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Shelly bay

Shelly Bay, Shelly Bay Road, Maupuia, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

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    • Mau Whenua | Save Shelly Bay
      • Mau Whenua is a collective of Taranaki Whānui iwi members who made their opposition to proposed sale of iwi land at Shelly Bay known in late 2015 and early 2016. The land at Shelly Bay is highly significant and represents over 50% of the value of Taranaki Whānui Treaty Settlement assets in Wellington. The term Mau Whenua describes those who oppose land sales, and are determined to hold onto land and engage in environmentally and socially constructive development.
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    • Save Shelly Bay
      • We are not against development of Shelly Bay in principle, but only by speaking out can we ensure a sensible, sympathetic development is built. One that respects the community we live in, and the relaxed low key lifestyle that we have worked so very hard to build here.
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