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      • March 2021
        • 3 Mar 2021
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Howdy, all – well, crikey – the rest of NZ back in Covid alert level 2, while our Auckland chums are at level 3 – appreciate it must be tough for you guys, having been there before, but we have beaten this thing before, and we’ll do it again – our thoughts are with you all…Meantime, here in the capital, we are asking that everyone does their bit for the Covid war effort – stay home if you are sick, get tested, and PLEASE – scan our QR code when you pay us a visit, and use the hand sanitiser provided; by just following these simple steps, we stand a better chance of avoiding further, or stricter, lockdowns…We have a tonne of fantastic new posters in stock with which to decorate the walls of your home – come take a flick through the racks and find something that fills you with joy – and for a measly $15 – almost too good to be true, eh!?We also have a whole heap of lovingly curated new and second-hand vinyl, CDs and DVDs heading out into the store on the daily, just waiting for you to give it that forever home!We are also doing a US order every 2 or 3 weeks, wait times are WAY down from last year, seem to be arriving in just a week or so, exchange rate pretty favourable – happy to order things in for you, just fire us an email or pay us a visit and we’ll see what we can do for you…Finally – we realise 2020 was pretty tough for a lot of people, but we need you to know that we are here for you, and that music really does help make everything just a little better – we hugely appreciate your support, hope you are doing okay, and would love to see or hear from you soon.Peace out, take care, love on ya XX The Slow Boat Crew XX

      • 2020!!!
        • 24 Dec 2020
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Just wanted to offer a huge Slow Boat CHEERS to everyone who has supported us this year; it has certainly been one of the strangest I can recall – far and away the longest the ‘Boat has ever been docked in 35-odd years of trading!Hugely grateful to everyone who has bought music and more from us, who has been patient waiting on the arrival of stock that sometimes took an absolute age, and to those who came along and lent their support on the three Record Store Day ‘drops’, and for those unforgettable instore performances from The Muttonbirds (way back in February!), and The Beths in October – just quite phenomenal to have a shop full of people after all this year’s trials and tribulations and uncertainty.Our hearts go out to those overseas who may still be in some sort of lockdown – we are thinking of you, and we appreciate that we are in a very privileged position out here in our far flung corner of the world (and how quickly that can change).This years lessons often seemed to come down to one of our Prime Minister’s oft-stated maxims – kindness. It has been amazing to give and receive support to and from our customers and community at this strange time – especially our neighbours at San Fran and Rough Peel Records, as well as our suppliers, especially Southbound, Rhythmethod, Border Music and Universal Music NZ.We are thankful to be able to do this thing we love, and to share the gift that is music in our lives – it has certainly been a great comfort to us all here in these trying times…So, take care everybody – hope you all enjoy a safe and happy festive season – we will be here every day bar Xmas Day and New Years Day, so looking forward to seeing how you all redeem the many vouchers we have sold (it’s not too late, btw…)Keep scanning those QR codes, wash your hands, get tested if you are unwell – love, peace, kindness, and music!THE SLOW BOAT CREW XX

      • The Beths live instore at Slow Boat!!
        • 2 Oct 2020
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Those splendid folks from Tamaki Makaurau, The Beths, on top of their THREE sold out shows at San Fran, have generously agreed to perform a second Slow Boat instore, this time at 2pm on Saturday the 10th of October, as they finally get to celebrate the release of their superb sophomore album “Jump Rope Gazers” with a tour.

      • RSD Drop 2!!
        • 23 Sep 2020
        • Slow Boat Records
        • After a couple of false starts(!!), and with the dropping of the nationwide covid alert levels, Slow Boat is thrilled to finally be able to bring you some form of celebration – the second of three 2020 RSD drops, this Saturday, the 26th September, featuring a nifty, stripped-back instore performance from Auckland indie rock up-and-comers Daffodils, ahead of their show at Meow later that evening, celebrating the release of their excellent “Boys” EP on vinyl, which will be for sale instore!On top of this, you can expect a smattering of limited RSD vinyl and some mighty good cheer as we celebrate independent record stores, music and togetherness!! We would ask that you are super considerate of each other, and give each other space – we will be limiting the number of people instore at any given time, and the band will be performing at around 2.30pm – can’t WAIT to see all your smiling faces!!See you all here!! XX

      • Record store day 2020
        • 25 Aug 2020
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Well, best laid plans of mice and men, etc – we had some really fun stuff lined up for RSD 2020, a day dear to our hearts – and yours, as it happens.

      • August, almost!!
        • 31 Jul 2020
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Crikey, and just when it seemed like it was only February, suddenly it was blimmin’ AUGUST, already – almost like we lost a couple of months there…Not gonna lie – the lockdown was not entirely unpleasant for us – a good chance to charge the batteries, and look at some things from a different perspective – working smarter rather than necessarily just harder.

      • Level 2!!
        • 12 May 2020
        • Slow Boat Records
        • “The Rules” – here they are!We will be opening up as per on Thursday the 14th May, 9.

      • Level 3!!
        • 20 Apr 2020
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Well, the decision we have been waiting for, delivered by the PM, Jacinda Ardern and Director of Health, Dr.

      • The Mutton Birds live instore at Slow Boat!!!
        • 31 Jan 2020
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Good lord – what a marvellous event – hard to think of a more ‘Wellington’ thing than The Mutton Birds playing the song of the same name here at Slow Boat instore here on a Friday evening for a packed store full of deliriously happy fans, smack dab in the middle of their two sold-out shows at San Fran!!We were treated to a half-hour set of stone-cold classic songs like “Anchor Me”, “White Valiant” and my personal fave, “Like This Train” by this brilliant band – a pointed reminder of the way their music has lodged in our collective pyches – for which we are immensely grateful to the band, their management and crew, and genial soundman Bob – a wonderful, unforgettable moment in the store’s storied history, and one captured for posterity with some fine video clips (including this one https://www.facebook.com/159129047505886/videos/1317027751832660/, where I tragically dropped my phone part way thru…!!!)So – just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who made it down, and especially the band – Don, Dave, Alan and Ross – for giving your time and talent so generously – absolutely magical, spine-tingly stuff!!!Love on ya, XX The Slow Boat Crew XX

      • 2020!!
        • 9 Jan 2020
        • Slow Boat Records
        • And just like that, it was a new decade!! Hope everyone enjoyed a pleasant festive season, and got the LPs and CDs they wanted (or, if not, that the gifter at least got you an exchange card…!)Have been pretty well cleaned out of a lot of stuff in the Xmas rush, so we are restocking as our suppliers reopen for trade – but do let us know if there is anything in particular you are wanting and we’ll order in for you.WE DO, however, have a whole heap of swell posters to liven up those dreary wall (and even frames in which to put them, if you are a ‘poshing it up’ type, as well as a swish array of Slow Boat tees and our new cotton tote bags. We are still waiting on the new vinyl repress of the seminal “AK79” – will post something as soon as it is to hand.Wishing everyone the best light & love and positive musical vibrations for 2020.A Whole Lotta Love,The Slow Boat Crew XXX

      • November
        • 6 Nov 2019
        • Slow Boat Records
        • November, already – how in the hell did THAT happen?! Now that we are through the Rugby World Cup (bit disappointing on the All Blacks front, but way to go, Springboks!!), our attentions are fully focused on bringing you the very, very best of what the musical landscape of 2019 has to offer.

      • September
        • 4 Sep 2019
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Howdy, y’all! Well, without wishing to jinx it, it was a pretty mild Winter, all things considered, and Spring, it was seem, has, um, sprung?! HEAPS of new stuff instore – tee shirts, posters, DVDs, NOT TO MENTION some fantastic new LPs and CDs from (here we go)… Taylor Swift (a real return to form!), Lloyd Cole, Thom Yorke, Lizzo, Ride, Peter Perrett, Purple Pilgrims, PP Arnold, Lana Del Rey… we are also digging the latest Ace Records compilation of cheery 90’s hip hop entitled “The Daisy Age”, featuring De La Soul, Brand Nubian, Queen Latifah, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and heaps more – recommended!! We have also just taken delivery of EIGHT(!!!) boxes of terrific new LPs from the US, featuring many deleted and hard-to-find titles from a-Ha, Roy Ayers, The Beach Boys, Nine Inch Nails, King Crimson, Fugazi, The Proclaimers, Rammstein, , REM, Parquet Courts, Public Enemy, Lou Reed, Elton John, The Jesus & Mary Chain… I could go on, but perhaps best if you come and take a look for yourself – will have them out by the weekend! Also out this Friday – the brand spankin’ new release from one of the stars of last year’s Slow Boat Record Store Day event – Mermaidens, with their new album “Look Me In The Eye” – CD and lovely coloured vinyl… Also, a reminder that we place a US import order every 2-3 weeks, and there are a huge array of titles available – be warned that our falling exchange rate against the US has rendered some stuff on the pricy side… and that it will be Christmas before you/ we know it – have a think about it now and get real organised ahead of Festivus?!? We are here to help you look as kindly and generous as possible… Wishing everybody a happy and prosperous Spring – new beginnings, and all that – catch you all soon!! XX The Slow Boat Crew XX

      • June
        • 4 Jun 2019
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Howdy, y’all! Trusting everybody is well and good as we (finally!) head into the cooler months – I mean, you really can’t complain TOO much when it’s blimmin’ JUNE and the weather hasn’t been too savage, right?! Anyhow – plenty to be getting on with here at t’Boat – we were surprised and chuffed to get a shoutout from Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon at his recent show, for an Andre Segovia CD set he bought off us last time he visited Wellington in 2008, and we are also looking forward to forthcoming shows from Nadia Reid, Aldous Harding, Warpaint (!!!) and Lloyd Cole… You may also wish to spend some quality time with exceptional new releases from the aforementioned Aldous Harding -her glorious third album, “Designer” is a cracker, along with Mavis Staples‘ excellent Ben Harper-written/ produced set “We Get By”, Sharon Van Etten‘s lovely “Remind Me Tomorrow”, the return of Vampire Weekend with the hefty “Father Of The Bride”, or Big Thief‘s mysterious and lovely “UFOF”… we are also packing a fresh batch of stylin’ Slow Boat tees in some new colours and a range of sizes – a charcoal coloured one, and a reddish-marle are my picks of the litter… We also have tonnes of new posters to brighten up the walls of your pad, DVDs and box sets to hunker down with, a heap of nice priced new vinyl from the good folks at Universal Music NZ, and if you were wanting a special order from the US, say – an order going early next week… do feel free to drop us a line and enquire about anything you fancy. Stay warm, keep safe, be seein’ ya!! XX THE SLOW BOAT CREW XX

      • Danke!!
        • 16 Apr 2019
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Well, I did tell you that Record Store Day 2019 would be something special…! (pic by Tim Gruar) I mean, at that stage there was only the suggestion that blimmin’ Kurt Vile might be joining us, and we didn’t know for sure until we got a call that he and the Violators were on their way from the airport, having played 2 sold out shows in Auckland, and ahead of another sold out show here in Wellington. And it NEARLY didn’t happen, but we are so glad it did – and if you were here, good for you – it really was quite amazing to have one the most singular and unique voices in modern songwriting playing for us all here on this special day. He and his band and management were absolutely delightful, huge music fans, and KV even stuck around to sign albums and pose for pics, for which we are hugely grateful and humbled. (pic by Tim Gruar) We also enjoyed terrific sets from ex-Slow Boater/ Chill/ Verlaine Caroline Easther, who ran through some fine songs from her debut solo album, “Lucky”, with her wingman, guitar ace Alan Galloway, along with ‘Friend Of Slow Boat’ Lawrence Arabia, who shared some choice selections from his brilliant new album “Singles Club” (which may just be his finest hour yet…) (pic by Tim Gruar) So finally – can we just say a huge thankyou to everyone who made the 13th so special – to PJ who always designs us the most beautiful posters, to Ziggy from San Fran, soundguy extraordinaire Bernie Gruschow, the good people at Music Planet, Drunken Piano Touring, our suppliers, especially Universal, Rhythmethod and Southbound, to Kurt, Caroline and James/ Lawrence for the wonderful live entertainment – and finally, to you guys, the punters, some of whom queued in the cold from early in the morning to get your mitts on limited RSD collectables, and were, without exception, some of the friendliest, most enthusiastic and genuine music lovers we have encountered. The whole day felt more than just a little magical, which is more than you could reasonably expect, right…?! Give us a year to recover, and we’ll see if we can’t do it all over again, huh?! XX The Slow Boat Crew XX

      • Rsd at slow boat 2019 announcements!!!
        • 10 Apr 2019
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Just letting y’all know the schedule for Saturday, Record Store Day -thus; 9am; Store opens (an hour earlier than usual!) 12 midday; Live instore solo performance from our dear friend Lawrence Arabia, celebrating the release of his wonderful “Singles Club” album, here now on LP and CD 2pm; Live instore performance from Caroline Easther (ex-Chills and Verlaines drummer, Let’s Planet etc), whose lovely solo album “Lucky”, produced by former Muttonbird David Long was released last week. 5pm; Store closes NB – we have staggered the instore performances so you can also head along to our neighbours RPM to check out their instore performances Hope to see you all here, and HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY!!! XXX

      • Record store day 2019 at slow boat!!!
        • 13 Mar 2019
        • Slow Boat Records
        • Howdy, all – well, it’s nearing that time of year again, when we spend a day celebrating ourselves, and you, theoretically, get the treats!! Record Store Day 2019 at Slow Boat on the 13th of April is shaping up as one of our best yet – and that’s no idle threat, when in the past it has involved instore performances from Dave Dobbyn, Neil Finn, Anika Moa, David Kilgour, Tiny Ruins, Julia Deans, and many more musical luminaries. We will also, all things being equal, have a whole swag of limited RSD vinyl releases, plus the usual lollies, giveaways, and good vibrations! And while I realise that many have been critical of it as an event, suggesting it has become over-commercialised, is too busy, and rains on your regular Saturday vinyl-trawling buzz, spare a thought for those who are new to the game – the celebration of physical media, the culture of independent record stores, and the community that springs up around the simple, pleasurable act of flipping through vinyl records (or CDs, or DVDs, or even, God forbid, TAPES…!) , and finding something you can love and clutch to your heart. Maybe you will meet someone you share a passion for Yes with, and fall madly in love, or start a band, or make a lifelong friend… you just never know!! We are proud of our place in the Wellington musical landscape – of the relationships we have forged with people who share our love of music, and records, and the mystique that still surrounds music, and to this end we would love it if you were to come celebrate with us on the day – or any other day, for that matter, if you’d prefer. As ever, with the limited releases, no pre-orders, no holds, and while we have ordered a whole bunch of things, we don’t know what we will actually get until the day – opening the doors an hour early than usual at 9am, and having a queue building is a total delight, and we look forward to sharing details of the day soon. We are pretty psyched, that’s all I’m gonna say at this point…! So, stay tuned – we’ll let you know when there is news, and hope to see you here on the 13th of April to celebrate with us!!! xxx THE SLOW BOAT CREW xxx

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