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    • The Newtown Festival we know and love cannot take place in 2022
      • After a lot of planning and consulting, we’re sad to let you know that the Newtown Festival we know and love cannot take place in 2022. This has not been an easy decision for us, but the safety and wellbeing of everyone is our first priority in these COVID times. The COVID Safety Framework (aka […]

    • Riki Gooch & Al Fraser
      • Presenting sonic vignettes, offering contemplative rhythms and haunting breaths reverberating from their hearts, crossing realms into Te Ao Mārama.

    • Buck Rogers & Aqua Poodle
      • Buck Rogers & Aqua Poodle have been djing at infamous dance festivals and underground parties around Aotearoa since The Gathering in the late 90’s. Buck a founding member of ‘Le Tigress’ & ‘Menage a Trois’ and Aqua Poodle being a high priestess of ‘Divas on Decks’.Their mission is to connect one’s soul to the infinite […]

    • Performer EOIs Are Open !
      • We are now welcoming and encouraging any and all acts to register their expressions of interest for Newtown Festival 2022. We are aiming to serve a huge local lineup again so please tell your friends and whānau! We will consider everything! Form: bit.ly/nf2021eoi More information at: www.newtownfestival.org.nz/performers/performerapplications

    • Another successful Festival!
      • And a very special “Thank You” to a group of sponsors who contributed so that children could enjoy all the carnival rides free of charge! Newtown Festival is a family friendly event with a great focus on ensuring that people of all ages have an awesome time. We were delighted that this extra help made […]

    • The Office Bar After Party
      • The Office Bar is bringing you a tasty selection of DJs to keep you grooving after the daytime festivities! Check out the lineup below. 5:30pm DJ Zaira7:00pm BioniCal8:30pm BDR10:00pm Joe Duncan

    • MixClub
      • Newtown Ave Block Party // 11:00 – 1:00pm MixClub is… Four DJ’ing friends bringing their Berlin- and London-acquired love of minimal, deep house and techno to the Wellington scene.  Expect some nice, subtle and tasty tunes. Mmmm…

    • Seren
      • Newtown Social Club After Party // 9:45 – 10:45pm Formerly a harmony queen vocalist and drum & bass ballerina, Seren decided to cut out the middle-man and get the tools into her own hands. Vocal driven, butty bass & velvet vibes.

    • Class War On The Dance Floor
      • Newtown Social Club After Party // 8:45 – 9:45pm Class War On The Dance Floor produces revolutionary beats weaving hip hop, chiptunes and retro synth soundscapes, with lyrics that smash the patriarchy and rhythms that empower humanity.

    • Polish Storytellers
      • Arney Street // 10-10:30am, 11-11:30am, 2-2:30pm, 3-3:30pm Have you seen the Wawel Dragon?  Want to know more about the mermaid who protects the people of Warsaw? Know how to catch a Basilisk without being turned into stone?  Stories told in English.

    • Polish Storytellers
      • Arney Street // 10-10:30am, 11-11:30am, 2-2:30pm, 3-3:30pm Have you seen the Wawel Dragon?  Want to know more about the mermaid who protects the people of Warsaw? Know how to catch a Basilisk without being turned into stone? Stories told in English.

    • Young Gho$t
      • Newtown Social Club // 9:00 – 10:30pm Veteran mic killer, certified deck spinner and big time vibe bringer Young Gho$t has been laying heat and strapping beats with militant fervour ever since he first started making music in 2014.

    • Earl Le Duke
      • Newtown Ave Block Party Stage // 2:30 – 4:30pm Born from the deep jungle and rolling with some monster bootleg swagger, a dollop of quirky horns and a dash of lurching swing, Earl Le Duke weaves together a drooling mixture of styles, genres and tempos, bringing you the bass from the Bayou…Conjuring modern DJ voodoo with vintage midi trickery Earl broadcasts Bass-line, Swamp-bass ‘n’ Breaks with a tropical flavour, some Eastern charm and a sub bass rattle. Responsible for underground phenomenon The Swamp Shack Sound System and running all things musical in the now infamous Wellington Juke Joint known as Laundry, Earl Le Duke has one foot in the mangroves and the other in the dancehall…

    • Helix
      • Newtown Ave Block Party Stage // 4:30 – 6:30pm One of Wellington’s favorite and most experienced DJs, over the last 27 years Jon Helix has played hundreds of shows all over New Zealand, and in the USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

    • Seraph
      • Newtown Ave Block Party Stage // 4:30 – 6:30pm SERAPH grew up partying to the sounds of Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier and their contemporaries, encountering these house and techno giants at the heart of the electronic revolution across Paris, London, New York and Tokyo.

    • Marcos Alonso
      • Newtown Ave Block Party Stage // 4:30 – 6:30pm With a smile that steps into the room before he does, Marcos Alonso lights up the dance floor with his eclectic, effervescent style.

    • Updated Programme for April 11th!
      • The updated Newtown Fest Programme for April 11th is here! Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to a few artists who couldn’t make the new date but don’t worry, we have filled the gaps with more wonderful performers for the big day! Check out the updated performance programme below: ABRZY, Alpha Beta Gamma, Amba Holly, Amy Jean, Annette Esquenet, Arjuna Oakes, Aw B, Babybel, Babyteeth, Bailee Lobb, Banana Mundo, Belladonna, Ben Woods, Big Girls, Billy Lyrical, Birdfeeder, Booth the Clown, Bret McKenzie & Band, BTD B*tches, Buck Rogers & Co, By A Damn Sight, Caleb Stowers, Cameron Morris, Capoeira Angola Street Roda, CARLÖ, Cath Rogers, Charlotte Kerrigan with Bluesette, Christopher Tubbs, Clear Path Ensemble, Code Brown, COFFIN CLUB, Colette Rivers, Coolkidsplayhard, Corrosive Moses, Cosmonauts, Crash Bandihoot, Current Bias, Dance Ensemble Horo, DARTZ, Dateless, Dave Murphy and Janet Muggeridge, Deb5000, Delic, Diggy Dupé, Disconnect, DJ Ethixx, Dj Gooda, DJ Kerb, Dj Oboe, DJ Thanks, Earl Le Duke, Earth Tongue, Eddie D’amore, Estère, FABU, Feng, Fire & Emergency Burning Kitchen, First Move, Fool Steam Ahead, Footnote New Zealand Dance, Fun and Funner, Guardian Singles, Hagseed, Hans Blix and the Inspectors, Hawaiian Dance Wellington, Heleyni, Helix, Housewitches, Huia, Hummucide, Iain C,  Idhayam, Ingrid Saker, JDK Crew, Jedi, Jesper Tjarnfors, Jesse Jahmal, Joe Blossom, Judy Virago, Kaneskies, KÉDU CARLÖ, Kubatana & the Moringa Dancers, Latinaotearoa, Laughton Kora, Laura: Mighty Circus Girl, Lilith, LILSTIFFY, Mamazita, Marcos Alonso, Marrowspawn, MC Wiya, Miosis, Mongo Skato, Move It Danceworks, Mr Fungus, Mr Wizowski, MulletMan & MiM, NahBo, Nam Chucks, Newtown Rocksteady, Newtown Tuesday, Night Lunch, No L (Grove Roots), OdESSA, Oriental Voice Choir, Orlęta, Orzeł, Polish Association Storytellers, Pork Crackle, Puoro Jerome, Qualms, RadioActive.FM DJs, Raucous Productions, Rei, Revulva, Rudie Bam Bam, Sam Manzanza & Afrobeat band, Samara Alofa & Friends, Scattered Wreckage, Seamus Johnson, Sean Barker, Seaside Sloths, Ska Man, Seraph, shannengeorgiapetersen, Siblings, Ski Resort, Sky Canvas, Snowqueen, Só Samba, soda, SODA BOYZ, Soft Plastics, Sounds Almighty Sound System, Ssendam Rawkustra, Stress Ghetto, Synthetic Children, Taikoza Wellington, Tarrant Dancers Traffic Angels, Te Kahureremoa, Te Kapa Haka o Te Kura o Ngā Puna Waiora – Newtown School, Te Kupu, The Bandits, The Bulgarian Roses, The Circus Hub, The Godwits, The Good Taste Selector, The Megalodons, The Mixclub DJs, The Phoenix Foundation, The She Jays, The Steampunk Minstrels, Tight Weave, Tiny Kookie, Tū Crucial Sound System, Ügly Disco, Under Construction, Valley Kids, Vanessa Worm, Vernon x Bastian, Vince Cabrera, Vox Ethno, VU/ZU FREE-SHOP-FOTO-SHOOT, WAI, Wellington Batucada, Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre, Wellington Fire and Flow Club, Wellington Youth Circus, Will McLean + The Zooks, Wiri Donna, Zane & Degge, Zoe Moon

    • Newtown Ave Block Party
      • Laundry takes over the street and brings the party to Newtown Festival! Banging music from a lineup of loads of great DJs, our monster Hifi sound system, a Gin bar, craft beer from our friends at Kereru and South Cider, a vegan food truck, fun, games, dress-ups and all sorts of other shenanigans… 11:00 – 1:00 Mixclub DJs (Minimal/Deep House) B2B1:00 – 2:30 Ügly Disco (Live House/Disco)2:30 – 4:30 Laundry Crew – Tiny Kookie, Delic, Code Brown & Earl le Duke B2B4:30 – 6:30 Housing Project – Helix, Seraph, Marcos Alonso and Ian C B2B6:30 – 8:00 Menage A Trois – Buck Rogers & Co B2B 17 Newtown Avenue! Come get involved!

    • Babybel
      • Babybel is a femme three-piece band, making grungey shoe-gaze alt-rock. Birthed from the brain of George Banach-Salas, we started out as a two-piece, after Sam & George met at Girls Rock! Pōneke 2019 and had a big nerd out about music and a need for a music outlet. When we decided we needed a bigger sound, Shannen joined as our bass queen in 2020 and thus solidified the dream team that is Babybel.

    • Amy Jean
      • Amy Jean is a DJ, producer and multidisciplinary artist whose catalogue of explorative works and compositions reflects a depth of experience across contemporary music fields and the visual arts.

    • Artists that can’t make the new date
      • A HUGE shout out to Alpaca Social Club, Annette Esquenet, AquaPoodle, Common Unity Koha Cart, Geena & Julia, The Godwits, Hugo Grrrl, Jess Cornelius, Riki Gooch & Al Fraser, Solid Gold Dance Crew NZ, TUi MAMAKi, Vera Ellen & MC Yadana Saw.

    • Ingrid Saker
      • Ingrid Saker is the songwriter, vocalist and rhythm guitarist in her band Ingrid and the Ministers. Inspired by a long line of kick-ass female blues and rock musicians, Ingrid loves giving high-energy performances and singing about difficult topics, but always with a hopeful twist. 

    • Eddie D’amore
      • He’s is a little bit vintage and a wee bit dapper and a whole lot sparkly. This silver throated crooner who charm your ears with a voice so sweet you can’t help but fall in love. Who is he? He’s your Italian, opera singing lover boy, Eddie D’amore. 

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