Jul 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • People think about memoir writing for many reasons – some, like Michelle Obama, are approached by a publisher and asked to ‘write’ it (sometimes with help).

      • No Need to Miss Out on Walking
        • 13 May 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • Are you starting to feel your walking days are coming to an end? Do you worry that your age/disabilities are discouraging you from enjoying our lovely waterfront or Wellington’s interesting attractions? Well, with Age Concern Wellington Region’s Companion Walking Service, there is no need to be missing out. The Companion Walking Service aims to improve the lives of older people... Source

      • Win-Win
        • 2 Mar 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • Win-win Mary* is 85, little, friendly and active. When I joined Age Concern Wellington Region’s Companion Walking Service, I looked forward to walking weekly with her. We live in the same suburb. But after a couple of walks near her rest home and dozens of repetitions of how she was born, schooled and lived all her life in the area, I thought ‘I’m not sure I can do this.’ Shame... Source

      • Home Invasion – Keeping Yourself Safe at Home
        • 19 Jan 2021
        • Age Concern Wellington
        • Though rare, home invasions unfortunately do happen from time to time. A recent incident in Karori occurred when the house occupant opened his front door and three masked people charged in, stole from him, and hurt the man. There’s no need to be afraid, but there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself. If someone knocks at your door and you are not expecting a visitor... Source

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