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    • And we're back...
      • 30 Aug 2021
      • Baker Gramercy
      • We’re back and will operating under Covid Alert Level 3 Restrictions from this Wednesday, the first day of spring!  Bakeries have not been classified alongside butchers, fishmongers, green grocers and dairies, so you may not enter our premises.
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    • Appropriate height limits
      • 27 Jun 2021
      • Eye of the Fish
      • While it was vaguely entertaining / terrifying / gratifying / intimidating to listen to some of the 10-hour debate on the Spatial Plan the other day (pick your own adjective according to your political persuasions), what became very clear is that NO ONE – not the Mayor, not the Council Officers, Not Liam Hodgetts the City Planner, and certainly not the rabid band of Councillors – have any idea about height limits that is bounded by any semblance of the actual factual truthiness of the situation.
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    • March Update from DCM
      • 30 Mar 2021
      • Downtown Community Ministry
      • 96 March Update from DCM p{ margin:10px 0; padding:0; } table{ border-collapse:collapse; } h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6{ display:block; margin:0; padding:0; } img,a img{ border:0; height:auto; outline:none; text-decoration:none; } body,#bodyTable,#bodyCell{ height:100%; margin:0; padding:0; width:100%; } .mcnPreviewText{ display:none !important; } #outlook a{ padding:0; } img{ -ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic; } table{ mso-table-lspace:0pt; mso-table-rspace:0pt; } .ReadMsgBody{ width:100%; } .ExternalClass{ width:100%; } p,a,li,td,blockquote{ mso-line-height-rule:exactly; } a[href^=tel],a[href^=sms]{ color:inherit; cursor:default; text-decoration:none; } p,a,li,td,body,table,blockquote{ -ms-text-size-adjust:100%; -webkit-text-size-adjust:100%; } .ExternalClass,.ExternalClass p,.ExternalClass td,.ExternalClass div,.ExternalClass span,.ExternalClass font{ line-height:100%; } a[x-apple-data-detectors]{ color:inherit !important; text-decoration:none !important; font-size:inherit !important; font-family:inherit !important; 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line-height:150% !important; } } @media only screen and (max-width: 480px){ .headerContainer .mcnTextContent,.headerContainer .mcnTextContent p{ font-size:16px !important; line-height:150% !important; } } @media only screen and (max-width: 480px){ .bodyContainer .mcnTextContent,.bodyContainer .mcnTextContent p{ font-size:16px !important; line-height:150% !important; } } @media only screen and (max-width: 480px){ .footerContainer .mcnTextContent,.footerContainer .mcnTextContent p{ font-size:14px !important; line-height:150% !important; } } Together we can end homelessness Changing lives one smile at a time This month we have been marking the 5th birthday of the DCM Dental Service. During the birthday week, we offered daily dental sessions, sometimes with a difference. Rāhina/Monday: Monday’s session was taken by John and Emily; they saw several taumai with complex lives, who had not been able to be treated for their high levels of dental pain anywhere else. M had had his jaw broken, with the resulting metal plate adjacent to problem teeth causing him great pain. He had been referred to the hospital, but was not able to go there due to anxiety and addictions. The team at DCM worked to come up with a solution. We arranged for him to come back to DCM the next time that John Buckerfield took a dental session here. John spent an hour and a half with M, talking him through the treatment and successfully extracting the tooth. M also received fillings for other teeth. He left proudly showing off the extracted tooth, and with antibiotics and a plan for his recovery from John. Later in the day he was happily chatting and in a good space. H had a bad abscess and was in a lot of pain. He struggles with his addictions, and was very proud that he had managed to stay drug-free that day so that he could see the dentist. John was able to numb the area and treat the abscess in one appointment. H left pain-free and not needing further work. Rātū/Tuesday: On Tuesday, for the first time, one of our dentists headed out with our team to see taumai in their new communities and housing complexes. DCM has supported D over many years. He recently saw Sophie at DCM; she discovered he had a bad infection that needed urgent treatment. This time she was able to check on his progress in his own community, also explaining how a referral for dentures could work to better improve his oral health. N has recently been housed in the Berhampore area. He hasn’t seen a dentist in a long time and appreciated the chance to see Sophie at Berhampore Centennial Community Centre. Utilising a little side room, sterilised instruments, a dental and periodontal chart and torch, Sophie assessed N’s sore teeth and gums and could feel where any potential holes were located. N looks forward to a follow-up appointment at DCM. Rāapa/Wednesday: David took the very first session at the DCM Dental Service in March 2016. He has been a regular through all of the five years, and was back to take a session during our birthday week, supported by dental assistant Hazel. We definitely kept them both busy. Although DCM has supported T over many years, he had never seen a dentist at DCM. It had been a difficult week for T - not only was he experiencing pain but he had issues with his housing, and had been at a tangi the day before. David was able to extract two teeth, which made a big difference to T. Rāpare/Thursday: Once again, a line-up of people in pain with nowhere else to go for treatment made for another busy day. S is an older Māori man who is staying in emergency accommodation. He recently had a toothache that got so bad he took the tooth out himself! Still sore and with a number of other issues, he saw dentist Sunjna who treated infected roots as well as completing another much-needed extraction. S was so happy to have all his dental issues treated in one appointment. "I love the atmosphere at DCM," reflected dental assistant Issie at the end of the day. "The energy, the singing, the taumai... The highlight today, as always, was being able to offer people relief from pain. The challenge? Today again reinforced for me how difficult it is for taumai here to access support elsewhere. They may be referred to the hospital or other supports, but because of their anxiety, addictions, a whole range of barriers, they cannot get there and continue to live in pain. It's great to be part of the team in this place, where taumai do feel safe and are able to come and receive our support - and to leave pain-free." Rāmere/Friday: A is a refugee from Africa; for some years he has cycled between backpackers, motels and periods in temporary housing. A experiences a lot of dental pain. Last month, he saw a dentist at DCM for emergency treatment of his most urgent pain and issues, including a much needed extraction. He returned for another appointment this week, expecting further extractions. Dentist Laura was able to restore two of his front teeth, which he had assumed would need to come out. A was absolutely delighted to be able to retain his smile; he left praising the “angel” dentist who had made such a difference to him. DCM taumai have so much to contend with in their lives, the emergency dental work they are able to receive at DCM is truly a life-line, and in some cases a life-saver. We acknowledge all of the dental professionals who have made this possible over the last five years, Kaye and Maurice Clark who purchased this building with its dental rooms for DCM, and our supporters who donate money, product and skills so that we can offer this service to the most marginalised people in our community. Together, we have achieved something very special. <!-- --> Bringing a smile to the community We ended our very special week of celebrating the 5th birthday of the DCM Dental Service with seasonal kai. We all came together to share kai and to acknowledge one another and the taonga which this dental service has been for our taumai. How appropriate that the community of dentist Morris Wong, the Wellington Anglican Chinese Mission, should provide kai, along with EKTA, Good Bitches Baking and some Pasifika delicacies lovingly prepared by the family of our kaimahi, Nani. A smorgasbord of delicious food from different cultures, enjoyed together in the sunshine at DCM. <!-- --> Another reason to smile Many of you know and love Te Amo, who DCM has supported for a long, long time. Te Amo featured in DCM’s 50th birthday photo exhibition. He has worked in our foodbank for many years and is now our longest-serving staff member. As Te Amo grows older, and is able to work less hours, he has been looking for other ways to spend his time, so that he can thrive in his own community and in his retirement. We were excited to hear recently from Anne. Looking to downsize, Anne needed to find a new home for her beloved piano, which she has been playing since she was 7 years old. We immediately thought of Te Amo. He is a talented pianist who has learned to play by ear. You may have even seen him around Wellington where he serenades the city whenever he can find a piano to play – including outdoors in Frank Kitts park. It was great to see Anne's piano gifted to Te Amo's local community centre; he can now play whenever he wishes. Thanks Anne and we know you've found a new friend in Te Amo! To listen to them enjoying the piano together at its new home in Te Amo’s housing complex, click the link below. And how appropriate that Te Amo should choose to play this song for her...yes, love IS a beautiful song. <!-- --> How can I help? To mark the 5th birthday of our dental service, we have produced a new brochure, encouraging dentists and dental assistants to join our team. If you would like to pop in to DCM to pick up a brochure to share with your own dentist, or with dental professionals who you know, we would very much appreciate this. Or shout out if you would like us to mail you a copy. <!-- --> Support DCM! Nāku te rourou, nāu te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi With your basket and my basket, the people will thrive <!-- --> Copyright © 2021 DCM. All rights reserved. Our mailing address is: DCMPO Box 6133Marion SqWellington, Wellington 6011 New ZealandAdd us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.
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    • Rugby in 1921: Part two representative rugby
      • 23 Jan 2021
      • Wellington Club Weekly
      • Athletic Park in Wellington was the place to be for rugby fans in September 1921. In a little over a fortnight, from 7 September to 24 September, the former ground in Berhampore hosted two international matches and three Ranfurly Shield fixtures. Accounts of these games and the circumstances in which they were played follows. Wednesday...
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    • Metlink school bus routes for start of Term 1 2020
      • 6 Mar 2020
      • Wellington High School
      • Morning services 713 – Miramar – Kilbirnie – Newtown – Basin Schools             7:45  Miramar-DarlingtonRd (124)             8:36  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily 715 – Lyall Bay – Kilbirnie – Hataitai – Basin Schools             8:00  LyallBay-HungerfordRd (2)                8:28  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily 725 – Houghton Bay – Southgate – Island Bay – Basin Schools             7:45  HgtnBayRd nr Cave                           8:31  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily 726 – Island Bay – Owhiro Bay – Berhampore – Wellington High School             7:55  Esplanade opp Beach                        8:25  MasseyUni-WallaceSt (opp)    Daily             8:05  Island Bay-ReefSt at ShorlandPk        8:25  MasseyUni-WallaceSt (opp)    Daily 734 – Brooklyn – Kingston – Vogeltown – Basin Schools             7:50  OhiroRd at Bretby                             8:10  AdelaideRd at Basin (12)         Daily 736 – Karori (Wrights Hill) – Kelburn – Wellington College             7:40  KaroriMall-BeauchampSt                   8:13  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily             7:50  GippsSt at Cooper (sch)                     8:20  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily 737 – Karori – Kelburn – Wellington College & Wellington High School             7:43  Karori-AllingtonRd                            8:29  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily             7:45  Karori-AllingtonRd                            8:29  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily             7:47  Karori-AllingtonRd                            8:33  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily 743 – Wilton – Wadestown – Thorndon Colleges & Basin Schools             7:55  Wilton-SurreySt                                8:35  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily             8:00  Wilton-SurreySt                                8:40  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily 746 – Khandallah – Ngaio – Basin Schools – St Patrick’s College             7:35  HuttRd at Rangiora                           8:25  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily 764 – Karori – Wellington College             7:55  Karori-AllingtonRd                            8:43  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily 768 – Mairangi – Wellington, St Patrick’s & Rongotai Colleges             7:50  Mairangi-NorwichSt                          8:22  BasinRes (sch)                        Daily 770 – Kowhai Park – Kingston – Vogeltown – Basin & Kilbirnie Colleges             7:50  KowhaiPk-MitchellSt                         8:15  AdelaideRd at Basin (12)         Daily Afternoon services 718 – Wellington High School – Newtown – Seatoun           15:30  TaranakiSt (217)                              16:00  SeatounPk-HectorSt               Daily 719 – Wellington High School – Kilbirnie – Miramar North           15:30  WgtnHighSch (sch)                          15:56  ParkRd at Rotherham (86)       Daily 726 – Wellington High School – Berhampore – Owhiro Bay – Island Bay           15:25  WgtnHighSch (sch)                          15:44  IslandBay-ReefSt opp ShorlandPk                           Daily           15:30  WgtnHighSch (sch)                          16:10  IslandBay-ReefSt opp ShorlandPk                           Daily 734 – Brooklyn – Kingston – Vogeltown – Basin Schools           15:36  AdelaideRd at Basin (13)                 15:50  Brooklyn-A                             Daily 740 – Wellington College – Kelburn – Karori           15:30  TaranakiSt at AbelSmith                  15:58  Karori-KaroriRd                       Daily           15:31  TaranakiSt at AbelSmith                  15:59  Karori-KaroriRd                       Daily           15:32  TaranakiSt at AbelSmith                  16:00  Karori-KaroriRd                       Daily 742 – Basin Schools – Miramar Heights           15:40  BasinRes (sch)                                 16:18  MiramarShops-A                    Daily 769 – St Patrick’s & Wellington Colleges, Wellington High School – Northland – Wilton           15:38  TaranakiSt at AbelSmith                  16:10  Wilton-SurreySt                      Daily 770 – Basin Schools – Vogeltown – Kingston – Kowhai Park           15:49  AdelaideRd at Basin (13)                 16:29  KowhaiPk-MitchellSt              Daily
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      • Wellington High School, Taranaki Street, Mount Cook, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

    • 2020 Newsletters
      • 14 Feb 2020
      • South Wellington Intermediate School
      • Newsletter April 9th (Digital Devices) Newsletter April 7th Newsletter March 20th Newsletter March 25th Newsletter March 6th Newsletter February 14th The post 2020 Newsletters appeared first on South Wellington Intermediate School.
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      • South Wellington Intermediate School, 30, Waripori Street, Berhampore, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, 6023, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

    • Newsletter archive
      • 10 Feb 2020
      • South Wellington Intermediate School
      • Please click on this link to view our full newsletter archive. Note, you can also subscribe to our mailing list from there too. The post Newsletter archive appeared first on South Wellington Intermediate School.
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      • South Wellington Intermediate School, 30, Waripori Street, Berhampore, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, 6023, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

    • Weekly Wrap-Up (Term 1 – Week 7)
      • 15 Mar 2019
      • Wellington High School
      • Important Dates NOTE: You can access the school calendar on our website: WHS School Calendar 26 March: FRIDAY timetable runs today 29 March: Learning Conversations all day (with rōpū teachers) 12 April: End of Term 1 Important Information Learning Conversations — 29 March 2019 The Learning Conversation takes place between your student, the student’s rōpū teacher and parent(s) / caregiver(s).  Each learning conversation will take 20 minutes at the most. Students will only be at school on Friday 29 March for their learning conversation. Emails have been sent home. Bookings for learning conversations can be made at using code xktku NCEA Internal Assessment calendars online Students and their families can access the NCEA Levels 1—3 assessment calendars via our website.  On the calendars, you can see all the assessment deadline for the year. Go to Students > Calendars and choose the one that applies to you. You can add the appropriate calendar to your own via the Google button at the bottom left.         Measles Outbreak — Advice to schools As you are likely aware, there is a large and ongoing outbreak of measles in Christchurch, with 26 cases as at 14 March. Auckland and Dunedin now also have measles cases. While there are currently no reported cases in the greater Wellington region, people will move around NZ during the school holiday period of 13 – 28 April, which includes Easter (19 April –22 April), and ANZAC Day (25 April), and it is likely measles will spread. Accordingly, attached is an information sheet and FAQs regarding measles for primary, intermediate and secondary schools.  Regional Public Health – Ministry of Health – Immunisation Advisory Centre – What’s happening? Focus on Climate Change At the time of writing, a large number of our students are in town for the Climate Change Strike, part of a global movement of youth protest.  In the build up to this, Wellington High’s Molly Doyle in Year 13, took part in a panel with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the Green Party’s James Shaw, and student leaders from other schools. You can read more about the event here.             World Vision Youth Conference Stop Press: While many of our students have been out at the Strike4Climate this morning, four students have been representing WHS at the World Vision Youth Conference. Abishkar Palma, Emily Brooke, Liberty McIntyre-Reet, and Jack Davies have been learning and sharing their ideas and vision of how they can be change makers in our community.           Talking Books with Jacinda Ardern Johanna Christ, Alex Buyck, Otis Brown and Em Flux attended a fundraiser for the Katherine Mansfield House and Garden on the evening of Wednesday 13 March to hear Jacinda Ardern talk about her love of books. The Prime Minister shared advice for teenagers, “Know yourself. Know when you are feeling fragile and get off social media. Don’t live life on a screen.” She also talked about the importance of reading saying, “In order to give children the gift of reading, we need to give parents and caregivers the gift of time.” The students came away feeling very lucky to have had the opportunity to attend the event.       Farewell to Chrissy Laing We reluctantly said goodbye to Chrissy Laing on Thursday 14 March after four and a half years of outstanding service as our Gateway coordinator. Chrissy brought enormous positive energy to this important role and she will be greatly missed. Chrissy is embarking on a new journey much closer to home and we wish her well in her new role.       French Club trip to view a French Film Festival  On Thursday members of the French film club, joined with other French students in Wellington to view the view Au Bout des Doigts.       Tongariro Crossing On Monday the GEO223 and ESS223 classes left for the long bus ride up to Tongariro. We journeyed up to the mountains and on Tuesday did the long 19.4km Tongariro Crossing. The 22 students and 3 staff made it over in just under 8 hours, some more adventurous students choosing to run the final 3km downhill. Everyone did a great job an had a great time, and the warm hot pools straight afterward were welcomed by us all. The weather was fantastic – a number of us were sporting pink noses by the afternoon. Thank you to Kerry Parker and Kyle West who accompanied and made it possible to do the Crossing for the first time in many years. Drama Camp Last week Year 13 Drama went on camp to Riversdale in the Wairarapa. The purpose of the camp was to have an extended rehearsal period for two upcoming performance assessments. While they were away students worked on their acting technique for an assessment which finished yesterday, and started drafting self-devised character-based solos for presentation in week 11 (9-11 April).       JustSpeak lunchtime lecture The lunchtime lecture on Friday 8 March was delivered by Tania Sawiki Mead.  Tania is the Director of JustSpeak: a movement of young people who are speaking up and speaking out about criminal justice, aspiring for a thriving Aotearoa. JustSpeak develops  youth-led tools, resources, spaces and support to facilitate public conversation on criminal justice informed by evidence and experience. Thank you to the Library for hosting another fascinating talk, and to Kathryn Hutchinson  for organizing the lecture and visit.       Achievements Talented footballer and former WHS student featured in Sunday Star Times The Sunday Star Times on 10 March featured the story of former WHS student, Athman Othman. Athman is remembered by many of his teachers for his sporting talent and we were glad to read of his success on the field playing for Tasman United. Read the full article here. NZYPT – New Zealand Young Physicists’ Tournament take silver On the 9th March, two teams of WHS physicists competed in the Wellington regional heat of the 14th New Zealand Young Physicists’ Tournament (NZYPT). Held at Victoria University, the teams took part in science fights defending their research into seven pre-determined problems, and challenging that of their opponents. The team of Millie Rea, Sophie Mance and Khalid Adam are to be congratulated for finishing second. They will head to Auckland next weekend to take part in the national finals.       Sport Futsal We have had another busy week sport wise.  On Wednesday 13 March we had a Junior Boys and Senior Boys team compete in the College Sport Wellington Futsal Competition held at the ASB Sport Centre in Kilbirnie.  The teams had a great day with some very close results. Big thanks goes to Mr Junca for coaching the boys. Junior vs St Patrick Town, 6-3 lost vs Hutt International, 4-2 lost (draw until last 3 minutes!) vs Hutt Valley High, 8-3 win vs Scots College, 4 all draw (excellent game!!!) vs Tawa College, 6-1 win Senior: vs Wellington College, 7 nil lost vs Aotea College, 2 all draw vs Hutt International, 7-3 lost vs St Patrick Town, 3-2 win vs Onslow College, 3 nil lost Regional Athletics On Thursday 14 March a team of six from Wellington High School competed in the College Sport Wellington Regional Athletics meet at Newtown Park. Competing were: Fynn Hutson Senior Boys High Jump Thomas Woodward Senior Boys 100m and 200m Liberty McIntyre-Reet Senior Girls 800m Tiopira Mulholland Intermediate Boys High Jump Ari Koed-Chang Intermediate Boys Long Jump Frankie Coup Junior Girls Javelin All athletes participated extremely well.  Thomas reached the final of Senior Boys 100m and Frankie  won the Junior Girls Javelin with a throw of 24.97m (which beats our school record). Netball Reminder: Junior and Senior Netball Trials take place on Saturday 16 March (tomorrow) and Saturday 23 March here at school in the Tindall Gym. Juniors 9.00-11.30am Seniors 1.00-3.30pm Players must bring the correct shoes and a drink bottle.  If you cannot make both trial dates please let Ms McIntyre (Sports Office) know. Football Trials for all Junior Boys wishing to compete in the Junior Boys Football team take place on Tuesday 19 March from 3.30-5.00pm. Players must bring their football boots and correct clothing for the trials.  Also on Tuesday 19th March, trials for Senior students (Year 11-13) wanting to compete in the 2nd and 3rd XI Football teams, should meet at Wakefield Park, Adelaide Road, Berhampore, from 3.45-5.00pm. They will need their football boots and correct clothing for the trials.  Upcoming Sporting Events Summer Tournament week is quickly approaching!  From 25-31 March, we have the following teams away competing in the NZ Secondary Schools National Sporting Events. Floorball – ASB Sports Centre 30-31 March Ultimate Frisbee – Owen Delaney Park in Taupo 25-26 March Wake Ama –  Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lakes) Rotorua 25-29 March Futsal (Senior and Junior Boys only)- ASB Sports Centre 27-29 March Mountain Biking – Waiu Trail Park, Wainuiomata 30-31 March Sports Exchange For the 2nd year running we have our Sports Exchange with Newlands College.  This year Wellington High School are hosting the exchange and we are looking forward to yet another great battle on the sports field.  The following team will be competing: Badminton – Boys and Girls Basketball – Boys and Girls Hockey – Boys Football – Boys and Girls Netball – Girls  
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      • Wellington High School, Taranaki Street, Mount Cook, Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand (OpenStreetMap)

    • Berhampore, we have a problem
      • 5 Dec 2018
      • Island Bay Healthy Streets
      • The Berhampore shops on Adelaide Road might be the trickiest part to get right in the entire Newtown Connections consultationBack in April 2015 the Dominion Post ran a story on the boutiques of Berhampore which focused on the 1st anniversary of a handful of new businesses in the area.
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    • New to Coaching or interested in Coaching in the future?
      • 9 May 2016
      • Cricket Wellington
      • Sport Wellington’s Getting Started in Coaching courses are practical, interactive and aim to give coaches the confidence to coach!! COMMUNITY COURSES (PARENTS/TEACHERS/CLUB COACHES) DATE LOCATION TIME REGISTER 11 May 2016 Upper Hutt – St Patricks College (Silverstream), 207 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt 6:30pm – 8:30pm REGISTER 30 May 2016 Wairarapa – Wairarapa Sports House, Corner of Jackson & Chapel Streets, Masterton 6:30pm – 8:30pm REGISTER 1 June 2016 Wellington – National Hockey Stadium, 9 Mt Albert Rd, Berhampore, Wellington 6:00pm – 8:00pm REGISTER  Registration is essential and places are limited For more information about the course check out the video on the Sport Wellington website –  
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