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    • T3 Track Blog
      • T3 track or Technical Torture Trail will link the top of Vertigo and the top of Trickle Falls. The track will be two-way and is designed to be grade 5 techical downhill and a grade 5-6 technical uphill. The track will contain between 16 and 18 manmade and natural obstacles along the way. The track will hopefully be something that people can hone their skills on and attack with the attitude of "I'll clear it this time"
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    • The Lazy Fern Track Blog
      • The Lazy Fern will provide a loop for beginners up Koru and then down Lazy Fern. This will mean less downhill traffic on Koru and a much safer way down to the car park for people who have just started MTBing. Long-time track builder Jonathan Kennett is designing the track.
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