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    • What you love most about living in Ngaio or Crofton Downs
      • 30 Apr 2020
      • Ngaio Progressive Association
      • Even in these uncertain times, there’s one thing we know for sure – staying home for 4 weeks has given us chance to spend more time than we ever thought possible in Wellington’s best little suburb – Ngaio Crofton Downs! So it’s just the time – we thought – to ask you what things you most LOVE about living here? Is it the people? the bush? the wildlife? the hills? the clean air? or something else…? And while we’ve been staying home, what have you enjoyed most? Walking down the middle of your street without fear of being bowled over by the traffic? the peace and quiet? The call of the Tui and the Kereru? talking with your neighbours over the fence? or something else…? Upload a video, a photo, a message or an audio and tell us what you love most about living in Ngaio or Crofton Downs. And what’s been best about staying-home here – things you want to keep hold of, even when Covid-19 is beaten! Keeping down our carbon footprint and keeping up our healthier lifestyles and communities maybe…? How to get your entry to us? – send them from online at this link– or email, or post to a cloud sharing facility and send us a link. DEADLINE – 5.00pm 22 May
      • Accepted from Ngaio PA News 2020 by feedreader
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      • Ngaio, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

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