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The threat is real...

    • Colossal squid on display gets check-up
      • 14 Feb 2011
      • Te Papa's blog
      • We can all do with a check-up every so often – just to ensure things are going ok and we’re not falling apart. Today our team took the lid off the colossal squid tank and started to drain out the preservation fluid so we can give the colossal squid a check-up. We last had the lid off the tank in March 2009.
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      • cephalopods

    • Squidward Tentacles washes up in Houghton Bay
      • 6 Aug 2010
      • Keith Johnson
      • As we all know (or at least those of us who have small children) Squidward Tentacles is an arrogant and egotistical 'octopus' who lives in an Easter Island moai and dislikes his neighbors (especially SpongeBob) for their child-like behavior. He enjoys playing the clarinet and painting self-portraits. Well, one of his close relatives washed up this rainy morning just down the road from our house at Houghton Bay. Jane helped drag it up the beach.
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      • islandbay
      • cephalopods
      • Houghton Bay, Wellington

    • And you thought we were joking about the Octopus threat?
      • 25 Apr 2010
      • The Wellingtonista
      • Earlier this month we read about an octopus off the South Coast that mugged an innocent diver and took his valuable new camera. The news flashed around the world and everyone had a bit of a chuckle at the diver's expense. Not so fast, laughing boys (and girls). It turns out that this is but the latest episode in a long history of criminal behaviour by the city's cephalopod citizenry.
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      • cephalopods
      • localhistory

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