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    • Player Profile - Patrick Car-mel Smith
      • 22 Oct 2016
      • Taita District Cricket Club
      • Name: Patrick Smtih Nickname (and why): Gluggsy – Glug Glug,  Place of Birth: Wellington Taita Debut: 5th form for Senior 3 Highest Honors: Taita Prems Most Memorable Game: When I hit a 6 at Naenae Favorite holiday destination: Anywhere there’s Sun Best advice you’ve received: “Just smash it for 6” – Andrew Sturt Favorite Movie: Tangiwai Favorite Musician: Dj The Flume – Mark Houghton showed me him Sporting hero: Kevin Garnett Favorite cricketer: Wiremu “Bill” Edwards Non-Sporting hero: Patrick Houghton Best Taita memory: Henry “S.Dot” Walsh antics at Rathkeale Biggest pest at Taita: Sam McGavin Interesting fact about you: When I was two I could name every All Black 1-15 at the time. <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " >
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