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      • NZ Cycle Classic- Bus Detour
        • 7 Jan 2021
        • Metlink
        • Date and Time: 12am to 7pm - Sunday 17th JanuaryLocation: Lambton QuayClosure Purpose: Road closure to accommodate the event Road Closure DetailsNZ Cycle Classic is being held on Lambton Quay, with a road closure in place, this means all CBD buses will be detouring via Featherston Street (heading south towards Willis Street/Courtenay Place) and Customhouse Quay/Whitmore Street (heading north towards Wellington Station).  Please note that this road closure & detour will only be in place from between the hours stated above and services will revert back to normal bus routes from 6pm.All bus stops on Lambton Quay will be closed for the duration of the event. Temporary bus stops will be open on Featherston Street to allow customers to get off their service as close to the festival as possible. Temporary bus stops on Whitmore Street (both sides of the road) will be open and we advise customers wanting to travel to Karori to use these stops for bus 2.See the detour map below for more details: Closed Bus StopsThe following bus stops will be closed during the above times: Stop #5010 – Lambton Quay at Cable Car Lane Stop #5012 – Lambton Central – Stop A Stop #5011 – Lambton Quay North – Stop C Stop #5014 – Lambton Quay North – Stop B Stop #5015 – Lambton Quay North – Stop C Stop #5502 – Lambton Quay North – Stop D Stop #5506 – Lambton Central – Stop B Stop #5520 - Lambton Central (Brandon Street) - Stop C Stop #5508 – Lambton Quay at Hunter Street Temporary Bus StopsThe following temporary bus stops will be used during the above times:Northbound (to Wellington Station):Waterloo Quay – Between Waring Taylor Street and Ballance Street (All Routes) Whitmore Street – Outside the Supreme Court, opposite Victoria University Law School (All Routes)  Southbound (to Courtenay Place):Whitmore Street – Outside Victoria University Law School, opposite the Supreme Court (All Routes) Featherston Street – 131 Featherston Street, between Waring Taylor Street and Johnson Street (All Routes) Featherston Street – 195 Featherston Street, between Grey Street and Hunter Street (All Routes) This affects these services: 1 2 3 7 12 14 17 23 24 25 27 29 52 83

      • Hornsey Road, Melrose- Road maintenance- Bus Detour & Shuttle
        • 5 Jan 2021
        • Metlink
        • Date and Time: 7am – 6pm, Wednesday 27th January & Thursday 28th JanuaryLocation:  Hornsey Road, Melrose Closure Purpose: Road closure to accommodate road resurfacing Road Closure DetailsDue to Hornsey Road closing for necessary road resurfacing, bus 23 that usually services Hornsey Road, Sutherland Road, Manchester Street will be detouring via Houghton Bay Road, Mount Albert Road and Russell Terrace and vice versa. This means bus 23 will not be servicing Hornsey Road, Sutherland Road, Manchester Street during work hours on the above dates. To compensate for the removal of bus service in this area, a temporary shuttle van will be running a special timetable to aid customers in connecting with bus 23 or other frequent services through Newtown on Riddiford Street, and from Riddiford Street to Melrose. Please note that the shuttle van will not be wheelchair accessible. However, if you do require assistance to step onto the shuttle van, we will have a coach step on board the van, so the driver can help any person who has mobility restrictions. If you will not be able to use the shuttle service due to mobility restrictions, please call Metlink on 0800 801 700 for assistance with your travel. The driver will place the step on the ground for customers and remove it when on-board. A reserved note can also be placed on the front seat for people with mobility restrictions.The shuttle will be running at an hourly frequency to match the bus 24 timetable & frequency. There will be no shuttle running on weekends as Hornsey Road will be open and bus 23 will be travelling using the normal bus route through the area. The shuttle service will be running both directions through Hornsey Road. Below is a map of where bus 23 will be detouring (black and yellow lines) and where the Hornsey Road shuttle will be travelling (purple line). Look out for green posters at each bus stop with information on where to catch the shuttle service and for the timetable which will be attached.The shuttle timetable is attached below as PDFs: Shuttle-23-timetable.pdf Shuttle Bus StopsThe following bus stops will only be serviced by the shuttle during work hours:Shuttle stops to Newtown/Riddiford Street:7931 Houghton Bay Road at Hornsey Road 7930 Hornsey Road (near 48) 7929 Hornsey Road (near 57) 7928 Hornsey Road opposite Sunglow Avenue (near 49) 7927 Hornsey Road at Auckland Terrace 7926 Sutherland Road at Sutherland Crescent 7925 Manchester Street opposite Caprera Street 7924 Wellington Zoo- Stop A 7922 Mansfield Street (near 320) 7920 Riddiford Street at Gordon Street 7019 Riddiford Street at Newtown Shops (opposite 157)  Shuttle stops to Hornsey Road/Melrose:6931 Houghton Bay Road at Hornsey Road (near 57) 6929 Hornsey Road (near 65) 6928 Hornsey Road at Sunglow Avenue 6927 Hornsey Road opposite Auckland Terrace 6926 Sutherland Road at Rodrigo Road 6925 Manchester street at Caprera Street 6924 Wellington Zoo- Stop B 6922 Mansfield street at Roy Street (near 311) 6921 Mansfield street at Horner Street  Closed bus stopsThe following bus stops will be closed during work hours:7926 Wellington Zoo- Stop C This affects these services: 23

      • Gibbons Street, Upper Hutt- Road Maintenance- Bus Detour
        • 5 Jan 2021
        • Metlink
        • Date and Time: 8:30am - 4pm, Monday 18 JanuaryLocation: Gibbons Street, Upper HuttClosure Purpose: Road closure to accommodate road resurfacing Road Closure DetailsAnnual road resurfacing is planned for Gibbons Street, Upper Hutt where the road will need to be closed to all through traffic.

      • Titahi Bay Road, Stormwater Upgrade- Bus Detour
        • 22 Dec 2020
        • Metlink
        • Date and Time: from 7am, Monday 18 January to Sunday 24 JanuaryLocation: Titahi Bay Road, PoriruaClosure Purpose: Road closure to accommodate works Road Closure DetailsDue to necessary stormwater upgrades on a section of Titahi Bay Road, the road will be closed heading south, and all bus services will be detoured.

      • Oxford Terrace, Epuni, Road Maintenance - Bus Detour
        • 21 Dec 2020
        • Metlink
        • Date and Time: 9am - 4pm, Wednesday 6 January to Friday 8 January 2021Location: Oxford Terrace, EpuniClosure Purpose: Road closure to accommodate roadworks Road Closure DetailsTo accommodate road maintenance on a section of Oxford Terrace, bus services will need to detour via Waterloo Road, Witako Street, and Epuni Street to regain access to Oxford Terrace.

      • Bell Road, Lower Hutt- Roadworks- Bus Detour
        • 20 Dec 2020
        • Metlink
        • Date and Time: Tuesday 22 December, 9:30am to 2:30pmLocation: Bell Road, Lower HuttClosure Purpose: Partial road closure to accommodate works Road Closure DetailsOne lane of Bell Road (southbound) will need to close to allow for pole replacements to occur.

      • Victoria Street, Alicetown- Road Maintenance- Bus Detour
        • 20 Dec 2020
        • Metlink
        • Date and Time: 7am- 6pm, Wednesday 6 January to Wednesday 13 January (approx)Location: Victoria Street, AlicetownClosure Purpose: Road closure to accommodate road maintenance works Road Closure DetailsTo accommodate road maintenance on the southbound lane of Victoria Street, bus services will detour via Railway Avenue, Hutt Road, Te Mome Road to return to Victoria Street.

      • Paraparaumu Ticket Office Closed
        • 17 Dec 2020
        • Metlink
        • The ticket office at Paraparaumu Station will be closed this morning until 12:40pm. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.  This affects these services: KPL

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