Eye of the Fish / May 2012

We are a fledgling blog that was created to continue the legacy of Tom Beard’s superb WellUrban. Our aim is to further discourse on Wellington’s urban environment, as well to as report on the other aspects of life in the capital. Tom has set certainly high standards for us, and we wish him all the best in his new position.

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        • 9 May 2012
        • Eye of the Fish
        • Tory Street, 2012: the year this city got its wiggle on. I can’t overstate how much fun this building is – a plan, ugly, bog-standard black box of a building with the world’s worst pudding basin hairdo before (Mansard Roof, pug nose: traincrash ugly), this little Tory St palace has been transformed into a wiggly white worm, snaking its way along the street. I can’t believe how much fun you can evidently have with a piece of powdercoated white aluminium angle, and a laser cutter.
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