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    • William Corfield
      • electrocuted at Miramar William, aged 24, was driving a lorry belonging to his employer John Keir along Evans Bay Road on 3rd November 1906. He was carting timber from Miramar […]

    • Edwin Joseph Ellis
      • “Missing Link” – have you any goods to sell? I never refuse them We recently shared a story with a photo that had the “Missing Link” second-hand shop in the […]

    • Rachel Rothenberg
      • Rachel was born in Kovno in Russian Poland to Lyons Caselberg and his wife Leah Joseph. In 1840 the family moved to Wales. The rapid expansion of coal mining had […]

    • Eleanor White
      • ‘they also serve who only stand and wait’ Who organised this sweet headstone for a widow? Eleanor White was the eldest child of William and Harriet Jones and born in […]

    • James Phillips
      • The catastrophe at Miramar At about 3:30pm on 6 June 1910, a mass of earth without the slightest warning came down upon two men who were working in the drive […]

    • Mary Ann Clapshaw
      • Born in 1849 Mary Ann Tiernan but known as Marion, she was raised in Quebec city, Canada by her Irish born parents. At age 16, she married Evan Davies. They […]

    • Mary Louisa Hancock
      • Our heads were turned first by the Hancock plot, and after a little delving realised the connection with a plot three along to the right. This is the story of […]

    • Louis Peter Christeson
      • Louis was born about 1861 in Denmark. He married Eveline Stephens (born 1866) in 1883 in New Zealand and became a naturalised citizen the same year. His profession was recorded […]

    • Robert Holliday
      • Robert (Robie) was born in 1855 in Genoa, Italy, the son of Thomas Holliday and Ann Jeal. Thomas moved the family from England due to his work as an Engineer. […]

    • George Presswood
      • G.H.P So mysterious to have only the initials on a plot. By accessing the digitised burial register we realised this is the plot of George Housely Presswood. Knowing how pricey […]

    • Sir Francis Bell
      • Francis Henry Dillon Bell was born in 1851 the eldest son of the former New Zealand Company agent Francis Dillon Bell. He was educated at Auckland Grammar, Otago Boys, and […]

    • Albert Martin
      • Albert Martin (1882-1940) Last November Margaret, who is one of our Members, put us in touch with Alan and Yvonne Townsend who she found looking a bit lost in the […]

    • Dr David Nairn
      • (information supplied in part by one of his descendants) David was born in 1863 in Dundee, Scotland to William Nairn and his wife Elizabeth Mathewson. William was a merchant linen […]

    • Reginald Berry
      • Reginald George James Berry (known as James)designer of the first New Zealand decimal coins Berry was born in London in 1906. He went to Russell Hill boarding school and won […]

    • Dr John Ewart
      • “There has probably never been a greater superintendent of the Wellington Hospital than Dr Ewart” (Evening Post, 5 August 1939). This story was inspired by a Genealogy Investigations story on […]

    • Mary Anne Swaison
      • This grave is the burial plot of Mary Anne Swainson. She was born in 1833 near Hull in the English Midlands and arrived in New Zealand in 1856. In 1859 […]

    • Lambro Parris
      • Lambro was born in 1878 to Andrew and Mary (nee Jackson) Parris.  According to Lambro’s obituary, he commenced work on wharves in 1885. He was a foundation member of the […]

    • Mary Jackson
      • “Look Before You Leap” . This was the title of a newspaper article reporting on Mary’s marriage in 1882. Andrew Parris married Mary Jackson at St Mary of the Angels […]

    • Peter Fraser
      • Peter Fraser was born in 1884 in the far north Scottish Highlands.  He left school early and worked to help support his family, but unemployment forced him to go to London.  […]

    • Sir Ernest Marsden
      • Sir Ernest Marsden was born in Manchester, England in 1889. He excelled at school and joined the Physics Department of Manchester University where he became involved in assisting Ernest Rutherford […]

    • Christopher Locker
      • Christopher Lockyer – an incorrigible vagabond Chris first takes our notice for running a brothel in Mulgrave Street in April 1894 and by so doing, his “bad characters” residents rowed […]

    • William Eades
      • William Eades, builder & undertaker William was born in Croydon, England and trained in the building trade. He was said to have made the wheels for Queen Victoria’s first train […]

    • Rev Coffey
      • The Rev Coffey, the vicar of St Mark’s Church from 1876 to 1907, was a fervent letter writer, and Wellington City Archives have digitised a number of his concerned citizen […]

    • George Wiltshire
      • As we are about to embark on Wellington Heritage Week, we thought to fitting to pay tribute to George Wiltshire, designer of the Friends’ H.Q:  The Shelter. If you like […]

    • James Grainge
      • ATTEMPTED MURDER A Young Man Shoots at His Stepfather. In the Catholic section lies the Grainge plot. This is the story of James Grainge, an employee of a cooperative grocery […]

    • Adolphus Le Sueur
      • This is the plot of Adolphus and Emily Le Sueur. The Le Sueur name is old French for shoemaker. Adolphus Albert Le Sueur was born in 1847 in St Helier, […]

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