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    • Newlands Community Centre
      • 23 Aug 2009
      • Eye of the Fish
      • Newlands suburban shopping centre is even worse than NaeNae by many standards: tantalising close to Wellington, the shopping centre (shown above) is worse than virtually anywhere else in the region: about 6 shops (Fush and Chups, Dairy, Emergency condom supplies, and off-license), some more closed down, with a large tarmac spin-out pad parking lot, and an architectural value quotient of precisely zero. I'm sure that there are many happy Newlanites / Newlandiers that love it precisely for its unpretensionness: however to me it is hell on earth (but with a nice view from some parts). However: all that has recently changed.
      • Submitted by tonytw1
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      • newlands
      • architecture
      • Newlands, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, New Zealand/Aotearoa (OpenStreetMap)

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