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      • Stoked to announce that we are, in association with Live Nation NZ, giving away a double pass to the upcoming The War On Drugs show here in December - all you have to do to enter a prize draw for a double pass to the show, tour poster, and signed test pressing of their most recent album "I Don't Live Here Any More" is 'like' our Twitter or Facebook post, and tag who you'd like to take to the show with you - GOOD LUCK!!!

    • Spring?!
      • Well, it's apparently, officially Spring - not that you could tell from the dreary weather we are currently experiencing - feels like an extension to what has already felt like a long and arduous Winter... Still, not all bad - perfect time to kick back at home and enjoy some of the recent releases and reissues we have had instore, or even to dig into our extensive selection of secondhand LPs, CDs and DVDs - we also have plenty of posters to brighten up your walls (new selection just received and processed, in time for the school holidays!!), and tee shirts (good for 'layering'...) - will endeavour to get some new shirts underway before Xmas... As regards new music released this year, check out the recent photo selection above, plus - we are loving the new Blur album, "The Ballad Of Darren", PJ Harvey's "I Inside The Old Year Dying", the long-time-coming reissues of De La Soul's first three, seminal albums, vinyl reissues of The House Of Love's three major label albums, the three Betty Davis albums, Rhiannon Giddens' "You're The One", Robert Forster's masterful "The Candle And The Flame", and Olivia Rodrigo's poptastic "GUTS"... just a few ideas, anyway... Feel free to drop us a line at slow.boat.music@xtra.co.nz, or give us a call on 04 385 1330, or even, if you are in the 'hood, pay us a visit - heaters are on and we'd love to see you...! Meantime, keep warm - upward, onward...!! THE SLOW BOAT CREW XX

    • WINTER
      • Yup - WINTER. Happens every year, yet somehow every year it seems to come as a shock as the weather turns colder, and the days shorter and darker. We here at Slow Boat are PREPARED, however; we have heapin' helpin's of the good oil to get you through the Winter months. We have a HUGE array of DVDs for you to dip into - never seen House Of Cards, Game Of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Wire et al? Well, for starters - I envy you. Even if you have, a rewatch is often a good, satisfying task to set yourself (am personally 2 seasons into rewatching Succession, and absolutely loving it, and noticing heaps of things I missed at the time). Oh yeah - and MUSIC - did we mention we have a TONNE of top quality vinyl and CDs for your consideration; not just new titles, but a tastefully filtered (and cleaned, and guaranteed!) selection of reasonably priced second hand titles; there is a whole bunch of good stuff that never makes it any further than our 'new arrivals' section - and then there's the wall and window displays...Alternatively, we have a heap of stuff listed on Discogs (have recently listed a LOT of Flying Nun titles) - feel free to have a trawl through HERE ...and drop us a line if anything takes your fancy - prices are in USD (but can always do a bit better instore...)There are also a heap of posters to brighten up those bare walls - cheaper (and easier!) than painting or wallpapering!!By way of new releases, we are digging on new music from Jenny Lewis, the Richard Hawley selected "Little Bangers", Meshell Ndegeocello, King Krule, Janelle Monae, Kesha, Matthew Herbert, Graeme Nash, The Teskey Brothers, Jonny Greenwood, Sparks... honestly, just SO MUCH new music to get your teeth into!!We are also, as ever, in the market for excellent condition used CDs, LPs and DVDs - best prices paid, either cash or store credit. Hope everyone is doing good, do come pay us a visit sometime soon - or just drop us a line and let us know if there's something specific you are seeking.Love on ya,The Slow Boat Crew xx  

    • Record Store Day at Slow Boat 2023!!!
      • Slow Boat is absolutely thrilled to announce our plans for Record Store Day 2023!! This year, in the spirit of unity, we have opted to run a shared event with our good pals and neighbours at 173 Cuba Street, the iconic Flying Nun Records  - mostly, so there aren't clashes for the instore entertainment.And - we are pretty stoked with the entertainment we have managed to procure for you, thus; 12 midday - Tom Rodwell & Storehouse will join us for some "cult K'Road calypso-blues" - featuring wonderful Wellington-adjacent musicians Jeff Henderson and Chris O'Connor, we will have copies of Tom's terrific 2022 release "Wood And Waste" for sale.2pm - Connan Mockasin - we are thrilled to be joined for a rare acoustic performance by Connan Mockasin (who, with his band Connan And The Mockasins, played an instore here way back in 2006!!)We will open at the slightly earlier time of 9am (mostly so those who queue have a little less time to wait!), and I PROMISE to post a video of what RSD stuff we manage to get in to FaceBook/ Twitter. Please also note that the limited RSD vinyl will be restricted to ONE COPY of each release per customer, in the order in which you arrived at the store.SO looking forward to it, can't WAIT - please, as ever, be kind and considerate to everyone around you, as the store is likely to be BUSY, and we want everyone to have a great day and a great experience - and - will update once Flying Nun have confirmed their instore times - STAY TUNED!!!And finally - we will have limited stocks of the 'Slow Flying Boat Nun' poster on a tee shirt for sale only on the day! Get on it!!!XX THE SLOW BOAT CREW XX

      • Greetings, cobbers - closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday, open as per Sat and Mon, hours may vary - HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! X

    • A New Year - and Record Store Day 2023 at Slow Boat!!
      • Howdy, all, and welcome back to 2023 - well, yikes, it has gotten off to a horrorshow start to lots of folks North of us - Cyclone Gabrielle showed little mercy in ripping through communities in, particularly, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Northland and the West Coat of Auckland, for which we send our deepest sympathies and condolences to all those affected. If you are able to donate towards the recovery, I'm sure it would be much appreciated (we have made a donation) - a few places you can give here; Red Cross;https://www.redcross.org.nz/support-us/our-current-appeals/new-zealand-disaster-fund/Iwi fundraising;https://en.tetaurawhiri.govt.nz/gabrielle-fundraisersHelp Us Help Animals - HUHA; https://huha.org.nz/get-involved/donate/ Thank you!!As for us here - we put out a heavin' helpin' of both new and second-hand vinyl last week, and it has been heartening seeing new and old faces swooping on the good stuff - meanwhile, CDs continue their steady progress - they are a comparatively cheap and efficient way to listen to music. A final note - we are receiving a tonne of emails from excited fans of, in particular, Taylor Swift regarding the release of the "Long Pond Sessions" for Record Store Day 2023, on the 22nd April - please be advised;-we have definitely ordered copies of this release, and many others. What we are supplied with often bears little or no resemblance to what we have ordered.We may get supplied, or we may not - we usually post a video to Facebook to show what we have actually been supplied with. -THERE ARE NO HOLDS OR PRE ORDERS. You cannot reserve anything. You will need to come to the store on the day - there is often a queue that forms from pretty early in the morning, so - up to you how keen you are; you will have opportunity to buy in the order you arrive, and it is strictly one copy of each release per customer.Will provide further details as they come to hand....Meantime, hope everyone is safe and well - take care of one another, hope to see or hear from you all soon!!!XX The Slow Boat Crew XX

    • So this is Christmas...
      • And then, just like that, we were gearing up and into another Christmas - how did that happen?! Doesn't seem like that long since we were recovering from the last one...! It's been a funny old year, all felt a bit stop start and like it has never really hit its stride, but - sometimes it's just a bit like that, eh? What we DO know is that, once more, we have been grateful for the loyalty and support of our terrific customers, both local, national and international, and that it has been a tremendous pleasure sharing the gift of music with you all, discovering new sounds and being reminded of old favourites.We had a great Record Store Day with live instore performances from Vera Ellen and 'Boat homeboy Luke Buda, and a return performance from the very marvellous Mr Don McGlashan - always grateful that some of our finest musicians are willing to come and play for us all for the sheer love of music. We have finally ditched the 'Top 50' from the wall, having run its course and served its function, and used the extra display space it freed up to show off a whole heap of new reissue CDs - which, despite what you may have heard, have never really gone away, and are very much still in circulation, despite vinyl garnering all the plaudits. We have a fresh batch of our much loved Slow Boat tee shirts in a range of colours and sizes, along with a heap of groovy posters with which to decorate your gaff. We have swathes of new and used vinyl, something for everybody this Xmas - and if there is something specific you are seeking, hit us up asap and we'll let you know if we can get it for you before the big day...And finally, we are saddened by the closure of our neighbours RPM, with whom we have enjoyed a fond and fruitful relationship, and wish head honcho Mr Paul Huggins all the very, very best - the loss of a fellow independent music store softened just a tad by the arrival of the storied Flying Nun Records at their site, relocating from Newtown - another store with whom we have a terrific relationship - we welcome you guys to Cuba Street, and wish you every success!!Finally, a big thankyou to all our customers, and suppliers - if it takes a village to raise a child, as they say, it takes something similar to run an independent music store in 2022, and we are grateful to you all for your roles in keeping this 'Boat afloat - best wishes for the festive season, and do hit us up for recommendations or if there is anything special you are seeking - we are here for ya, and will be open right through every day but Xmas and New Years (although hours may vary!)!!Love on ya, peace outThe Slow Boat Crew XX

    • Don McGlashan live instore at Slow Boat!!!
      • Slow Boat is thrilled to welcome back the esteemed Mr Don McGlashan - one of our most cherished and brilliant songwriting voices - for a FREE up close and personal solo instore performance when he visits Poneke for a couple of shows at Old St. Pauls (with his all-star band The Others), to celebrate the release of his magnificent, chart-topping fourth solo album, "Bright November Morning".Come join with us in celebration this Friday, the 28th of October, at 1pm - we will also have merch and CDs/ LPs, which Don will be happy to sign for you! 

    • September songs!!!
      • Howdy, everybody, sorry we've been a bit quiet on here - busy, and a bit disrupted over these Winter months! But now, as they say, Spring is (almost!) sprung, and it's onwards and upwards...! Got a terrific haul of shiny new vinyl in from the US, was meaning to post pics, but it took a hammering over the weekend - do let us know if there is stuff you are looking for, our US import service is now actually pretty terrific (takes less than a week, and we do an order about every 3 weeks). We have also churned through a bunch of great quality second hand vinyl and CDs - great titles, great condition, great prices (hopefully!). We are also receptive to your bringing in your great condition unwanted LPs/ CDs/ DVDs for cash or trade (we pay more for trade), have a heap of tasty posters for sale, and are awaiting delivery of a fresh batch of tee shirts!! And - if you are in the market for a 'sure to please' present for that hard to buy for music lover in your life - we have a brand new stash of freshly minted Slow Boat vouchers...! Hope everyone is doing good in what has felt like a long and difficult Winter for many, and as we say - onwards! Upwards!!Look forward to seeing you all soon!!The Slow Boat Crew XX

    • Matariki 2022!!
      • Kia ora, all!Hope everyone is doing okay as the icy chill of Winter really starts to grip (although, as today is the shortest day, can we not expect it to warm/ lighten up from here?!)Just thought we would let you know that, with Friday being the inaugural Matariki public holiday, we will open reduced hours - we will be here 11am-4pm for your musical delectation, plus the usual 10am-5pm Saturday/ Sunday. Happy Matariki, everyone - hope you get to spend it doing something you enjoy, and with people you love! The Slow Boat Crew X

    • Record Store Day 2022!
      • Hey, everybody!Hope you are all fighting fit and well, and that those of you who made it down for Record Store Day at Slow Boat 2022 had a grand old time - thanks to everyone for making it so memorable, and especially to Vera Ellen, and Luke Buda & Motte for their wonderful instore performances - felt awesome to celebrate at this strange time!Here are some terrific pics that Tim Gruar was kind enough to share with us from the day - enjoy!!The Slow Boat Crew XX

      • Hey, everybody - crikey, Easter already! As per, we will be;-CLOSED on Good Friday and Easter Sunday-Open as normal Saturday 10-5, and slightly reduced hours Monday 10-4Hope everybody is happy and safe and well, and gets to enjoy time with friends and family over the long weekend!!THE SLOW BOAT CREW XX

    • Record Store Day 2022 at Slow Boat!!
      • Well, with all the disruption and distraction of the last few years now (hopefully!) largely behind us, Slow Boat is thrilled to share our plans for Record Store Day 2022  - this year taking place on just the one Saturday, the 23rd of April (a week after Easter!) As usual, we will be looking to serve up a tasty array of the limited edition RSD vinyl releases – we have done what we can to order in what we think might be of interest, and it is now in the lap of the gods/ vinyl manufacturing plants/ freight firms/ couriers – godspeed, people! We are also utterly thrilled to announce we will be joined by a couple of our favourite artists for instore performances – namely; Vera Ellen Having released the wonderful “It’s Your Birthday” on the iconic Flying Nun imprint last year, Vera has garnered some excellent reviews with what is a clever and charming collection of songs, and a real grower. Vera will perform instore at 2pm Luke Buda Dear friend of the ‘Boat, and Phoenix Foundation mainstay and co-frontman Buda last year released his long overdue third solo album, the eponymously titled “BUDA”;  a wonderfully reflective collection of songs that ponder our place in the world, getting older, getting along – which wound up on a lot of people’s ‘best of the year’ lists. Given that he was denied the opportunity to tour it (TWICE!) by that blimmin’ Covid, we are thrilled that Luke and violin maestro Anita Clark (aka Motte) have agreed to perform for us here instore at around 3pm. We will have plenty of copies of both artists’ albums, and they will be happy to sign for you at the conclusion of their performances. We will also have the odd spot prize and giveaway, as well as some lollies and other goodies, and will be opening at the earlier time of 9am, just to make the wait for those eager beavers outside just a little shorter. No reserves, no holds on the limited releases, please mask up, and please be patient and considerate of others – we want everyone to have a great day - can’t wait to see you all! Viva independence, viva vinyl – hoorah!!The Slow Boat Crew XX

    • Taylor Hawkins RIP
      • Terribly sad news through in the weekend of the passing of Foo Fighters' drummer Taylor Hawkins - especially in the wake of the news that they were to tour NZ in December (our prize draw for tickets will now, obviously, not be taking place) - a monster drummer, who once popped into the store (and asked if he could use our bathroom!), he seemed like a hell of a nice guy, and Slow Boat sends our very deepest condolences to his bandmates, friends and family.

    • Covid Protection Settings - RED
      • Howdy, partners!Well, with the Government’s announcement on Sunday of moving to the ‘Red’ setting in our Covid response, we here at Slow Boat have collectively agreed that, on top of already implemented measures such as distancing, mask-wearing, and scanning in for contact tracing, we will be requiring sighting your vaccine pass for entry, in order to further protect our (fully vaccinated) staff and you, our customers - as we had always intended to when at the heightened alert level, or if we had an event such as an instore. This is not something we want to get into an ideological debate over; we have made a decision based on what we believe will best serve us for the foreseeable future, and would ask that you respect that decision – one that with 94%-odd of our eligible population fully vaccinated, it would seem many of you have also made for your own well-being and that of others! We appreciate your support moving forwards in these choppy and uncharted waters, and look forward to seeing you soon! XX THE SLOW BOAT CREW XX

    • Christmas hours, holiday salutations
      • Howdy, everyone - just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support through what has been a fairly trying year at the best of times, and downright rotten at the worst! Through all of this, we have, as ever, found comfort and solace in music, and in the people we have grown to know and love through that which we share.To this end, thought we would share our opening hours over the next week, thus;Xmas Eve - open til 6.30(ish)Xmas Day - CLOSEDMonday 27th - 10am-4pmTuesday 28th - 10am-4pmWednesday 29th - 9.30-1pm (closing early for the funeral of our dear Lee Jensen)Thursday 30th - 9.30am-5.30pmFriday 31st - 9.30am-5.30pmNew Year's Day - CLOSEDSunday 2nd - 11am-4pmMonday 3rd - 10am-4pmTuesday 3rd - 10am-4pmSubject to (minor) changes - after that, we're pretty much back to normal - hope everyone enjoys a bit of a break, take care of yourselves - mask up, wash your hands and SCAN SCAN SCAN!!Love to you and yours, peace outXX The Slow Boat Crew XX

    • RIP, Mr Lee Jensen
      • It is with immense sadness that we here at Slow Boat have to share the heartbreaking news of the peaceful passing of our dear Lee Jensen, after a brief illness. A ‘part of the furniture’, and Sunday stalwart, Lee will be familiar to many of our regular customers for his loud shirts, gentle manner and love of, in particular, 80s synth pop, as well as for hosting shows on Radio Active and lecturing in design at Massey University. Keen on shoes, travel, cycling and perfume, and responsible for our vouchers and much of our signage, it feels like his presence is still all around us, and while it is hard to believe he is gone, it is a comfort to know he is at peace after his recent health concerns. Rest in peace, Mr Lee – we are grateful for the time you shared with us, you are loved and will be sorely missed by all who knew you. May love and light guide you on your way. *A service to remember Lee will be held at the Wilson Funeral Home, 2 pm Wednesday 29 Dec. Please - dress to impress, and hand-picked flowers are welcome! https://www.tributes.co.nz/ViewMyTribute.aspx?id=16970 https://view.oneroomstreaming.com/authorise.php?k=1640086758155338 THE SLOW BOAT CREW XX

    • TAKE 5!! #19
      • With apologies for a bit of a lay-off, and, indeed, to today's selector (thanks for the reminder, ahem!), we bring you the latest instalment of Take 5!!Today it is the turn of superlative Wellington-based composer and instrumentalist, Mr Rhian Sheehan, who here serves us up an eclectic mix of what is making his wheels spin - thankyou, sir!!1- Steve Reich "Music For 18 Musicians Section IIIA"2- Jon Hopkins "Open Eye Signal"3- Vangelis "Blade Runner" 4- The Mutton Birds "Envy Of Angels"5- Eliot Sumner "After Dark" Certainly a pleasingly 'cinematic' nature to Rhian's selections, for which we are - most grateful! Enjoy!!

    • TAKE 5!! #18
      • Howdy, cobbers - a special treat today, ahead of the long weekend - a selection of faves, old and new from Slow Boat founder and kaumātua, The Coach, Mr Dennis O'Brien!!DOB still does the odd day here in the shop with us, and we are thrilled to offer up his selections in our latest Take 5!! 1- Bruce Hornsby "Fortunate Son/ Comfortably Numb" 2- Mark Valentino "Walking Alone"3- Villagers "Hot Scary Summer"4- Michael Chapman "Postcards Of Scarborough"5- Fountains Of Wayne "She's Got A Problem" Cheers, DOB!

    • TAKE 5!! #17
      • Howdy, partners - another instalment of our Take 5!! selections - this time it's the turn of much loved and hugely respected reviewer/ broadcaster/ writer/ musician Nick Bollinger, bringing us an impeccably curated selection of tuneage to rattle yer cage and shake off the cobwebs - observe; 1- Chuck Prophet "Marathon" 2- Honey Cone "Want Ads" (deep favourite that dear old Grant Smithies reminded me of recently) 3- Valerie June "Shakedown" 4- Don & Dewey "Justine" 5- Ray Charles "Come Rain or Come Shine" Cheers Nick, tremendous stuff, enjoy, everyone!!

    • TAKE 5!! #16
      • Greetings, cobbers - another day, another selection of fab tuneage from another esteemed selector - this time, one of the finest drummers/ musicians/ DJs/ producers here in Capital City, and an absolutely stirling chap to boot - Mr Cory Champion! You may know of him through his work as Borrowed CS and Clear Path Ensemble (who recently played one of San Fran's "Tiny Music" shows!) or as sticksman of choice for the diverse likes of Estere, Lucien Johnson, Louis Baker, Shocking Pinks, Glass Vaults et al, but what is abundantly clear is that he is a huge music lover with great taste and musicality - please enjoy, here, the tracks that he is vibing on... 1- The Five Stairsteps "A Touch of You" 2- The Ambassadors  "I Really Love You" 3- Debbie Taylor "Let’s Prove Them Wrong" 4- Aged in Harmony "Trust Me" 5- Kraig Kilby "Ketchee" Tres magnifique, thanks Cory - enjoy!!

    • TAKE 5!! #15
      • Ahoy, cobbers - another week, another episode of Take 5 - your tune selector for today is none other than Phoenix Foundation and Bunnies On Ponies frontman, gourmand and all round bon vivant Samuel Flynn Scott.Here he has chosen to restrict himself to a very specific niche; namely, his 5 fave Nina Simone cover versions - tres magnifique! 1- "Stars" (Live At Montreaux 1976) 2- "Tell It Like It Is" 3- "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?" (Live At The Philharmonic Hall) 4- "Baltimore" 5-  "Mr Bojangles"Tremendous - thanks bud!!

    • TAKE 5!! #14
      • By crikey, whippersnappers - do we have a treat for you today?! Well yes, we do, actually - a Take 5 of wonderful waiata personally curated by none other than that silvery-voiced songster, Mr Marlon Williams!! Here it is as a Spotify playlist Or, if you'd rather, YouTube links; 1- The Maniapoto Voices "Reo Karere"2- The Soul Stirrers "End Of My Journey"3- James Govan "I've Gone Too Far"4- Waiata Reka "I Have A Plan"5- Jessica Pratt "Back, Baby"Thanks, MW, loving these tunes!!

    • TAKE 5!! #13
      • Another day, another finely curated selection of tracks from one of our peerless tastemaker friends - this time, Hong Kong-based electronic music wunderkind Luke Rowell, who you may well know better as as Disasteradio or Eyeliner - check out these cracking tunes! 1- Power Nap "Club Dinos" 2- CoCos "Wo Men Dou Shi Ren" 3- Toshiki Kadomatsu "Step Into The Light" 4- Todd Rundgren "Something To Fall Back On"5- Ji Guang Zhong "Roman Tam"Tremendous - enjoy, everyone!!

    • TAKE 5!! #12
      • On guard!! Welcome back to another edition of Take 5!!, where friends of the store and people we admire share the tunes they have been loving at this altogether peculiar time! Today's selector is Kato Records supremo and tastemaker, and former Hasselhoff Experiment ace guitar slinger, Mr Andrew Tolley, with an eclectic selection of bangin' tracks that are floating his boat!! 1- DNA "Blonde Redhead" 2- Betty Davis "F.U.N.K."3- Ike & Tina Turner "A Love Like Yours" 4- Tav Falco & Panther Burns "O How She Dances"5- Mike Rep & The Quotas "This Island Earth" Muchos gracias, Andy - some sterling stuff there - ENJOY!!

    • TAKE 5!! #11
      • Today, folks, a terrific Take 5 selection from one of our absolute faves, Tamaki Makaurau pop-rockers The Beths!! Having had their world domination plans in 2020 cruelly curtailed by that pesky pandemic, they instead doubled down with an extended tour of Aotearoa, including no less than FIVE Wellington performances in three days, along with their emotional homecoming at the Auckland Town Hall, now captured on their soon-come live double LP "Auckland, New Zealand 2020), which we should have in stock just as soon as our biggest city makes it out of Level 4 lockdown...1- The B-52's "Love Shack" (Live at The Pavillion, the Woodlands, TX 1990)2- Momma "Double Dare"3- fanclubwallet "Car Crash in G Major"4- Kathy McCord "I'm Leaving Home (She's Leaving Home)"5- Willie Griffin "I Love You"Thank you, Beths - superb!!

    • TAKE 5!! #10
      • Howdy, crew, today's selection of tuneage comes form one of our oldest pals, a walking encyclopaedia of music knowledge, DJ and host of NZ's longest running club night, the 80's-themed Atomic and 90's-centric Twenty Four Hour Party People, Mr Bill E.With these knees-ups currently on a Level 2-enforced hiatus, Bill has generously shared a playlist of the tracks that have been keeping him vibed - enjoy!!1- Primal Scream - "Shine Like Stars" (Andrew Weatherall Remix)New Weatherall & Primal Scream? Yes, please! 2- Elvis Costello & The Attractions and Cami - "This Year's Model"Elvis re-imagines This Year's Model in Spanish with guest vocalists over original backing tracks! 3- Pale Saints - "Sight of You"Kind of missed these guys at the time but have rediscovered their first EP4- The C33s - Harpurhey HostilityThis'll wake you up!!5- William DeVaughan - "Be Thankful For What You Got"Took me a long time to find out that the Massive Attack version of this was a cover, and I've finally got a copy on 7". Just be thankful!

    • TAKE 5!! #9
      • Kia ora, crew - thrilled to share with you today a fresh selection for your listening pleasure, this time from one of our favourite voices on RNZ, Music Producer Yadana Saw.Touchingly, Yards has selected 5 records that she actually purchased from out of the Slow Boat window, things that have really hit the spot - just how good is that feeling when you find something you really, really wanted, or even something you never knew you were missing?! 1- Fela Kuti "Zombie"2- King Tubby "I Trim The Barber"3- Annette Peacock "Pony"4- Paul McCartney "Check My Machine"5- Dalvanius and The Fascinations - Voodoo Lady

    • TAKE 5!! #8
      • Happy Monday, everybody! Today's musical pick'n'mix comes from one of our favourite local musicians, Tamaki Makaurau bass player extraordinaire Mr Chip Matthews! Currently holding down the bottom end in Friday's Take Five-r Tami Neilson's band, and with an enviable musical CV including Opensouls, Che Fu's The Krates, Anika Moa, and Eru Dangerspiel, along with teaching and DJing, we are thankful to Chip for taking time out of his busy schedule to share some joy with y'all - hoorah!! 1- Etana "Malaika"2- The Staves "Let Me Down" 3- Hariprasad Chaurasia "Raga Bageshwari" (from Down Melody Lane)4- Chris Stapleton "More Of You"5- Terence Trent D'Arby "If You Let Me Stay"A fascinatingly diverse selection - many thanks, Chip!!

    • TAKE 5!! #7
      • Greetings, all - thrilled to share with you today another episode of Take 5 - this time, from NZ's fave Canadian expat, and undisputed Queen of country fried soul and r'n'b, the very magnificent Ms Tami Neilson! 5 tracks that have been getting her through the lockdown blues - enjoy!!(You can also watch Tami's spectacular performance from late last year at Auckland' s Civic Theatre in its entirety here - featuring special guests Delaney Davidson and Monday's Take Five-r, Nadia Reid!!)  1- Allison Russell "All Of The Women"2- Amythyst Kiah "Black Myself"3- Robert Plant & Alison Krauss "Can't Let Go" 4- Dolly Parton "Smoky Mountain Memories" 5- Fiona Apple "Relay"

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