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      • Childhood holidays at the Log Cabin in 1953
        • 9 Jul 2014
        • Orongorongo Club
        • The Log Cabin, 1950 (Ian Baine Photo Collection) I had hoped to be back sooner but have failed to find inspiration lately so in the meantime, I've transcribed this Evening Post article from 1952 - the perfect follow-on my my previous post about Nature Deficit Disorder.

      • Nature Deficit Disorder
        • 27 May 2014
        • Orongorongo Club
        • My son John exploring the bush outside Tahora HutOk so it's not a medically recognised disorder yet but it's becoming widely accepted as a real problem.

      • Tainui Hut - a bygone era
        • 1 May 2014
        • Orongorongo Club
        • Tainui Hut, John Farrell - 2nd from right, Don Oliver - middle (Amanda Farrell Photo Collection) Tainui Hut Warming 1939 (Ross Kerr Photo Collection)The late Joanna Lane-Taylor was a regular visitor to the valley and Tainui Hut in the 60s.

      • A short history of hut building
        • 31 Mar 2014
        • Orongorongo Club
        • Baine iti - the oldest hut in the valleyHuts have been built in the Orongorongo Valley since the early 1900s – though they look a little different from today’s modern DOC huts! Early huts were built from materials at hand – manuka poles as framing and totara for piles.

      • Orongorongo Club new website
        • 18 Mar 2014
        • Orongorongo Club
        • In 1978 the Orongorongo Club was established by a number of regular users of the valley who shared a common interest in the preservation of the valley’s unique heritage. The club particularly supports the continued presence of huts and their extended use.  Find out more at our new website: www.orongorongoclub.org.nz 

      • Tahora - 40 years on
        • 18 Mar 2014
        • Orongorongo Club
        • Owner: Maurice & Marg Mitchinson | Built: 1970/71When Tahora turned a respectable 40 years old in 2011 I sat down with Dad to record Tahora’s story…  Dad started exploring the Orongorongo Valley in the early 60s as a young boy.

      • Welcome!
        • 17 Mar 2014
        • Orongorongo Club
        • My son John exploring the bush behind our hut I'm very excited to welcome you to the Orongorongo Club's new blog! The Orongorongo Valley holds a special place in my heart - I first stayed in the valley at just six weeks old and introduced my son to the valley at three months.

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