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      • TE ŌHĀKĪ A TE WHAREPŌURII muri nei, kia pai ki aku taonga Māori, taonga Pākeha, kia tae ake te haruru o tō reo ki ahau i te Reinga.After I have gone, be good to my Māori and my European people, let the thunder of your voice reach me in the spirit land.Our purpose Statement for engagement with Mana WhenuaKia haruru te reo o {Te Ātiawa} as mana whenua in our Kāhui by honouring the past and empowering the present to shape the future.A [...]

    • Te Wiki o te Reo Māori
      • Ko te reo te taikura o te whakaao mārama!Language is the key to understanding!We are excited to be able to celebrate te reo Māori in a special way this week - and to be intentional in speaking te reo Māori as often as we can. We want to take this opportunity to encourage you to set yourself a personal wero (challenge) this week, to add a new phrase to your kete of language. Here are some great kiwaha that you could try:Me he tē! (Like a boss)Karawhiua ( [...]

    • Learning in Aotearoa COP #4
      • Learner AgencyLearner Agency, particularly in the context of education in New Zealand (Aotearoa), is about empowering students to take an active and self-directed role in their own learning. This approach emphasises their ability to make choices, set goals, and take ownership of their learning journey. Student agency is rooted in the principle that students have the ability and the will to positively influence their own lives and the world around them. The concept of co-agency recognises th [...]

    • Learning in Aotearoa - Community of Practice #3
      • I wanted to share some key takeaways from our 3rd Capital City Kāhui Ako - Learning in Aotearoa - Community of Practice, held yesterday. Nathan Riki from Riki Consultancy led the session, and it got us all thinking deeply about our kura and learning spaces. Nathan posed a powerful question: "How would I even know your school/classroom was even in Aotearoa?" This made us reconsider and consider how well our educational environments genuinely embrace the essence of Aotearoa New Zealand.W [...]

    • Learning in Aotearoa - Community of Practice
      • In our first session, we embarked on delving into the core aspects that contribute to the collective capacity of our schools. Together, we explored our individual values and beliefs about teaching and learning, recognising the impact they have on our educational environment. Engaging in robust kōrero, we discussed the creation of team norms and the vital importance of regularly revisiting them. We then explored the concept of Radical Candor, which calls for caring deeply while challenging [...]

    • ECE update
      • Ché Hancock joined our management team at the end of last year to represent our 11 ECEs.  Che is Kaiwhakahaere / Senior Head Teacher at Owhiro Bay Kindergarten and brings passion and fresh energy to the role. ​Our first ECE Connect for the year was  hosted by Newtown Kindergarten.  This meeting gave kaiako from different centres a chance to get to know each other or catch up with old friends as well as to hear about what’s going on in our Kāhui Ak [...]

    • Kāhui Māori
      • We recognise the importance of our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and have done a lot of mahi to upskill our staff across the kāhui ako in this space, however this has been through the lens of decolonisation, and has up until now been a “one size fits all” approach.  We recognise that this journey can be challenging for our māori staff, and that this work is deeply personal to you and your whānau, and would like to provide a space where you can navigate your [...]

    • Super Hui 2023 - Local Stories and Experiences
      • (function(jQuery) {function init() { window.wSlideshow && window.wSlideshow.render({elementID:"393568495814160550",nav:"thumbnails",navLocation:"right",captionLocation:"bottom",transition:"fade",autoplay:"0",speed:"5",aspectRatio:"auto",showControls:"true",randomStart:"false",images:[{"url":"1/2/6/8/126833903/super-hui-poster.jpg","width":"566","height":"800"},{"url":"1/2/6/8/126833903/super-hui-ho-taka.jpg","width":"566","height":"800"},{"url":"1/2/6/8/126833903/super-hui-haerenga.jpg","width" [...]

    • SuperHui #2 - August 1 2022 Whakamana i  te Tiriti o Waitangi
      • (function(jQuery) {function init() { window.wSlideshow && window.wSlideshow.render({elementID:"311930304143855991",nav:"thumbnails",navLocation:"top",captionLocation:"bottom",transition:"fade",autoplay:"0",speed:"5",aspectRatio:"auto",showControls:"true",randomStart:"false",images:[{"url":"1\/2\/6\/8\/126833903\/img-9781.jpg","width":533,"height":800,"fullHeight":1100,"fullWidth":733},{"url":"1\/2\/6\/8\/126833903\/img-9782.jpg","width":800,"height":533,"fullHeight":733,"fullWidth":1100},{"url" [...]

    • Supporting Socially At-Risk Students
      • Our Hauora workshop – Supporting Socially at-risk Students took place in Week 7. It was great to see people from across the school profile attending as well as the support from RTLB teachers and Susie Harcourt (Educational Psychologist) from MoE creating rich discussion.There is always plenty to share in these sessions! Examples of personal concerns, students to consider as ‘at-risk’, and identifying actions taking place within schools. We discussed the complexity of factors af [...]

    • Power Voice and Choice
      • Community of Practice Week 7 ​It was amazing to get together to begin collective mahi in week 7 after term ones Community of Practice was cancelled. We had an amazing session with some very robust discussions about how much Power we Kaiako yield in our learning spaces and in our school.We delved into Power being visible, hidden and invisible and were asked to reflect on what our Ako would say? Integral to this collective mahi is how we are are being Culturally Responsive. Here ar [...]

    • WSL Leadership Hui #2
      • The workshop was again facilitated by Dr Mark Osborne from Leading Learning. It was great to connect kanohi ki te kanohi and get some insights into different styles of leadership and how innovation is diffused within an organisation. There was opportunity to test the models shared against WSL's own practice. We considered how to support change in a way that both challenges people, but also provides a level of safety and security to 'take the risk out' of adopting innovations. This enables e [...]

    • Super Hui
      • Kia ora KoutouWe are looking forward to our upcoming Super Hui - bringing all our Schools and Centres together.  We are excited about our keynote speaker Janelle Riki-Waaka and the expertise and challenge that she will provide us.Here is the link to our Super Hui Flyer and Registration Form - please distribute this to all your staff.  We would appreciate it if registrations could be completed by the end of this week.We will have afternoon tea from 2.30pm as people arrive, please r [...]

    • Ihupuku Beginner Te Reo Māori
      • Ko taku reo taku ohooho, ko taku reo taku mapihi mauria.My language is my awakening, my language is the window to my soul.This is a whakataukī (proverb) closely associated with language revitalization, a struggle which is very important in maintaining culture It has been exciting to start our year-long commitment to learning te reo Māori with Dr Alice Patrick from Arahia Associates. We have nearly 30 teachers coming along to begin their journey together.  We are currently mee [...]

    • ASL/WSL Leadership Hui — Term 1
      • It was great to see so many of our leaders at the first online hui this term. Each Leadership hui is an opportunity for ASLs and WSLs to share practice, hear about each other's work and strengthen their ability to lead inquiry and walk alongside colleagues.​This year, our sessions are facilitated by Dr Mark Osborne, Leading Learning, and is was great to be able to get started with him, albeit remotely. The session allowed for a snapshot of what everyone is working on, and a dive into [...]

    • Ko taku reo taku ohooho, ko taku reo taku mapihi mauria
      • Ko taku reo taku ohooho, ko taku reo taku mapihi mauriaMy language is my awakening, my language is the window to my soul— This is a whakatauki (proverb) closely associated with language revitalization, a struggle which is very important in maintaining cultureIt has been a challenging term for Kāhui Ako-wide events, with a number of sessions being postponed as we grapple with Covid-related absences. That said, we were excited to start our year-long commitment to learning te [...]

    • Term 1 2022 underway...
      • It has been great to see all our staff and young people return after summer but, of course, we are still working to respond to the challenges we are all facing. Our Kāhui Ako is now in its third year of programming — and the third year of Covid! Flexibility is our middle name — but collaboration certainly isn't easy when each school/centre also needs to work hard to adapt and support their own families. We have shared ideas and expertise wherever we can.Staffing updateIt [...]

    • LSS Hui:  External Support for Learners
      • In this session we viewed He Pikourua's Tiered Support Model  that outlines three, dynamic and blended,  tiers of support for learners.  We discussed how the effective internal interventions shared at our previous hui might fit within this model. Alison (RTLB) and Victoria Parsons (MOE) then lead discussion about they could fit in with this framework with external support.Key outcomes of this discussion were:1.  To continue to explore how our internal and exter [...]

    • Final Leaders' Hui of 2021
      • Ahakoa he iti, he pounamuEven though it is small, it is precious like pounamu This was our theme for this final hui bringing together our ASLs and WSLs to focus on aspects of change leadership. We continued to identify and build on our strengths, based on the Mana Model and a 'Reflected Best Self' activity. We pooled inspiring texts that inform and guide as us, as well as creating a one slide summary of our journey and impact this year. ​The sessions have been a valuable [...]

    • Teach Meet: Local Histories with Ihaia Puketapu
      • Thursday 4 November 2021Ka mua, ka muriWalking backwards into the futureUnderstanding our local histories and stories is an integral part of the new Histories curriculum, and an exciting journey that we can embark on together.  As we look to the past, it can inform our future, giving us context, understandings and agency to make a positive difference in our world.Ihaia Puketapu from Te Atiawa was our guest speaker at this Teach Meet - and unlocked a treasure trove of historical knowledge - [...]

    • BLOG: Cultural Relationships Hui #5
      • Ma te kahukura, ka rere te manu.Adorn the bird with feathers and it will fly.This whakatauki reminds us of the importance of knowledge and understanding - recognising that as we consider and reflect on our teaching practice with the end goal of strengthening the ways in which we build relationships and impact learners, we are creating conditions for our tamariki to fly - to experience success.  ​The journey in our Community of Practice has deepened this term, as we have taken tim [...]

    • Workshop: Preparing Students for Change
      • Claire O’Fee from Poutama Pounamu led this workshop in response to the needs identified from earlier transitions workshops, our transitions survey, and the Transitions Tracking document. Discussions were rich and highlighted the shared needs, and foci, across all our centres from ECE to senior secondary students. Groups focused on how the cultural relationship metaphors (whanau, whakapapa, kaupapa) are aligned with deliberate acts of teaching to foster friendships. How do centres and [...]

    • LSS Hui:  Strengthening Understanding of Internal Supports
      • At our Learning Services and Support Hui held on 4 November we confirmed the next steps we wish to take in to address our learners' needs across our schools, before continuing to look at how we identify learner needs within our schools and provide tiered intervention. A huge thank you to Miriam Gaynor from Houghton Valley School who explained how they provide Tiered Instruction to support their learners.  Miriam shared written guidelines they use to provide their teachers with  [...]

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