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    • Retirement Villages, Rest Homes, Residential Care Facilities
      • Rest homes and residential care facilities are becoming more prominent in New Zealand’s healthcare system, with residential accommodation and varying degrees of care and support for older people and those with disabilities. While they can be the right choice for some seniors, they can sometimes be expensive and have terms and conditions that can be ... Read more

    • Scams: Pause, Reflect & Protect
      • We have noticed an increase in phishing and other scam-like activities. From phone calls and text messages saying you owe money, need to claim a parcel, or must to renew an important document, to emails claiming to want to give you money, there are countless approaches out there. Sadly, it’s important to be on your ... Read more

    • Age Friendly Cities and Communities
      • Ageing populations and urbanisation are expanding rapidly around the world, so more cities and communities are committing to becoming better places in which to grow older. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has determined that making our communities more age-friendly is an essential ingredient in programmes to maximise opportunities offered by longer lives. The Organisation recently ... Read more

    • Save on Power Bills
      • As if increased grocery prices were not enough the daily fixed charge levied by power companies for consumers on a Low Fixed Charge plan is also going up in stages (of 15 cents per day) over the next few years. As from 1 April this year it is 45 cents per day. The charge is ... Read more

    • Extended warranties are a waste of money
      •   Extended warranties are offered by retailers to provide cover for the cost of repairs in case of product faults after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. But the extra expense involved in these extended warranties are generally a waste of your money, according to Consumer NZ. You’re already covered. Under the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA), ... Read more

    • The Benefits of Volunteering
      • It came as a bit of a shock to me recently to realise I had been volunteering in the Age Concern wellington Region office for more than 18 months. While I had other projects on the go at the time, I noted that the time spent volunteering had been very satisfying. This led to the ... Read more

    • A Volunteer with a Heart for Community
      • A care for people in the community has led Paul Green to a life of service in New Zealand. “It is a way of doing my civic duty and contributing to my community while saying thanks to the country that welcomed my family here almost 50 years ago.”  Many of the volunteers we work with ... Read more

    • Volunteering – how it benefits older people and how it can be encouraged
      • One of the “tasks” of later life, as defined by psychologists, is “generativity” – the “giving back” by older people to society and specifically to oncoming generations. While not mentioning the concept of generativity specifically, numerous policy statements and “strategies” emphasise that the contribution and participation of older people is an important part of positive ... Read more

    • Helping End Loneliness 
      • As the CEO of Age Concern Wellington Region, I often think that if I could just get those not yet at retirement age to imagine life at 85, many more people would want to reach out and connect with seniors. But it’s hard for us to imagine ourselves being a little bit older than we ... Read more

    • Mavis – Community Connector 
      • If Mavis isn’t lawn bowling, swimming, taking voice lessons, or participating in a Steady As You Go exercise class, she’s probably home baking the most delicious scones you’ve ever tasted. Or perhaps she’s sewing or knitting a useful gift for a friend. Despite Mavis being nearly 84 years old, she keeps more active than most.  ... Read more

    • Keep flies out this summer.
      • New Zealand is home to 3000 native fly species in addition to several introduced species. Most are harmless and many are beneficial, acting as important pollinators. Consumer NZ suggests it is better to keep flies out rather than use non-specific insect sprays which can kill some insects that are beneficial. The flies that cause us ... Read more

    • New Zealand’s Aging Population
      • The issue of New Zealand’s Aging Population There are currently over 12,000 seniors living alone in Wellington. With the 2023 Census right around the corner, Age Concern Wellington Region CEO Stephen Opie is expecting this number to jump. Wellington is a popular region for seniors to live in. Kapiti Coast, for example, has one of ... Read more

    • New Zealand’s Ageing Population
      • The issue of New Zealand’s Ageing Population There are currently over 12,000 seniors living alone in Wellington. With the 2023 Census right around the corner, Age Concern Wellington Region CEO Stephen Opie is expecting this number to jump. Wellington is a popular region for seniors to live in. Kapiti Coast, for example, has one of ... Read more

    • Volunteers Going Above and Beyond
      • This year, Age Concern Wellington Region introduced the ‘Outstanding Volunteer Award’, designed to recognise and appreciate Age Concern’s volunteers who go the extra mile for seniors. Two volunteer Christmas parties were held at the end of November, in Stokes Valley and Johnsonville. Three amazing recipients were presented with awards at these events – Joan Robertshawe, ... Read more

    • Health star ratings for packaged food
      • Health Star Ratings have been designed to provide “at a glance” information to reflect the nutrition value and healthiness of packaged foods. The system uses a rating scale of 0.5 to 5 stars — more stars mean a healthier food choice. The system was upgraded on 14 November with lower ratings for products with higher ... Read more

    • Seniors’ Seminar Day
      • Age Concern Wellington Region contributed Wellington City Seniors’ Week this year by hosting many events, including a special Seniors’ Seminar Day. The aim was to develop an event to spotlight Seniors’ Week and help seniors connect with one another while learning some new things. Several experts presented talks on four separate topics of interest to ... Read more

    • Companion Walking Service Celebrates Third Birthday with National Award
      • Age Concern Wellington Region received a Golden Foot Walking Award for its innovative Companion Walking Service this week, a perfect way to celebrate the service’s third anniversary. Living Streets Aotearoa awarded the Golden Foot to Age Concern staff at a special ceremony. The Award this year is made by Global Wood Rework (Wellington) from recycled ... Read more

    • Getting to grips with technology
      • As access to information, banking, shopping, and so much more moves increasingly online, the digital divide grows. Quite a few local banks are closed, and online payments have become the norm. This leaves many seniors in the Wellington Region digitally excluded. When seniors call Age Concern, their concerns are often linked with technology. Diane Turner, ... Read more

    • Age Concern has a fresh new look!
      • The Age Concern family across New Zealand launched a new logo. The fresh new look was unveiled at Parliament on the 1st of July 2022, at an event hosted by the Hon. Dr Ayesha Verrall, Minister for Seniors. The bold contemporary design uses individual Huia feathers to suggest the mana of older adults and the ... Read more

    • New Zealand – An Ageing Population
      • “It’s time to shine a light on the value that seniors bring to the workforce” Stephen Opie, CEO of Age Concern Wellington Region Dressed for Success Wellington interviewed Age Concern Wellington Region CEO, Stephen Opie, recently and here’s the article they wrote about the challenges facing our older generations and the opportunities to take advantage ... Read more

    • The Gardener Scam
      • Scammers are resourceful crooks, so it pays to be vigilant if or when you receive offers that seem too good to be true. The problem is that scammers can operate over a wide range of activities. The latest one we have heard about is the Gardener Scam. A casual recommendation or even a cold call ... Read more

    • Sailing on the Kaipara
      • An article in the New Zealand Herald of Friday 11 March “For Kiwis travelling is the best revenge” was actually about the Flight Centre building up its staff to cope with the demand for “revenge travel” for being covidly deprived of overseas travel for the past two years. But there is also the opportunity now ... Read more

    • Drying Clothes in Winter
      • What is the best way to dry laundry during the winter months?  Recently Consumer New Zealand ran a test of five different methods to determine which would be the best way of drying your washing in winter. The results are summarised below, but basically a clothes dryer is probably your best option, but the method ... Read more

    • A Little Insight Into the New Zealand Meat Board History
      • Meeting Change – The New Zealand Red Meat Story 1997 to 2022, co-authored by Ali Spencer and Mick Calder, was officially launched at Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of New Zealand, in Wellington recently. Mick, our Age Concern Wellington Region (ACWR) office volunteer, worked for the NZ Meat Producers Board and its affiliated organisations for ... Read more

    • Menzshed wellington revitalised
      • Menzshed Wellington is back in business. After being homeless for almost two years they have found a new shed in the old Hataitai Bowling Club greenkeeper’s shed. It is part of the Hataitai Centre, renamed after the Bowling Club closed, at 157 Hataitai Road, about 100 metres away from the Hataitai Village shops. Initially it ... Read more

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