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    • Bujinkan Jissen Dojo
      • Bujinkan Jissen Dojo (武神 館実戦道場) is based in Wellington, New Zealand (Aotearoa) and is part of the International Bujinkan Dojo (武神館 道場) based in Noda-shi, Japan.The Bujinkan Dojo is an international association founded and directed by Masaaki Hatsumi (初見良昭), Soke. It's function is to transmit the teachings of nine Koryu-ha (ancient martial streams) of which Hatsumi Sensei holds the title of Soke (patriarch or family head).
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    • Family Martial Arts - Kenpo Karate Wellington
      • We are a family oriented martial arts academy. Our mission is to assist families in our community to develop life-skills, positive relationships and the joy of successful achievement by training together in the art of Kenpo Karate. Out unique rotating curriculum and family classes make learning fun and easy. Visit our website and discover why many people just like you have found fitness, fun and freindship through Kenpo Karate; the most effective, safe and logical martial art in the world. Classes held in the city (Mt Cook), Miramar, Whitby, Eastbourne, Johnsonville
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    • GSW Wellington
      • G.S.W is the Grappling Specialists Wellington. Our passion is (BJJ) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We are the only BJJ club in Wellington and we are one of the best BJJ clubs in the whole of New Zealand.
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      • selfdefence

    • Jai Thai Boxing Gym
      • Opening this month, Jai Thai Boxing Gym is a modern, clean and fully equipped Muay Thai training centre in the heart of Wellington. The art of Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is a fun way to keep fit while also learning some serious self-defence skills. At Jai Thai Boxing gym we specialise in cardio-focused, non-aggressive workouts that burn up to 800 calories per hour. Our challenging routines involve pad work, punching and kicking bags and shadow boxing. Allowing students to learn and practise Thai Boxing without the need for contact.
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    • Poneke Dojo
      • My name is Chris Gower and I’m very proud to present our Dojo. My wife Jill and I opened the club (as Mt Vic Dojo) in ’99. Since then it has taken on a life of it’s own! We have a wonderful new, full time facility in Mt Cook, a team of highly experienced and capable instructors and a friendly, relaxed culture that permiates the whole club.
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    • Rembuden Karate Kilbirnie
      • The name Rembuden was given to the club by Kuroda Sensei, a leading teacher of the Martial Arts and Calligraphy. The name is made up from the Japanese - REM, to train with the heart and spirit, BU meaning the Martial Ways and DEN being the place of practice.
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    • Rhee Taekwondo
      • Rhee Taekwondo is a martial art with an emphasis on practical self defence and a safe, friendly training environment. All ages welcome with seperate kids and adults classes.
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      • selfdefence

    • Wellington Judo Academy
      • The Wellington Judo Academy is proudly one of the oldest martial arts clubs in New Zealand. Established in 1955, the Academy is still dedicated to the core values that we’ve held from the beginning; providing high quality instruction in the Japanese Martial Art of Judo to both skilled judoka and amatuers alike.
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