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    • Grant Robertson Votes, Eats Sausage, and Ignores Protesters on Campus
      • VUW has become a hotspot for politicians heading to cast their vote, with Labour’s Grant Robertson and Ibrahim Omer voting in the Hub last Wednesday, and the Greens’ Tamatha Paul and James Shaw, alongside Wellington mayor Tory Whanau, voting here last Monday. Deputy Prime Minister Carmel Sepuloni showed up in support, but didn’t cast her vote.

    • Staff Told to Tear Down Posters Protesting Staff Cuts On Open Day
      • Documents released to Salient under the Official Information Act reveal the university ordered the removal of posters protesting staff cuts around campus ahead of Open Day. A staff member, whose name was withheld by the university, emailed the communications department in early August saying, “We have seen quite a few posters and fliers dropped across campus about “staff cuts” and “programme cuts” etc.”

    • OPINION: Not Keen on Either Chris? That’s Fine, You Still Have Options
      • Whether you're a politics nerd like me, or someone who can't stand it, I think that we can all agree that this election has been one of the most dry, bland, and uninspiring contests of recent years. We’ve got a choice between Chris and Chris for PM; one with hair, and one with considerably less hair; a seasoned politician and a seasoned businessman. The same lines are recited and the same pandering becomes easy to see through. ‘Does it really matter which Chris gets my vote?’

    • Condom Confusion Erupts as Machine Vanishes from Campus Toilets
      • A curious condom machine in a men's bathroom on Kelburn campus has vanished following reporting by Salient, with the university sending mixed signals. The coin operated machine piqued Salient’s interest in April for its retro charm and bizarrely off-branded product.

    • How to Survive the Renting Rat Race
      • It’s that time of year again: hordes of freshers perform the annual ritual of scurrying to find a flat before the next academic year begins. The difficulty to even be offered a flat as a first-time renter has forced our news intern to accept a flat in the ditch of Devon Street in Aro Valley (pray for him).

    • Candidate Kōrero: The Act Party
      • ACT wasn't interested in speaking with Salient, so instead, we’ve summarised a non-conclusive list of the key ACT Party policies you need to know. For more information, check out Policy.nz or the Act Party Manifesto.

    • Candidate Kōrero: Debbie Ngarewa-Packer (Te Pāti Māori)
      • When it comes to Te Pāti Māori’s political ideology, co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer says it’s complicated. While the party was formerly “comfortable with National”, she says they now “lean left” in the “Western-centric sense”. But Ngarewa-Packer thinks they’re best described as simply “indigenous”.

    • Candidate Kōrero: Nicola Willis (The National Party)
      • Nicola Willis says she was never “a Young Nat or anything” during her time at Victoria University of Wellington. It's been a huge turn around for the MP vying to be New Zealand’s next Finance Minister, who says she “wasn’t even into politics” while studying a BA in English Literature in the early 2000s.

    • OPINION: The VUWSA Election Gives Us No Choice
      • This is the third year in a row where a VUWSA President is elected uncontested, signalling a dire trend of dwindling engagement in student politics. This is more evidence than ever that candidates willing to put their dignities on the line to advocate for students are a critically endangered species.

    • Headline Junkie 02' October
      • National’s Proposed Benefit Plan Would Result in “More Children Living In Poverty” This past Tuesday, National announced their “traffic light system” policy to change the Job Seeker Support Benefit. National’s spokesperson for Social Development, Louise Upston, claimed that Labour removing "clear consequences for jobseekers" has meant 60,000 extra people are receiving the benefit since the last National Government. National’s consequences for those who don’t meet benefit obligations could include reductions or suspensions of benefit payments, up to three months of mandatory community work, and less power managing their money. Those on the benefit would also have to reapply every six months with evidence of job applications and interviews. The Prime Minister denounced National’s proposed sanctions stating, “Harsher sanctions don't work. National's plan today would simply result in more children living in poverty, because that's what happened last time.” Ricardo Menéndez-March, Green Party Social Development spokesperson, called the National policy “cruel”, “ill-thought-out”, and “dehumanising”. “Woke Lesbo” Reams NZ First Transphobe CW: Transphobic Comments. “I’m not going to deny people’s existence,” stated Chlӧe Swarbrick on last Monday’s TVNZ and Re:News Young Voters Debate. Swarbrick went head to head with NZ First candidate Lee Donoghue while discussing two of his party’s policies: removing “gender ideology from the curriculum” and restricting transgender people’s access to public bathrooms, based on a binary idea of biological sex. Host Anna Harcourt presented evidence from LGBTQ Teen Data in 2019 that trans and nonbinary teens face a higher risk of sexual assault in schools that prevent them from using bathrooms or locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. Donoghue claimed he had evidence against the presented statistic, but “not in front of [him] right now”, and that trans people are “making a mockery of women’s spaces”. Swarbrick clapped back that because of “actual data [...], we know our gender minority whānau are disproportionately represented in mental ill health, addiction, and suicide statistics.” Donoghue began, “There are actually a lot of lesbians and gays against…”, but was interupted by Swarbrick stating she was speaking “on behalf of the woke lesbos” and denouncing the “rhetoric and fearmongering behind the likes of [NZ First].” The Food Duopoly Strikes Again! Advance to Cuba Street: if you pass Go, collect $200! The opening of a new Fresh Choice Metro on Cuba Street is saving a Salient News Editor’s chicken soup. “As someone who flats on Cuba, I will very much appreciate not having to walk all the way to New World Metro on Willis Street at 8 p.m. to buy a singular carrot because I started making chicken soup before realising I didn’t have any,” Ethan Manera announced to his X followers last Wednesday. The new supermarket is set to open in December. Fresh Choice is operated under a division of Woolworths New Zealand, who also own the Countdown and SuperValue supermarket franchises. Hollywood Writers Reach A Deal After five months, the Hollywood writers’ strike is ending. An agreement between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and an alliance of studios reached a deal on Sunday, 24 September, making the strike five days short of the longest of its kind in history. A summary of the deal will be public on Tuesday. The Hollywood actors continue their strike, but the success of the writers renews hope for their own negotiations.

    • Candidate Kōrero: Winston Peters (NZ First)
      • Winston kindly came along to the Salient office for a robust and hostile 30-minute chat peppered with personal insults, including calling me ignorant, a hypocrite, and saying I need to find a new job.

    • D-Day for Humanities as Confirmed Course Cuts Rock University
      • The long-winded process of staff cuts at Victoria University of Wellington finally has an end in sight, with Vice-Chancellor Nic Smith sending an email to all staff and students on 21 September, communicating the university’s final decision for courses set to be cut.

      • In August of this year, Kiwi artist Aaradhna, who is of Samoan and Indian descent, opened up via Instagram about her experience as a victim of domestic violence. I must be living under a rock, because I only heard of this incident when asked to write this piece. People may wonder why victims don’t defend themselves. The fact is, it’s not that simple. An outsider cannot see the circumstances or understand the complex emotions victims have to weave through within these situations.

    • Te Mana Ola - The Pacific Health Strategy
      • Te Mana Ola is the first ever Pacific health strategy, released in July 2023. It is a part of Pae Ora: Healthy Futures Strategy, written to help form more equitable, accessible, and cohesive health and wellbeing for Pasifika in Aotearoa.

    • Election 2023: Pasifika Decisions
      • With the upcoming 2023 election only weeks away, it is extremely important for us as Pasifika to play our part and vote. Voting ensures that we are represented in Parliament and that we are at the head of the table when it comes to decision making that impacts Pasifika people.

    • Toa Samoa's Rugby League World Cup 2022 Journey: A Tale of Mana and Determination
      • The Rugby League World Cup is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the sport, where nations from around the world compete for the ultimate prize in rugby league glory. In October 2022, Toa Samoa, the national rugby league team of Samoa, embarked on a remarkable journey that showcased their passion, determination, and unwavering commitment to the game.

    • Maui’s Resilience Shines Through Amidst 2023 Bushfires
      • On August 8, 2023, bushfires swept across the island of Maui, leaving devastation in their wake. It was an unprecedented challenge for Maui, known for its breathtaking landscapes, warm communities, and vibrant culture. While the fires brought forth tragedy and heartache, they also illuminated the extraordinary spirit of resilience, unity, and determination that defines this tropical haven.

    • Candidate Kōrero: Fleur Fitzsimons
      • Fleur Fitzsimons is the picture-perfect Labour Party candidate—black blazer, red scarf, and all—with The Spinoff crediting her look to a Labour MP ‘laboratory’. Fitzsimons has been a Wellingtonian for 26 years, ever since she first moved to study Politics and Law at VUW. She joined the VUWSA executive, alongside the current Prime Minister, then VUWSA President, Chris Hipkins.

    • Candidate Kōrero: Karunā Muthu
      • Karunā Muthu describes himself as a “political animal”. He's not lying; rocking up to our interview in his royal blue National Party branded jacket, he jokes that he’s going to be the Prime Minister of New Zealand. The National Candidate for Rongotai is optimistic he’s able to turn Rongotai blue, despite it being a safe Labour seat since 1996.

    • Putting New World’s Massive 5% Student Discount to the Test
      • If you get the feeling you're being fleeced at the self-checkout, you're not mistaken: the price of food has increased a fat 8.9% over the past year. The cost of living crisis has financially crippled Aotearoa and students are feeling the squeeze. But there seems to be a glimmer of hope on the financially chequered horizon: New World Metro.

    • International Students Screwed Over By “Advanced Graduation” Mismanagement
      • International students have been cold shouldered by VUW about their graduation ceremony this year, following miscommunication of the university’s decision to forgo advanced graduation from this year onward. Prior to the policy's implementation this year, students who completed their degree requirements in Trimester 2 were able to apply for advanced graduation, allowing them to attend the December ceremony.

    • New waiata Gifted to All Blacks from Te Matatini
      • Te Matatini has gifted a new trilingual waiata to New Zealand Rugby. The new waiata 'Kia Kino Nei Hoki' was gifted at the last All Blacks game that commenced in Dunedin. The waiata was released on the 11th of August, also coinciding with its support of Te Marama Pūoru Waiata Māori - Maori Music Month.

    • Te Mātārae-i-Ōrehu Appreciation post
      • Wetini Mitai Ngatai, group leader of Te Mātārae i Ōrehu has recently announced their resignation from competition kapa haka. Te Mātārae i Ōrehu have paved the way in many senses of te Ao Kapa Haka. The rōpū were established by Irirangi Tiakiawa Tāhuriorangi in October 1994.

    • Headline Junkie: Sept 11
      • Huinga Tauira After a three year hiatus and a somewhat short lived kaupapa from last year, Te Huinga Tauira will be back in full force with a five day long gathering in Otautahi. Coming from near and far, Tauira Mäori will be partaking in a number of kaupapa supposedly not centred around drinking. Contrary to popular belief the main goal of this kaupapa is to network and not find a Mãori husband. The Living Pã The Living Pā has been under construction since 2021 and needless to say Tauira Māori are waiting on the edge of their seats for it's opening. Questions about its necessity have surfaced, prompting discussions about the university's priorities. Needless to say though, the Living Pā will provide a much-needed home for our tauira Mäori and support their well-being. Election Year It's election year everyone and it's important that you get out there and vote! Your opinion is important, especially in a time where politicians are making comments about bombing whole groups of people. You may not do politics but politics will DO you Te Kura Reo ki Te Herenga Waka Te Hohaieti o Te Reo Māori recently held their first kura reo at Kelburn Campus. The event ran smoothly with a great turn out from taura and the public alike. Step one to reo domination in a teritary institute: done! *** Huinga Tauira Whai muri atu I te toru tau kati me te kaupapa wākari i te tau kua hipa, ka whakahokia a Te Huinga Tauira ki te kaha nui i te whakatūnga whā rā i Ōtautahi. Haere mai ana i ngā wāhi tata me te tawhiti ngā tauira Māori ki te whakarite i ētahi kaupapa e kore e whakapau i te inu. Ahakoa te whakapau i te whakapono whānuitanga, ko te whāinga matua o tēnei kaupapa he whakawhitiwhitinga whakahaere, ā, kāore e whai i te rapu i tētahi tāne Māori hei hoa. The Living Pā Kua whakakotahitahia te whare noho a "The Living Pā" mai i te tau 2021, ā, kāore i te whakapau kaha te Tauira Māori ki te tatari ki tōna whakatuwhera. Kua puta ngā pātai e pā ana ki tōna whaiwhai, ā, kua whakamōhiohia ngā whakawhitiwhitinga e pā ana ki ngā whāinga o te whare wānanga. Ahakoa tēnei, ka whakarato te Living Pā i te whare kāinga e whai mana ana mō ō tātou tauira Māori me te whakapau i ō rātou oranga. TE TAU WHAKATAU PŌTI It's election year everyone and it's important that you get out there and vote! Your opinion is important, especially in a time where politicians are making comments about bombing whole groups of people. You may not do politics but politics will DO you TE KURA REO KI TE HERENGA WAKA Kua whakatūria te Hōhaieti o Te Reo Māori i tō rātou kura reo tuatahi i te Kāmpu o Kelburn. Ka whakapau kaha te kaupapa! I whiwhi hua pai te hōtaka i waenga i ngā ākonga me te iwi. Whakatūpato tuatahi ki te whakamāoritanga o te reo i tētahi whare wānanga: kua oti!

    • Sperm Whale harvested off Te Oneroa a Tohe
      • A young parāoa was discovered off Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē, south of Maunganui Bluff on August 3rd. Following its discovery, the tikanga of Te Aupōuri was followed and supported by other Te Tai Tokerau iwi. Tikanga was prominent in respectfully harvesting and burying the whale.

    • Kiritapu Allan
      • Many of you may have heard of Kiritapu Allan's accident, which led to her resignation, and further statement to not seek re-election in the upcoming election. Honourable Kiri Allan, East Coast MP, Minister of Regional Development and Justice Minister, has been in the political sphere since 2017 when elected through the Labour Party list.

    • Fair Pay Agreements: What to Know
      • In November of last year, the Fair Pay Agreement Act passed its third reading in Parliament, supported by Labour, the Greens, and Te Pāti Māori. Fair pay agreements (FPA) allow employees and unions to negotiate with employers on what a fair level of pay within an industry is.

    • Mite Mania: Capital Hall Under Scabies Siege
      • Freshers have been left itching and scratching as an unwelcome guest has taken over VUW’s Capital Hall: an outbreak of the small skin burrowing mite commonly known as scabies. Salient understands a small group of residents first noticed some unwelcome itches two weeks ago, and have since informed staff they were receiving treatment for scabies, causing mite hysteria throughout the hall.

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