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    • Metropolis
      • 6 Nov 2011
      • Eye of the Fish
      • In place of the usual big bangs and anti-catholic burning of an anti-royalist effigy on Saturday night, some of the Fish crew saw the film Metropolis at the Michael Fowler Centre. It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, but it is the first time I’ve seen it that has really done it justice. The film has been restored, almost, to a state of perfection – the edited version we have all seen for the last 80 years now replete with an extra half hour of footage, sourced from Argentina (16mm, grainy and badly scratched), with 11 snippets from New Zealand (presumably 35mm, and in much better condition). Huge round of applause for Frank Stark and the New Zealand Film Archive, and the frankly wonderful job they are doing, rescuing our filmic memories from the nitro-fuelled dustbin of the past.
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