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    • Player Profile - Rohith Row Yeluri
      • Name: Rohith Yeluri Nickname (and why): Row, Darren Dingle gave me this name (Just because it’s easy to say Row than Rooheath)  Place of Birth: Khammam, a beautiful town in Telangana State (India) Taita Debut: 2015 for Premier Reserves Highest Honors: Premier Reserves Most Memorable Game: Game against Upper Hutt this season where I picked 9/9 (My best ever bowling figures) Favorite holiday destination: Queenstown Best advice you’ve received: Keep bowling those Out Swingers and don’t bowl slow deliveries. Almost everyone who fields behind the stumps gave me this advice. Favorite Movie: Rockstar (Bollywood) Favorite Musician: A R Rehaman & Ilayaraja Sporting hero: Glenn McGrath Favorite cricketer: Saurav Ganguly Non-Sporting hero: My Dad Best Taita memory: Obus scoring 140 on the same day I picked up 9 wickets Biggest pest at Taita: Diz Interesting fact about you: I was a top order batsman for most of my life and never batted below 6 before I started playing for Taita Premier Reserves (I bat at 9 or 10 here) <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " >
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