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We are a fledgling blog that was created to continue the legacy of Tom Beard’s superb WellUrban. Our aim is to further discourse on Wellington’s urban environment, as well to as report on the other aspects of life in the capital. Tom has set certainly high standards for us, and we wish him all the best in his new position.

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      • The Forest Grows
        • 6 Feb 2008
        • Eye of the Fish
        • In the wake of the Athfield waterfront win, a new seed is set to sprout up in the inner city. Taking root in the Willis New World Metro, this new tower is the latest in a string of green buildings that have been proposed or built. Aiming to achieve a five star Green rating, it seems to tick all the standard boxes: efficient air conditioning and circulation, double skinned glazing and sensor-operated lighting.
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      • Wow Indeed
        • 5 Feb 2008
        • Eye of the Fish
        • Athfield Architects have scooped the waterfront prize-pool, with a clean sweep win of all the sites covered in the Kumutoto North competition. Well done indeed to Ath and his merry band of cliffside dwellers. Wellington Waterfront also deservers kudos for having running a competition in the first place, and for sneaking out the press release a mere 5 months after the competition was held.
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      • To Rail or not to Rail
        • 30 Jan 2008
        • Eye of the Fish
        • The Wellington urban class really wants light rail. And why wouldn’t they? Light rail is sexy transit…cruise smoothly, comfortably, and quickly to the local tiki bar; no more lurching starts and stops, no more endless waits behind four other buses boarding at the stop on Willis Street, no more fighting with cars for road space. And so there seems to be a grumbling undercurrent regarding the position of the Ngauranga-to-Airport strategic study report.
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      • A New Farm for Ohariu
        • 29 Jan 2008
        • Eye of the Fish
        • It has been confirmed that Meridian Energy plans to build a new wind farm in the Ohariu Valley, with 31 turbines across 4000 hectares. The proposed site is owned by 5 farmers, who banded together in 2002 to negotiate proposals with various energy companies. Talks had stalled over price issues in 2003, but recently an agreement has been reached. Having met with the community last night, it is unclear whether the project will face significant opposition from the local residents.
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      • Ohtel by the Park
        • 27 Jan 2008
        • Eye of the Fish
        • Wellington’s buildings continue to surprise and delight me, relative newcomer as I am to this small, perfectly-formed city. It’s not a place that you could say has great traditions of anything in particular - it has demolished most, but not all of its Victorian heritage, has a fine collection of post-modern eighties buildings that have firmly gone out of style, with the remaining collection being eclectic at best, and motley at worst.
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        • Oriental Bay, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

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