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    • Pod on legs
      • 3 Apr 2012
      • Eye of the Fish
      • Hooray. For the first time for absolutely ages, something innovative is happening in Taranaki St. Yes, right down the bottom of ‘Naki, opposite Zibbibo, and smack bang in front of the former sleazy strip club on top of Brandon Motors, a “Pod” has arisen on four shaky legs, and stands over us. When it was [...]
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      • restaurants
      • 24 Taranaki Street, Wellingotn

    • Lanterns of the Cross
      • 25 Jan 2012
      • Eye of the Fish
      • A short, sharp, sweet and sour chilli post: aren’t the new Lanterns at the Southern Cross garden bar great? Love ‘em ! Thanks for the pix Bambi – and thanks to the Southern Cross Bar for being so awesome. Whoever the architect is, deserves a medal I tell ya ! Gung Hai Fat Choy ! [...]
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      • bars
      • 39 Abel Smith Street, Wellington

    • Coffee you Feel !
      • 9 Oct 2008
      • Eye of the Fish
      • Yes, that’s right - Havana Coffee, home to some of the best roasted beans and some of the choicest cuts of real estate too. The guys at Havana seem to have a handle on all their senses: a feel for what makes a great bar, a good eye for catchy graphics, a fine nose for roasting, and an ear out for some choice sites. Here’s three that we know of. First up is the original, the former roasting shop in Wigan St, composed of two little dwellings that are now home to a good bar.
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      • architecture
      • restaurantsbars
      • coffee
      • Wigan Street, Wellington

    • Wagamama joins Mojo at Kumutoto
      • 3 Jul 2008
      • Eye of the Fish
      • In what appears to be one of Wellington’s more anticipated restaurant openings for years, a branch of the international noodle bar Wagamama has opened in the Meridian building, and already queues are forming out the door: indeed, breaking all Australasian records for turnover in a first week, despite it being the middle of a very bleak winter. It evidently has been a phenomenal success.
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      • restaurantsbars
      • waterfront

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