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Added on 10 Jun 2007. Last read 4 minutes ago.

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      • A small but dedicated crew got stuck into what will be a tricky structure to navigate.

      • We are at it again!! This is the beginning of a new structure on T3, thanks to the great guys from the GVN we were able to get the platform in for what will be a very interesting obstacle. For more information you will have to come along on Sunday February the 1st to find out. Meeting at the bottom of Varleys at 10am, lunch and tools provided.

      • Sunday saw us tackle another one of the T3 big wooden projects, The Swing Bridge of Doom, or as it turned out the Fun Wibbly Wobbly Swing Bridge.

      • The other project we finished on Sunday was putting armour down on a steep 18-19 degree slope. We used green honeycomb things called grass stabilisers. This is the first time we have used them in the park so it will be good to see how they ride.

      • T3 Is Now Open To All Riders!! Thanks to Maxxis and the weather gods, myself, Jonathan, Carl, Andrew, Hugh, Brenda, Josh, Simon, Don, Rob, Graham, Lyle and Mana were able to finish the track right through to Trickle Falls.

      • Jonathan and I have come up with a new game. To be played at the end of a work party, the object is to see how many tools you can carry down the hill before, A: your legs buckle underneath you B: you put your neck out, or C: a tool slips and cuts your head off We are still working on the finer points of this challenging pass time but we think we’re on to a winner.

      • What the??!! Horses in Makara Peak? This cannot be.

    • People having fun on T3
      • Between all the hard work, Jeff and Hugh had the chance to ride some of the good work they had done. Harvey Blakely and a few mates came through T3 around lunchtime and after some encouragement he gave “old skinky” a crack, good on ya Harvey!

    • Working Men
      • While all the noise of the kango was going there was some good old benching and gravelling going on in between so that we can ride to each obstacle, makes sense really. Rob and Will showing how it's done.

    • "Crash Test Dummy"
      • We decided to give people a choice at the first rock out-crop of going high or low, as the high line has quite a drop and takes full commitment to clean. As Hugh demonstrates in these photos, a tumble from the low line is not life threatening but still a good challenge.

    • Ratchet Canyon
      • This tricky little number required the most amount of Kango time, as you can see from the before shots.

    • The Twister
      • We finished the boardwalk part of the twister a couple of weeks ago on a beautiful autumn afternoon, which turned into evening by the time we were done.

    • Digging holes for poles.
      • A quick session on T3 to cement the posts in ready for the work party on The Skinks Back in the middle of October 2006. Hard work getting all the timber down to the site but thanks to Stu from the Council not as hard as it could have been. That work party was canceled due to weather and it was not until Feburary 2007 that we got back to make a start on the critter.

    • Rocky out crops
      • These pictures are of 2 rocky out crops on the track, they have been ridden both ways so are deemed to be finished. As you can see by the before and after photos a lot of earth and rock has been moved to make them just right. These two sections were like big jigsaws puzzle to design, trying to fit in the nice natural rock features and make it tricky at the same time.

    • Design Map and info
      • The track has already been started and about 100mtrs is rideable from the Vertigo end up, but as you will be able to see by the design map it is by no means finished, there are several features to be put along this part of the track, and a whole heap more along the rest of it.

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