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    • Volunteers Going Above and Beyond
      • This year, Age Concern Wellington Region introduced the ‘Outstanding Volunteer Award’, designed to recognise and appreciate Age Concern’s volunteers who go the extra mile for seniors. Two volunteer Christmas parties were held at the end of November, in Stokes Valley and Johnsonville. Three amazing recipients were presented with awards at these events – Joan Robertshawe, ... Read more

    • Health star ratings for packaged food
      • Health Star Ratings have been designed to provide “at a glance” information to reflect the nutrition value and healthiness of packaged foods. The system uses a rating scale of 0.5 to 5 stars — more stars mean a healthier food choice. The system was upgraded on 14 November with lower ratings for products with higher ... Read more

    • Seniors’ Seminar Day
      • Age Concern Wellington Region contributed Wellington City Seniors’ Week this year by hosting many events, including a special Seniors’ Seminar Day. The aim was to develop an event to spotlight Seniors’ Week and help seniors connect with one another while learning some new things. Several experts presented talks on four separate topics of interest to ... Read more

    • Companion Walking Service Celebrates Third Birthday with National Award
      • Age Concern Wellington Region received a Golden Foot Walking Award for its innovative Companion Walking Service this week, a perfect way to celebrate the service’s third anniversary. Living Streets Aotearoa awarded the Golden Foot to Age Concern staff at a special ceremony. The Award this year is made by Global Wood Rework (Wellington) from recycled ... Read more

    • Getting to grips with technology
      • As access to information, banking, shopping, and so much more moves increasingly online, the digital divide grows. Quite a few local banks are closed, and online payments have become the norm. This leaves many seniors in the Wellington Region digitally excluded. When seniors call Age Concern, their concerns are often linked with technology. Diane Turner, ... Read more

    • Age Concern has a fresh new look!
      • The Age Concern family across New Zealand launched a new logo. The fresh new look was unveiled at Parliament on the 1st of July 2022, at an event hosted by the Hon. Dr Ayesha Verrall, Minister for Seniors. The bold contemporary design uses individual Huia feathers to suggest the mana of older adults and the ... Read more

    • New Zealand – An Ageing Population
      • “It’s time to shine a light on the value that seniors bring to the workforce” Stephen Opie, CEO of Age Concern Wellington Region Dressed for Success Wellington interviewed Age Concern Wellington Region CEO, Stephen Opie, recently and here’s the article they wrote about the challenges facing our older generations and the opportunities to take advantage ... Read more

    • The Gardener Scam
      • Scammers are resourceful crooks, so it pays to be vigilant if or when you receive offers that seem too good to be true. The problem is that scammers can operate over a wide range of activities. The latest one we have heard about is the Gardener Scam. A casual recommendation or even a cold call ... Read more

    • Sailing on the Kaipara
      • An article in the New Zealand Herald of Friday 11 March “For Kiwis travelling is the best revenge” was actually about the Flight Centre building up its staff to cope with the demand for “revenge travel” for being covidly deprived of overseas travel for the past two years. But there is also the opportunity now ... Read more

    • Drying Clothes in Winter
      • What is the best way to dry laundry during the winter months?  Recently Consumer New Zealand ran a test of five different methods to determine which would be the best way of drying your washing in winter. The results are summarised below, but basically a clothes dryer is probably your best option, but the method ... Read more

    • A Little Insight Into the New Zealand Meat Board History
      • Meeting Change – The New Zealand Red Meat Story 1997 to 2022, co-authored by Ali Spencer and Mick Calder, was officially launched at Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of New Zealand, in Wellington recently. Mick, our Age Concern Wellington Region (ACWR) office volunteer, worked for the NZ Meat Producers Board and its affiliated organisations for ... Read more

    • Menzshed wellington revitalised
      • Menzshed Wellington is back in business. After being homeless for almost two years they have found a new shed in the old Hataitai Bowling Club greenkeeper’s shed. It is part of the Hataitai Centre, renamed after the Bowling Club closed, at 157 Hataitai Road, about 100 metres away from the Hataitai Village shops. Initially it ... Read more

    • Mahi Award Nominee Joan
      • At Age Concern Wellington Region, we can only do our work with the help of volunteers. We work with hundreds of volunteers, and each one is truly appreciated. Sometimes, we come across volunteers who stand out for their willingness to go the extra mile. Joan Robertshawe is one of these volunteers. She’s not only always ... Read more

    • New Zealand Celebrates First Matariki Public Holiday 24 June 2022
      • Aotearoa New Zealand celebrates its first official national Matariki public holiday on 24 June this year. The reappearance of the Matariki array of stars in our skies midwinter, in early morning, marks the start of the Māori New Year for many. The star cluster Matariki has different names and different significances around the world. In ... Read more

    • Mindfulness
      • How do you calm your mind? Our minds wander most of the time – thinking about what we have done or must do, worrying, daydreaming, or just fretting. It can get us down sometimes. Meditation has been around for quite a while as many religions practice different forms of quiet contemplation for increasing calmness and ... Read more

    • An Exercise in Personal Training
      • Volunteering for Age Concern Wellington can bring some surprising health benefits. The New Zealand Sports Institute sought our help in finding a client for one of the qualified personal trainers who were engaged in further study in their field. The requirement for one of their classes was to create a programme and train a client ... Read more

    • An Old Master Painter
      • A two bedroomed state house in Strathmore is an unlikely repository for a substantial collection of art works – mainly acrylic paintings. But there they are, not only arrayed on the walls but many are stacked up to three deep on the furniture.   The artist is 91-year-old Ron Jobson, a retired prison officer who ... Read more

    • Remembering Emily
      •   When the Companion Walking Service was set up in 2020, we needed a bank of volunteers ready for when the referrals started to come in. At that time, I belonged to an exercise group in Karori and over coffee told the group about my new job. One member of the group, Delyse, was particularly ... Read more

    • Hutt City Civic Award Nominee, Volunteer Carol Bradnock 
      •   As a child, Carol Bradnock liked to help seniors because they often looked sad and she wanted to help make them happy. Perhaps it’s because she has a lot to live up to (her grandfather founded the Rātana movement and her grandmother was Iriaka Rātana, the first woman to represent Māori in the New ... Read more

    • Walking at 94 Years Old
      • In recent years, Gorden has had a few falls. At 94 years old, Gorden is strong and active but his balance increasingly fails him. “I fell in the garden a few weeks ago when I was taking some recycling outside. I called for help, but no one heard me. All the neighbours are at work ... Read more

    • In Case You Missed Curious Conversations One: Anna Fifield
      • Anna Fifield – Editor, The Dominion Post Anna is the Editor of The Dominion Post based in Wellington. Previously, she was the Beijing bureau chief for The Washington Post and she focused her attention on news and issues of Japan, North Korea, and South Korea. She has been to North Korea a dozen times. You can watch ... Read more

    • Phone Connections
      • Connection brings a sense of wellbeing full of positive implications: fulfilment, belonging, happiness, even oneness with the world around us… But what happens when life circumstances disconnect us? “We all need connection to other humans,” SockHwee says gently. When humans become disconnected from others, their sense of wellbeing often fades and their overall health is ... Read more

    • MEDIA RELEASE – Two in Three Seniors Staying Home as Much as Possible
      • MEDIA RELEASE Wellington (Monday, 14 March 2022) – Almost two-thirds of Wellington’s senior population are currently staying home as much as possible, according to a new survey by Age Concern Wellington Region (ACWR). Age Concern wanted to discover more about what was happening for seniors as large numbers of the population begin to be impacted ... Read more

    • Opinion: What’s in a name?
      • Volunteer Mick Calder writes about the current trend of moving way from the term ‘elderly’ There is an ongoing global debate about describing older people as a group. The trouble is in finding a satisfactory word to refer to a very heterogeneous collection of citizens over the age of 65 years. As soon as you ... Read more

    • From hiking in the himalayas to taking a few steps with a crutch
      • “I was 13 when Edmund Hillary came to speak at my high-school. He described the Himalayas and talked about his experiences, and I wondered if I’d ever manage to get there.” Sir Edmund started a dream for Catherine, and she’s been there 16 times since then. Catherine has trekked through 53 other countries, but her ... Read more

    • On the other end of the phone
      • If you have a problem about some issue as an older person, or concerns about one of them, who do you call? Obviously an organisation with the name Age Concern will have the answer. If you ring Age Concern Wellington Region (ACWR) more often than not Ann Dalziel will respond. She is the “go-to” person ... Read more

    • Walking Works
      • Most older people are probably not aware that they are victims of Sarcopenia, but are likely to be aware of its effects. A quick online ‘consultation with Doctor Google’ will advise that Sarcopenia is the fancy medical term for muscle wasting – general loss of muscle mass, strength and function which is a consequence of ... Read more

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