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      • Big weekend… grading and tourny
        • 26 Oct 2009
        • Mt Vic Karate Dojo Wellington
        • I can now offer the more traditional congratulations to our 5 new MVD black belts! Yes! All five survived and passed the test along with 12 other candidates from across NZ, Timaru to Auckland. For different reasons we are full of admiration for all 5 of our guys, Jamie, Chetan, Darsheka, Dom [...]
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      • Labour Weekend
        • 21 Oct 2009
        • Mt Vic Karate Dojo Wellington
        • I just wanted to congratulate the five shodan candidates from MVD who will be travelling to Napier this weekend for their Black Belt grading. Jamie, Chetan, Darsheka, Dom & Christian. It might seem premature but in my view the few months before a shodan grading are the most arduous of your entire Kyokushin [...]
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      • Good news!
        • 20 Oct 2009
        • Mt Vic Karate Dojo Wellington
        • Budokan Judo club have confirmed they will be coming with us to Mt Cook! The Budokan moved in with MVD when we were at Hania Street so we appreciate them letting us drag them across Welly for a second time! This is also great news in terms of mats! Budokan own the [...]
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      • BIG News! Mt Vic Dojo is on the move again!!!
        • 15 Oct 2009
        • Mt Vic Karate Dojo Wellington
        • While we’ve enjoyed the last 12 months disporting ourselves in what amounts to almost 600sqm of dojo, Chris and I have been very aware this is wholly unsustainable. Since our printer repair business downsized at the beginning of this year we have only stayed at Home Street because we were committed to the lease until Jan [...]
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      • Sponsor a Mat!
        • 24 Sep 2009
        • Mt Vic Karate Dojo Wellington
        • As you may be aware the dojo is sporting some lovely new jigsaw mats as a result of funding received from NZCT, bless them!  Many of you are also aware we wanted more mats than were covered for by funding 1. so we could make use of the excess space in the dojo and 2. so [...]
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      • Junior Mini Tournament this weekend
        • 18 Sep 2009
        • Mt Vic Karate Dojo Wellington
        • When: Sunday 10am-12:30 Who: Pee Wees, Juniors and Colts Where: Mt Vic Dojo What to bring: Uniform (plus shinpads & gloves if you have them), Running shoes and a plate of something yummy to share! Competition Categories: Shotput, Super Jump Kicks, Sumo, Point Sparring, The ‘Team Challenge’, Tug-o-war (Parent’s challenge) The kids will be organised into teams representing a cross [...]
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      • Match Fight Night!
        • 15 Sep 2009
        • Mt Vic Karate Dojo Wellington
        • *contented sigh* I do love Match Fight Night and this year was no exception, apart from it seems to get easier every time we do it!  It probably helped that I conned Jamie into doing my refereeing so had nothing to do but chill and enjoy – ha! Results… (first fighter named is red) Katherine Skipper (MVD) beat [...]
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      • Aussie Nationals, Sydney, 1 November
        • 18 Aug 2009
        • Mt Vic Karate Dojo Wellington
        • Fancy an Australian National title on your CV? This years Australian National Tournament will be held at Gymea Trade Union Club in Gymea, Sydney on 1 November 2009. The Application forms and relevent information (times, weigh in, accommidation information) will follow. This year will be inviting fighters from New Zealand and French New Caladonia. We hope to see as many of [...]
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